Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


22. 22


2 hrs later...

Private convo between Liam & Niall

NiallHorny: babe

NiallHorny: babyyyy

NiallHorny: baby boo

NiallHorny: my gorgeous dick sucker

NiallHorny: bITCH

DaddyPayne: wtf do you want

NiallHorny: well ok, rude

NiallHorny: im worried

DaddyPayne: about lou?

NiallHorny: no, about the chance of getting ball cancer -.-

NiallHorny: yES about louis

DaddyPayne: i dont appreciate the sarcasm young man. but yeah, im worried too. harry hasnt called yet

NiallHorny: do you think hes ok? should we go over?

DaddyPayne: not until harry calls, louis needs to be alone right now

NiallHorny: but im his best friend😭😭

NiallHorny: ive always been there for him

NiallHorny: like,,, always

NiallHorny: even when he discovered hair on his mighty pickle

DaddyPayne: ok eW

NiallHorny: i feel so useless...

DaddyPayne: baby :(

DaddyPayne: come to my room

DaddyPayne: we can watch movies and cuddle

NiallHorny: ok wait

NiallHorny: i just realized,,, we're in the same god damn house and were texting -.-

DaddyPayne: *we're

NiallHorny: for fucks sake


Harry's point of view...

After some questions from the police, I took Louis back to his place and called my mum to let her know I'd be spending a few more days with Louis. It's not like I wasn't already practically living there, but I just really needed to hear her voice.

When we got in, he immediately just walked to his bedroom and curled up on the bed. He buried his head between his hands and started to cry again. My heart ached, I went to him and rubbed his back with both of my hands.

"H-Harry hold me..." He sobbed.

I lay beside him and wrapped the smaller boy in my arms, hugging him tight to my chest. I kissed his head repeatedly and rubbed his shoulders, I stroked his hair then as I hummed softly in his ear. I honestly didn't know what else to do.

"I-I don't even r-remember what h-happened Harry. I c-can't even remember it. I-I... I..." He broke down again, turning his face to bury it in my chest and he just cried. "I feel so disgusting, like I cheated on - "

I cut him off then.

"No. Louis don't even say it. You didn't cheat on me, okay? What that.... bitch did was unacceptable. And I won't stop fighting until she's behind bars. She's a psychopath. None of this was in your control, you didn't cheat on me baby. I love you, okay?" I said, hugging him a little tighter and pressing my lips to the shell of his ear as I whispered soothing nothings.

He just nodded feebly, gripping me tighter in his arms. I rubbed his back and kissed his forehead, "Sleep darling. The.... the drugs are still in your system, sleep it off babe. We both need some rest." I said softly, running my fingers through his feathery brunette hair.

He nodded, closing his eyes slowly and his breathing slowing to a peaceful rhythm. I smiled sadly at the boy in my arms, how broken he must feel inside. How hurt he must be, knowing what happened, and not remembering must be the worst part of it all. My heart ached for my boyfriend.

I couldn't get to sleep, no matter how hard I tried. I had Louis' head on my chest, though, it was all I needed right now to make me feel okay. Knowing he was safe. I grabbed my phone and opened up Kik to text the lads. 

HarryInStyles: hey. he's ok right now, he's just having a little nap

NiallHorny: ok good. give him my regards, when do you think he'll be ok for visitors?

HarryInStyles: i dont know, Ni. he's pretty shook up right now 

DaddyPayne: there's no rush, whenever he's ready. poor lad's gone through a lot 

NiallHorny: so when do you think he'll be ok for sex again?

DaddyPayne: niall for fucks sake! you think of the worst things at the worst times

NiallHorny: no, i didn't mean it like that, i just... idk what i meant, that was insensitive, sorry

HarryInStyles: no its ok... i dont know anything right now, all i know is i hope nothing came from this

DaddyPayne: what do you mean?

HarryInStyles: well... there was no protection used 

NiallHorny: oh jesus...


Harry's point of view...

