Not what i expected

It was just a normal school morning where everything changed. The car came driving straight into me, it was to late for me to escape the crash. That's one thing.. Who would have thought i would fall in love, with the person who almost took my life.


1. 1st chapter, and Prologue


Hello, my name is Alyx Stevens is a 17-year-old girl. I live with her mom in the Northwest London. I have always lived in London. My parents got divorced 6 months ago, so everything has changed. I choose to stay in London with my lovely mom, while my dad moved to York. Now I rarely see my dad which is tough. In school I’m is the straight A student, with 2 best friends (Callie & Sophia) and nothing more. Then there is the school bad boy. He is the most basic Cliché. He is of course fucking around with everything that has a pulse. The brown hair, and bright blue eyes is to kill for. He´s just perfect. He’s an 18-year-old billionaire, with the fanciest car, and the biggest house you probably can find in London. Mostly he hangs out with the 4 other boys (Matt, Aaron, Jack & Dylan) aka the gang.  He is what, I normally would call “Spoiled” That boy have everything expect a personality and respect for women. Oh yeah and his name is Riley Smith.


The morning was just like normal. My mom made my breakfast down in the kitchen, while I showered and got dressed. Today it is exact 6 month ago my parents got divorced. I was looking in the mirror, with the towel wrapped around my body. I’ve lost a lot of weight since the divorce. Normal I was daddy’s girl, but I still decided to stay here in London with my mom. I didn’t want to start over, at a new school or leave my friends. The worst part is that I don’t see or talk to my dad often anymore. That was one of the hardest things to get use to. I just thought that my parents were happily in love like they been for the last 19 years, but I guess, I was wrong. Apparently, they have been struggling the last 2 years. It was probably because they both got to busy with their jobs as lawyers. Yeah, I know. I’m a daughter after 2 lawyers, so the pressure is hard. They expect a lot of me. I turned around looking away. I must get going or I’ll be late for school. I putted on skinny jeans, and a hoodie. The weather today is cold and rainy, but hey it’s England. For the shoes, I choose my black snickers. They’re my favourite, so that the ones I wear almost every day. I went downstairs meeting my mom in the kitchen cooking me eggs. That’s what we eat together every morning. My mom has chosen to meet later, so we can eat together in the mornings. Of course, sometimes she just cooks, and let me eat by myself. I kissed her on the cheek and greeted her morning. I took the juice from the fridge, and poured it into 2 glasses, and sat it at the table. We sat down at the table and started eating in silence. My mom was reading the newspaper, while I checked the social media on my phone. That’s typical morning for me and my mom. We sit and eat our breakfast in silence. Sometimes we talk tho, but mostly we sit here in silence. I checked the clock and saw it was time for me to go. I quickly sat my plate in the sink and said my goodbyes to my mom. I took the car keys from the counter, and my backpack on my shoulder. My dad got me a black ford after he moved, so now I drive a car to school every morning instead of walking. I started the car, and music blasted out. It was Perfect by Ed Sheeran. I quietly sang along, while driving down the road. It was a 10 minutes’ drive to school. I was about 2 minutes away, when I heard a lot hunk, and looked to the right. A car came driving straight into me, I could miss the car, so it hit my side, so fast I couldn’t even think. The next thing that happens is that everything goes black.

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