Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


6. 6


Louis' point of view...

Harry and I were drinking our cups of tea on the couch, in silence. I usually don't like silence, but with Harry, I didn't mind. I loved to watch him sip his tea and occasionally swipe his curly hair away from his face. He was gorgeous.

He caught me looking at him and I blushed. "You're staring at me." He observed softly. I smiled shyly, "Sorry. It's not a bad thing, I just think you're..." My throat got clogged. I wasn't the most confident of people. And Harry drained what little confidence I had. He made me nervous. Then again, this is the first time we met in almost 3 months.

"I'm what?" He asked.

"Beautiful." I stammered quietly.

It was his turn to blush as he looked down.

We stayed together for the afternoon. We learned many things about each other. I learned that the number 19 in his usernames stood for the age he was when he created the accounts. I learned that he liked to walk in the snow. I learned his birthday, his favorite movies, his favorite song and that he loved to sing. I could only imagine that he has the voice of an angel when he sang. I learned that he lived with his mum and step dad. I learned that he's close with his sister Gemma. He told me how he was bullied in university, and how he was also bullied in high school. I learned the town he was born in, the nicknames his family gave him. I also slowly learned that... I was infatuated with this boy from only a few hours of talking.

I was always one to catch feelings fast. But never with someone I just met. Harry just had an affect on me that no one ever had. He was truly beautiful, inside and outside. His perfect green eyes made my heart melt. And when they filled with tears, I wanted to cover him with my body in a hug, keep him safe and let nothing ever hurt him.

I walked him to my front door and smiled at him. He gave me a shy smile on return and slipped on his white converse. "Bye Harry." I said softly and hugged him. He hugged me back and whispered, "Bye Louis. Thanks for having me."

"Anytime. Want to come over again tomorrow?"

"I'd like that. Oh, um.. My car."

"Oh right! Okay I'll drive you to get it."


I waved at Harry from my car as he drove away and he waved back. I smiled to myself and sunk into my car seat. This was truly one of the best days I've ever had.

When I got home, I sent Harry a text.

Loubear💙:  let me know when you get home x

I went to sit on my couch and flicked on the TV. I groaned when I remembered that I had work tomorrow. Stupid work. Stupid life. Stupid being an adult.

In about 20 minutes, Harry texted back.

Harry💚: hey i'm home now

Loubear💙: ok :) i have to work tomorrow so maybe we could get together for dinner?

Harry💚: yeah that works :)

Loubear💙: i'll shoot you a text when i get off work and i'll come pick u up. what's ur address?

Harry💚: - insert address -

Loubear💙: sounds good

Harry💚: i need to go make dinner for my mum and sister. i'll text you tonight.

Loubear💙: ok harry.  have fun :) x

A / N: In all my stories both here and Movellas I've never done short chapters so I'm not exactly used to it. It feels rushed to me but 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I'm not really sure how well this story is doing, I mean I've always been self conscious of my writing and I feel like this story is like.. really shit? Idk. But if anything, I'll just try and improve. I won't delete it or anything coz I actually really do like it. Thanks for reading guys.

All the love, always x ❤❤❤

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