The fallen prince

Amora also known as The temptress has attacked Midgaard with an army of frost giants, The Avengers has fleed and Thor along with his friends are missing.
Loki seems to be on her siden, serching as her general. But has Loki really gone back to the dark side ? Is he under her spell ? Or is there another reason ?
Only Amora's sister Lorelai is strong enough to face her, but were is she ? And does she want to help at all ? Can Midgaard be saved or is human kind doomed to be slaves ?

Warning Will have death and violence


3. Lokis's plan



 I have to admit that the warm bath is like balm for my body and soul. When I got caught I had thought myself gone for, but it seems like I might get a second chance. Unless this is some elaborate plan from Loki to make me trust him. 

 Taking my time I think things over. Can I trust Loki ? Do I have a choise beside trusting him ? Sif seems to trust him, but well she seemed to idolise him and to be well not all there.

 The door opens and Sif walks in, clothes in her arms. She is glaring at me. "Here are the clothes as promised. I will put it down over here".

 "Thank you Sif. You can tell Loki that I will be out in a moment". I say, wondering again if Loki is telling me the truth, if he really didn't do anything to Sif.

 She glances at the still open door, then she steps closer, leaning into me. Her voice an angry hiss. "Stay away from Loki. He is mine now. No one is going to take him from me, not that Valkyrie and not some measly human".

 Then she stalks out and I shake my head. I have no interest in Loki no matter which side he is on. She can definitely have him. But I wonder who or what this Valkyrie is.

 I step out of the big tub and dry myself with the soft towel. Checking my injuries. Luckily it is just bruises and shallow cuts, they will heal soon enought. Then I put on the clothes. It is pants and a shirt in a soft wool like fabric and the are light and comfortable.

 When I come out into the room, Loki is standing by the window, his hands behind his back, as he slowly rock back on forth on his feet. He looks deep in thought. Sif is laying on the bed, glaring in my general direction.

 "So what now ?" I ask out in the room, and Loki turns around to look at me. "What is going on here ? Why this playing the part of her ally ?"

 He walks slowly closer, clearly weighing his words. "I don't really have much choice. She has Thor and the other asgardians as hostages. She keeps them alive as long as I do as told. I am strong, but I am regrettably not strong enough to take her out alone".

 "Loki admitting there is something he can't do". I look at him with one eyebrow cocked. "This is getting more and more weird".

 "We all have our limits Natacha, even I". He says, standing even taller if possible. "I need to find Lorelai, her sister. Without her help we can't defeat her".

 I sit down on the couch. "She has Thor, everyone else is scatered and in hiding. Which means you are our only real hope. Shit we are totally fucked here".

 "Well thanks for the vote of confidence". He says acidicly. "So you have no idea were the rest of the avengers are or if they are even alive ?"

 "No". I am not sure I can trust him. I do know were Clint is hiding out. But I am not about to give Loki his location. "Does she have Thor here ?"

 He nods slowly. "She has Thor here, but he is under her power. That is her speciality you know, controlling men with her kiss".

 "So why ain't you under her spell ? And if she has control of Thor why doesn't she use him against earth ?" I ask curiously.

 He rolls his eyes. "Please, how weak do you think me. That kind of petty magic doesn't work on me. But luckily she thinks herself better she is and believes me to be in her power. Regarding Thor I managed to make him believe he lost all his powers with his hammer and well then she believes it too".



 I can easily see that Natacha is hesitant to trust me and I totally understand that. But for her own sake she needs to trust me.

 "So if I am not misinformed, you would like to be updated about a certain big green guy right ?" I look at her. Banner had told me that he feared she wouldn't forgive him for dissapearing for over 2 years.

 She suddently sits up straight, looking at me with wide eyes. Her whole body going tense. "Bruce ?! You know were he is ?"

 "Well not at this moment no". I say regrettably. "We found him on a planet called Sakaar were he was a figthing champion living in his Hulk form. Short story, we all fought my bitch sister and even though I was rather heroic and almost sacraficed myself to stop her, we all got away. Asgaard is distroyed though and well we ran into Amora here. But as we arrived Banner hulked out and escaped".

 She smiles. "So Bruce is okay ? And he is back here on earth ?" It is clear to see that she care greatly about him.

 "Yeah as far as I know". I say, and when she looks concerned I add. "Well not much can harm him and Amora would have told me if she got his hands on him".

 "Thanks for telling me Loki". She says and I nod. Hopefully this will make her trust me. She needs to trust me if I am to safe her.

 Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Sif is already on her feet knowing what to do and I whisper urgently to Natacha as I get up. "Get against the wall like Sif and please be quiet".

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