Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


3. 3


A / N: Trigger warning ahead. Be safe guys, always x

outofstyles19 reblogged a photo!

(The photo is a self-harm photo so I decided to leave it out.)

outofstyles19: hey louis.. you still mad at me?

_louistommo: i was never mad at you. whats with the photo you reblogged??

outofstyles19: doesnt matter...

_louistommo: harry.

outofstyles19: i can't tell you louis...

_louistommo: sigh. are you ok?

outofstyles19: yeah. you?

_louistommo: just lonely..

outofstyles19: wish i could make you not lonely. louis?

_louistommo: yeah?

outofstyles19: what would you say if i told you i like you?

_louistommo: i would say ❤

outofstyles19: aw. do you like me...?

_louistommo: harry i dunno. ive never met you. i think i like the idea of you. but idk you. ive never even seen you.

outofstyles19: oh... i gtg see ya

_louistommo: harry wait :(

_louistommo: harry please?


Two days later...

outofstyles19: hey lou

_louistommo: harry! ive been worried...

outofstyles19: why?

_louistommo: was worried you were mad at me or that i hurt you, and after that pic you reblogged.. i dunno :/

outofstyles19: i'm fine louis :)

_louistommo: ok :)

_louistommo: have you fixed your cam yet?

outofstyles19: no i don't have the money for it yet

_louistommo: it can't be that much can it?

outofstyles19: kinda.

_louistommo: oh ok

_louistommo: are you free soon?

outofstyles19: i dunno why?

_louistommo: coffee shop? i want to get out of the house. im so bored.

outofstyles19: oh idk..

_louistommo: harry please? :(

outofstyles19: i'll see

_louistommo: really?! :)

outofstyles19: for you, yeah.

_louistommo: yay!

outofstyles19: i have a photo on my laptop of one of my tattoos. wanna see?

_louistommo: yeah! i'll show you some of mine.

outofstyles19 sent a photo!


outofstyles19: idk why i have that one on my laptop lol

_louistommo: lol. here's one of mine.

_louistommo sent a photo!



_louistommo: this is another one, a newer one.

_louistommo sent a photo!



_louistommo: my mate took that when he went with me to get it done

outofstyles19: those are cool! i have two on each of my hips

_louistommo: lemme see??

outofstyles19: um.. they're kinda low..

_louistommo: so? keep your trousers on lol

outofstyles19 sent a photo!


_louistommo: jeez harry... you're built...

outofstyles19: lol i'm gross shutup

_louistommo: no your not!

outofstyles19: whatever lol

_louistommo: harry?

outofstyles19: yeah lou?

_louistommo: it's been almost three months now. and... idk if i can properly say i like you... but, i feel something. i just dunno until we meet. please harry can we voice call on skype? just so i can hear your voice? please harry?

outofstyles19: harrystyles19

_louistommo: huh?

outofstyles19: that's my skype username.

_louistommo: i'll add u right now!


A / N: The next chapter will have their call in it. Hope you're liking this chapter. Vote and comment please. All the love x ❤

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