Not what i expected

It was just a normal school morning where everything changed. The car came driving straight into me, it was to late for me to escape the crash. That's one thing.. Who would have thought i would fall in love, with the person who almost took my life.


2. 2nd chapter

*At the hospital*

Everything is blurry. My sight is blurry, and my hearing is like small bees. I can only see the lines there defines the doctors and the nurses. I hear them discuss something, but what exactly I don't know. Who the hell drove into me? Why is this happening to me? Does my mom know? What about my dad? What about the other car? So many thoughts drive through my head. I know the doctors and nurses keep trying to get in contact with me, but I just can answer them. It's like my mouth I sealed with zippers and locks. I feel them touching my body. I come into a dark room, where there a big thing in the ceiling. CT., I know, I'm in the CT-scanner. I once broke my leg when I was 5 and remember this room. What to hope for? 4 broken ribs, and a hip out of place. It could also just be a small scratch. You never know. It's kind of scary. Just laying there. I can't talk or move. I'm numb. Maybe I'm going to die. Maybe the only reason why I'm alive now is that of the adrenaline. Well, I hope not, but you can't be 100% sure. I've seen and heard of it before. I feel myself getting rolled out of there slowly. I faintly hear the nurses talking. They're still trying to get in contact with me, but I still can't get a word or sound out. 

I don’t know how much time there has left. Maybe about 2 hours. I have no idea. It’s like everything has been a dream, but I guess not. I saw my dad. This isn’t a dream since my dad is here. Wait. This must mean I’m “awake now”

“Mom, Dad?” I called quietly. They turned around looking at me, before hugging the life out of me. I could fell the pain from the hugging, but I let them do it. “Hey, honey. How are you” my mom asked sobbing. I looked down my body. I could see my leg in plaster. Well I must have broken my leg “I’m okay, I guess” I said still examine my body carefully. “How bad injured am I?” I asked right after, looking for my dad to my mom. They looked at each other before answering. “We’ll going to get the doctor, and then he’ll explain,” my dad said, and walked out the room, leaving my mom and me together. We just looked at each other and didn’t say a word to each other. She looked like she has been crying. I looked down not wanting eye contact. There went a few minutes before my dad came back with a doctor. The doctor looked at me with a sad face before starting to talk. “So Alyx, you’ve been very lucky thinking about the circumstances. You’ve broken your right leg and sprained your right ankle, so that’s in plaster. Then you had a bunch of internal bleedings. We had to operate..”  
I didn’t hear more than operate before the thoughts came to me. Wait. I saw all the nurses. I saw them examine me. Did I just dream or what? I can’t understand. 

“What about the other car,” I asked without thinking. The doctor looked shocked but answered me a while after. “They’re fine. Nothing happens, they got sent home a little while ago” How could this be possible. They almost killed me but didn’t get hurt themselves. Who were these boys? “What’s their names? I deserve to know. They almost killed me but didn’t get hurt” I almost screamed. My mom came to my side, trying to get me relaxed which didn’t help. 

“The driver's name where Riley Smith” the doctor quietly said. I was shocked. He went to my school. The was the bad boy. He was the one every girl wanted, but now he almost killed me. He almost killed me. That bastard! I’m so much going to hit that ass of his. Oh, wait. I can’t because he broke my limps. I officially hate my life now
“When can we take her home,” my parents asked. I looked up at the doctor hoping for today, even tho I know it isn’t an option. “Maybe tomorrow. Let’s see how she gets through the night” the doctor answered looking down at me. Tomorrow is okay, don’t want to be here longer than necessary. It’s like all other patients, nobody likes hospitals or the food. The food is seriously gross!

My parents went home at nine, right after they got some more blood tests back. It seems like I’m lucky if you think about the things that have happened to me. I just hope it will be a quick recovery. Don’t need the attention at school. Not at all, when it was Riley. All the attention will be on him, and I was the one who drove into him. I’m sure.

My life is seriously official a hell…

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