Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


9. 9


Louis' point of view...

"Louis its getting pretty late. Dinner was lovely. See me again tomorrow?" Harry said with a smile. I stood from the couch and stopped him from putting on his converse, "Stay the night Harry."

Harry widened his eyes, "Louis I.. I dunno, I.." He looked down at his feet, uncomfortably. I reached for his hand and said, "Harry I know it's... Maybe a little quick, but I can't stand being away from you." I gave a nervous chuckle. "When you leave it feels like you're leaving with a piece of me. I hate feeling like that. Stay the night Haz, please?"

Harry smiled softly at my words and blushed softly. "I'll stay. You're so amazing Louis... You make me feel so at home. This apartment, you... You make this feel like home." I smiled back at Harry and hugged him, "I'm so happy I met you Harry. So so happy."


I lent Harry my pajamas that night and he went into the bathroom to change. I smiled to myself as I stripped down into my boxers and slipped on a pair of pajama bottoms. I decided on one of my Marvel t shirts to sleep with and I sat on my bed, waiting for Harry. He emerged from the bathroom in about five minutes and smiled at me. He looked cute with my sweats on.

He shyly got into bed next to me and I wrapped my arms around him. He pressed his head into the crook of my neck and sighed softly. I ran my fingers through his long, soft curls and kissed his temple. We fell asleep that way, him in my arms and my head resting against his.

The next morning when I woke up, Harry was still in my arms. I smiled and kissed the bridge of his nose. He stirred and smiled in his sleep. I curled my knees up and snuggled into him. He shifted and wrapped his arms around my torso. "Morning Louis." I smiled at his morning voice, "Good morning Haz. Sleep well?" I felt him nod, "Yeah. Very well, actually."

I leaned my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat softly. "Want to go into town today? Take a walk, coffee, tea or something?"

I felt him stiffen and he didn't respond. I looked up, "Hazza whats wrong?" He swallowed, his eyes glazing over. "I-I want to stay here Louis..." I reached and grabbed his hand, squeezing softly. "Harry. Listen to me. I know you're afraid of going in public. I've gathered as much. But with me right there you don't have to be afraid any more. I won't let anyone hurt you Harry. I'll be right by your side okay? I promise."

Harry softened his muscles and looked at me with a crooked smile, "Thanks Louis... Thank you." I smiled back and held him tighter, "It's going to be okay Harry. I'm right here." We stayed in bed for a while, then decided on going out for breakfast. We got dressed, I lent Harry some of my clothes. They looked cute on him, though the trousers were a bit too short, which made me chuckle. "Shut up." He mumbled, with a nervous giggle. I smiled and went to kiss his cheek, making him blush crimson. 


Bypass their time out...

Harry and I got home around 3PM, feet throbbing and exhausted. But we had an amazing time. After breakfast, we took a walk around town and went to the mall for lunch. I bought Harry and I Chinese food, and we did the whole "Lady and the tramp thing" with a noodle. 

He was an amazing person, and every moment that I spent with him, I liked him more and more. When he left that night, I found myself browsing my laptop and then got a text from my friend Niall. 

Nialler: hey mate. how's stuff goin' with you and lovebug? (;

I rolled my eyes. 

Louis: shut up, it's going fine. why you ask?

Nialler: nah just wonderin'. i was passing by the drugstore today and picked up a few things for me and monica. i did see something and picked it up for you...

Louis: oh?

Nialler: yeah thought you and harry could make use of it ;)

Oh for christ's sake, Niall...

Louis: damn you. show me what it is



( A / N: the photo is on wattpad but I decided not to leave it here. Niall basically got Louis a dick ring, lol. )



Nialler: oh shut up, i'm outside your door, come and get it

Louis: you're an ass

I rolled my eyes and got up to open my door. Sure enough, ass-face was there with a stupid grin from ear to ear. "Merry Christmas." He chuckled and handed me the box with the, um, dick-ring. "I hate you, you know that right?" I muttered. He laughed and pat my shoulder, "There's two in there." He winked and skipped off. 


Niall Horan. 

Why am I friends with you. 

You twat. 

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