The fallen prince

Amora also known as The temptress has attacked Midgaard with an army of frost giants, The Avengers has fleed and Thor along with his friends are missing.
Loki seems to be on her siden, serching as her general. But has Loki really gone back to the dark side ? Is he under her spell ? Or is there another reason ?
Only Amora's sister Lorelai is strong enough to face her, but were is she ? And does she want to help at all ? Can Midgaard be saved or is human kind doomed to be slaves ?

Warning Will have death and violence


2. Loki's toys



 I slowly walk into her throne room, well that has to be the best describtion, as she has planted a big throne in the middle of the room which she is currently inhabitating. I push down the bile rising in my mouth, putting on a ingatiating smile. "Amora my queen, it has been done".

 "You found it ?" She claps her hands happily and I nod before kneeling before her, handing her the box attained from Tony Starks office. She takes it. "Thank you pet. Oh ain't I happy I decided to keep you around".

 "Thank you my beautiful queen". I smear on the sugaring extra thickly, feeling her soft hand cares my cheek, like you would pet a dog. But push a dog to far and it will bite of your hand.

 I sit down on the floor, pulling of my helmet and placing it next to me. Resting my head against her thigh and she run a hand through my hair, making me shudder internally, but I hide it well. "So still no sign of the migthy Avengers ?"

 "No none what so ever". I shake my head slightly. "By the way, could you tell the men to ease up on killing useless civilians that poses no threat ? It is a waste of time".

 "Oh let them have their fun my little Loki pookie". She says with an evil smirk I know way to well. "As you say yourself, they are just useless humans".

 "As you wish my queen". I say, hiding my true feelings. I have been trying my best to minimise the losses. My thoughts going back to the young girl today, wishing I could have protected her, but it would have given myself away.

 I have to play the part, keep up pretences until the time is right. Even though it means that I have to let a lot of monstrosities unfold and not stop them. I have to keep telling myself that they would happen anyway, if I reveal myself there would be no chance of stopping this and alot more people would end up hurt.

 Suddenly the doors are throw open and two frost giants come in, dragging someone between them. "We got one your highness, we got one of the Avengers".

 They throw the limp form on the floor in front of the throne and I recognise Natacha, cursing internationally. She is bloody and her face swollen, no doubt she has put up a fight. Amora gets ups, smirking. "Marvellous. Good job".

 She nods at me, and I get up. Tendrils of greenish smoke emitting from my fingers, curling around Natacha, lifting her up. I stare into her beaten face, my voice a deep sneer. "Were are the others hiding, tell me wench and you will be spared much pain".

 "The mighty Loki, reduced to a womans lap dog". She says smirking. "Finally you found a place befitting of you".

 I ignore her snide comments, tightening the coils around her a bit for show. "Come on now, tell me were they are. You know I got some very unpleasant ways of making a woman talk".

 "Just being this close to you is unpleasant enough to make any woman want to puke". She sneers and then she spits me in the face. "Do your worst, I'll never talk".

 I curse her internally, she is to spirited for her own good. I can't just ignore this and backhand her across the cheek, making sure it looks much harder than it actually is. But I need it to look real. "Let's see about that".

 "My queen". I turn to face Amora. "Permission to keep her ? Believe me some special attention from me all alone and she will squeal like a pig".

 Amora gives me a once over, then she smiles. "Another playting for my favorite pet. Permission granted, but don't go break this one. You are to rough with your toys pet".

 "Oh I won't I promise". I say with a smirk, before turning back to Natacha. "Not before I have made her tell everything she knows at least".

 "I'll be in my room". I greb Natacha hard and pull her with me. She starts to struggle put it is useless and soon we are alone in the hallway outside my room.

 She tries kicking me and I roll my eyes. Her voice icy and dripping with venom. "I rather die a thousand deaths than be you plaything".

 "Yeah don't flatter yourself". I say pushing her unceremoniously through the door. "You are not really my type. Actually I am just trying to safe your miserable life".

 "What !?" She looks at me with confusion written all over her features, almost making me laugh. "But you are with her. You are her lackey, her little drooling lap dog".

 "Yeeee.. No not really". I tell her, with a smirk, then calling over my shoulder. "It is okay Sif, you can come out".

 She comes scuttling out from the bathroom, wearing a big soft sweater, hanging almost to the knees of her bare legs. Her hair falling down to halfway cover her face. She seeks my side, kind of hiding against me. "Sif this is Natacha, she is a friend of Thor".

 "What did you do to her ?" Natacha is looking at the other woman, the former fierce warrier now looks like a scared little girl.

 I roll my eyes, taking a deep breath. "Yeah could we maybe stop the jumping to conclusions thing. I have done nothing to her except trying to help and protect her. Be happy I could get you here to safety right away, she wasn't that lucky".

 "Is she going to stay here too Loki ?" Sif is kind of clinging to me and I gently peel her of me. She is pouting. "I don't want to share you".

 "Oh believe me, I..". Natacha starts, but I hold up my hand to silence her. Then I looke at Sif, giving her my softest smile. "She is only staying here till I can get her to safety. Could you please go run her a bath sweetie ?"

 "Sure Loki, everything for you". She lets her hand trail down my arm, sending Natacha a last glare before dissapearing out into the bathroom.

 Natacha looks after her, then looks at me with her arms crossed and one eyebrow raised. "And you still want me to believe you did nothing to her ? Like nothing at all". She mimics Sif's voice. "I don't want to share you Loki snuggles pookie".

 "You really loves to tests people limits, don't you ?" I ask her, removing my cape. "But no, I haven't done what you are implying either. She.. well she kind of sees me as a hero for saving her.. and before you make any snide remarks, yeah it feels damn weird for me too".

 Sif comes back out. "The bath is ready my lord".

 "Thanks Sif". I turn towards Natacha. "Go take a warm bath and clean up, I will have Sif bring you some clean clothes. We can talk after".

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