The Submarine A novel

Harold West, Jr., is a young sea pilot on board The Challenge submarine. When disaster strikes, he is forced to save everyone from danger.


2. The Submarine-Part Two


"When Adolf Hitler invaded Poland in 1938, he used U-boats to show the World how powerful Germany was. By 1939 to 1943, during  the middle of World War II, thousands of soldiers arrived in Krakow, Auschwitz, and other cities where Jews were housed in the concentration camps; sailors fought the Americans, Australians, the British, and other allies like the French, on U-boats that were designed to conquer the World. In short, the Germans were indicted with war crimes in the late 1940's, through to the mid-1950's. When Hitler died in the deep bunker in April of 1945, his own crimes ended in his death. There's still a mystery over his passing. Anyway, we have to raise the last U-boat that was in the American waters. The owner of the U-boat, Helmut Masse, was an Austrian who supported Hitler during the war. He gave over two million German dollars to the SS. He died in 1973, aged 89 in Melbourne, Australia, when he went into exile". Harold nodded.

"When we raise the U-boat, will it be dangerous?", he asked him.

"Yes, the U-boat is two thousand pounds. That's why there's a support crew from England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland; the crew are professionals. I've asked them to come to New York to help out. They're doing it for three thousand dollars, plus meals and drinks", Karol answered Harold. Suddenly four vans arrived. "Here they are", Evelyn said...and smiled.


Harold greeted everyone. 

"Hello. Once the submarine is taken to shore, it'll be a huge success. Now, I want all of you to raise it with all of your strength". And, as they did so, the German U-boat was covered in the deep water. Then, seconds later, the loud sound of cheers erupted like a volcano....and the adventure had ended.

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