Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


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'i honestly don't know what i'm doing anymore. every time i try and stay happy something has to ruin it... i hate being yelled at and i absolutely hate feeling lile everything is my fault...'

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_louistommo commented: haz :/


_louistommo: harry? you never texted me after dinner. and that post worries me. whats wrong?

outofstyles19: my step dad yelled at me.. it was over something so stupid, i don't wanna talk about it..

_louistommo: ok harry. just talk to me then. whatcha up to?

outofstyles19: in bed, you?

_louistommo: honestly? missing you.

outofstyles19: aw lou :)

outofstyles19 sent a photo!


outofstyles19: there ya go :)

_louistommo: you fixed your cam?? you look adorable <3

outofstyles19: oh um.. it was never broken :/ i was just too.. afraid..

_louistommo: oh harry :/ you dont have to be afraid. i'll never judge you.

outofstyles19: thanks louis :)

_louistommo  sent a photo!

_louistommo: there's me :)

outofstyles19: awe louis xx

_louistommo: harry?

outofstyles19: hm?

_louistommo: i wanna be with you right now...

outofstyles19: me too louis. i've never felt like this before and it feels like we're going too fast but i don't care louis because i really like you and wanna be with you every second.

_louistommo: omg harry.. i'm in tears..

outofstyles19: oh louis dont cry

_louistommo: i've never had someone say stuff like this to me before.. i don't know how to feel but i'm just here smiling and crying like a fool... you make me so happy haz.

outofstyles19: you make me happy too louis.

_louistommo: 💙

outofstyles19: 💚

_louistommo: blue meets green, hehe.

outofstyles19: you're such a nerd x

_louistommo: wow r00d

outofstyles19: hehe

_louistommo: whatcha up to

outofstyles19: still in bed louis😂

outofstyles19: but playing a nintendo game

_louistommo: which one?? lemme see

outofstyles19 sent a photo!


_louistommo: i'm not looking at the nintendo...

outofstyles19: nasty boi.

_louistommo: harry i truly mean it when i say you're beautiful. in the least sexual way i wanna kiss all of you...

_louistommo: harry you're making me fall for you so fast...

outofstyles19: i'm falling fast for you too louis.

_louistommo: i'm soo tired haz, imma sleep. see you tomorrow, goodnight.

outofstyles19: night x 


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