I woke up to Louis stirring beside me, realizing that I must have dozed off. My phone was on my chest and I gently placed it on the night stand beside me. I turned to him, smiling softly when I saw his pretty blue eyes were opened. He entwined his fingers in mine and offered a smile back. I kissed his soft, pink lips and tangled my fingers in his hair; "Sleep well, love?" I asked. 

He nodded with a little shrug, "Yeah.. Still feel a bit groggy, though."

I kissed his forehead, "Want to catch some more z's?"

"No," he answered. "I kind of... I kind of want some macaroni..." He said shyly, looking up at me with soft eyes. 

I laughed and nudged his shoulder, "Oh so it's not microwaved crap now, is it?" I teased. He shook his head with a little smile and looked down at our entwined hands, running his thumb along mine. I squeezed his hand softly, and sat up, "Come on then. I want some too."

"Harry wait." He said, sitting up and resting a hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to him and propped my leg under myself, curling the other one up, resting my chin on it, "Yeah babe? What is it?" 

"I..." He began, looking down and taking his lip between his teeth. I tilted my head to one side, awaiting his reply. He rubbed my hand with his thumb, our fingers still interlocked. "I, I was wondering if... Well, since you stay here a lot, and you enjoy it - you enjoy it right?" He said nervously. 

I smiled, "Of course." 

He nodded and continued looking down, "Well it's just, I don't want to be alone right now since..." His eyes filled with water and I softly brushed my thumb along a fallen tear. "Since what happened," he continued. "So I was, well I was wondering if, god I feel stupid." He mumbled. 

"Lou just take it easy." I whispered, snaking my hand around to the back of his neck and rubbed his head. 

"D-Do you want to move in with me?" He asked. 

I was caught off guard, but not too much. We talked about moving in a lot, and I was finding a job right now, so it wouldn't exactly be like he was doing all the work in paying for the apartment's rent... I thought for a moment before a smile crept onto my lips and I nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I do want to move in with you."

He smiled the widest I've seen him smile since it happened, which was only hours ago, but this clearly lifted his spirits. "O-Okay! Well, we need to get your things, and I'll take up extra hours, and - "

"Louis," I cut him off. "I'm going to find a job, and we can worry about my things later. Right now, I need to focus on you and making you 100% okay. Yeah?" I said softly, caressing his hair. 

He nodded slowly and brushed his palm along my cheek, "I love you Harry Styles." He whispered, and my heart fluttered. 

"I love you too, Louis Tomlinson. Now come on, let's make some mac." I said and we got up, kissing softly on the lips before heading to the kitchen, getting the boxed mac 'n cheese from the freezer. 

"Hey, Haz?" He asked. 

"Hm?" I hummed, as I placed one box of microwaveable mac 'n cheese in the microwave. 

"I just remembered, I.. Well, I was planning to ask you this for the incident happened, and I had a little surprise for you when you inevitably said yes." He said cheekily. 

I turned with a smirk, "Oh you knew I'd say yes, did you?" 

He smiled and shuffled his feet, "We gotta pick him up tonight."

I furrowed my brows, "Who? Niall, Liam?"

He shook his head with a laugh, "No babe. Your surprise." He said and I thought for a moment, about who was talking about since he said 'he'. I stared at him for a while before it finally clicked when I studied his shy smile. 

"L-Louis... You, you got the cat!?" I asked, my heart pounding. 

He nodded, with a small shrug of his shoulders. I grinned so wide I thought my face would split in half and I jumped into his arms, "Oh thank you Louis!! We have a cat, a baby, our own!" I cheered, kissing his face over and over. He laughed and spun me around a little before kissing my forehead, "Might lighten up the mood 'round here, now." He said. 

I hugged him tight and thanked him a million more times before kissing him again, "I love you Louis. So much." 


A / N: little bit 'a sadness, little bit 'a fluff. Comment thoughts, we're nearing the end, baby kiwis. (yes that's my name for you, and it's not changing, so deal with it.) There will DEFINITELY be a sequel, so don't cut my tits off when I spring on the ending of this book (it'll end rather abruptly, don't hATE ME). 

All the love. A. Xxx 

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