Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


5. 5 *Trigger Warning*


A / N: This includes triggering photos and topics. Stay safe x

outofstyles19: hey louis.

_louistommo: hey haz, you ok?

outofstyles19: just got emotional i guess... i don't wanna mess this up louis :(

_louistommo: harry you wont mess up anything ok? all you need to do is open up to me.

outofstyles19: louis i need to tell you something, before we meet...

_louistommo: ok.. whats wrong?

outofstyles19 sent a photo!


outofstyles19: those are old but.. i still do it.. and i didnt wanna tell you coz i was ashamed. but that self harm pic i reblogged was coz i had just done it that day...

_louistommo: harry 😭 please no...

outofstyles19: i'm sorry...

_louistommo: when we meet i'm going to kiss them all.

outofstyles19: why?

_louistommo: because you're beautiful harry. you deserve to feel that way.

outofstyles19: you don't even know what i look like...

_louistommo: i will soon. tomorrow? coffee shop?

outofstyles19: louis...

_louistommo: please harry? please..

outofstyles19: ok.. time?

_louistommo: 2PM

outofstyles19: see you then x

_louistommo: ill be waiting x


_louistommo: hey. been burning data. can i have your number so i can text you when i arrive?

outofstyles19: sure. (***)-***-****

_louistommo: ok mine is (***)-***-****

New test message!

hey. is this louis? it's harry.

yeah harry :) it's me.

Harry💚: ok good :)

Loubear💙: see you soon x

Harry💚: ok! x


Loubear💙: i'm here :)




Loubear💙: harry? you running late?



Loubear💙: harry..?

Harry💚: i can't louis...

Loubear💙: what do you mean?

Harry💚: i'm scared louis. i can't do this. i need to go home.

Loubear💙: harry please come inside, please. we've waited so long. actually wait dont come in, i'll come out where are you?

Harry💚: louis i cant i cant

Loubear💙: harry i'm outside the coffee shop. where are you? i'm not giving up.


Louis' point of view...

I was really scared. I was scared Harry was going to bail. Then I turned to my left and I saw a curly haired boy looking down at his phone, tears cascading down his face.

"Hey mate you okay?"

He looked up with scared green eyes. He swallowed, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat. He looked me up and down, and went back to texting.

Uh.. okay? Rude much?

My phone buzzed.

Harry💚: i'm in front of you louis

Loubear💙: what do you mean? no you're not..?

And then I understood. I looked up to see the boy with curly hair and watery green eyes looking at me in fear. "Harry..." I whispered. "Harry its you."

He let out a mangled sigh and forced the words from his lips, "Its me Louis..."

I smiled wide and went to him, taking his body into my arms and holding him tightly. "Was that so scary? Hm? I told you I'd never judge you." Harry hugged back, holding me like a lifesaver. "Hey Harry? Wanna go back to my place? I'll make you a cuppa instead of having one here. They only make good coffee anyways. Their tea is atrocious."

Harry nodded, not letting me go. "I'm sorry I made you wait so long for this Louis..." He said, his voice cracking. I rubbed his back, "Hey its alright. I'm glad we're here right now."

We broke the hug, and we went to my car. "I'll take you back after to get yours to go home." He nodded, "Okay thanks."

We got in my car and we made the 30 minute drive to my apartment. I unlocked the door and led Harry inside. He took off his converse and I took off my vans, then I took him to the couch. We sat down together and I looked into his eyes, smiling softly. "You're so beautiful Harry."

He said nothing, just crumpled into my side with his arms around my torso. "Harry what is it?" He lay his head over my heart and whispered, "I've just never had someone hold me like this... I've never had someone like you Louis. You're just so amazing and I knew it the day you said you'd never judge me. I knew you were perfect Louis." I smiled at his words and ran my hands along his back.

We sat in silence for a few moments, listening to each other breathe softly. Having Harry against me felt so right. I was sure at this moment that I had feelings for this boy.

I remembered something that I promised, and I pulled away from Harry for a moment. I took his arm and rolled up his sleeve. He flinched and tried to back away. "Harry, I promised remember?" His eyes watered again and he looked down. He seemed so small. So fragile. So... broken.

I brushed my lips against the faded and fresh scars on his arms. I kissed each one. I looked up to his eyes and whispered, "Harry. You're safe now, you have me. I won't let you be alone again."

A / N: Well ok. Feels from my own damn book 😭
Thanks for all the support guys. It means a lot. All the love, always x ❤

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