Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


21. 21


*trigger warning* 
Mentions of rape 
Stay safe xx 


Harry's point of view...

I woke up the next morning and I just felt sad. I don't know why, but I felt sad. I had Louis' arms around me and I felt him stir; "Good morning Haz." He murmured sleepily.

I turned to face him and smiled, forcing myself to make the smile look real. But Louis knew me all too well by now, and he frowned. "Baby, what's wrong?" He asked, stroking my cheek.

I looked down, frowning a bit and biting my lip. I sighed, "I don't know. I guess I just feel sad. I don't know why, I just... do." I was afraid to look up at Louis, afraid he'd think I was weird. I should know better by now, but I still have an underlying fear that everyone is out to judge me.

I heard him coo at me and I looked up, to see his eyes filled with sincere love and affection. I blushed a little and he kissed my nose. "Want me to stay from work, baby boy?" He asked softly, kissing my forehead this time. I shook my head, because I knew Louis needed to go to work, "No no. Go to work, I'll be okay. I'll... Just watch some t.v. or something." I said.

He frowned a little and grasped my hand, "Promise me whatever happens you'll call me straightaway. Promise you won't hurt yourself." He said, looking worried.

I nodded my head and squeezed his hand, "I won't Lou," I whispered. "I promise I won't."

He nodded, kissing my lips softly and rubbing our noses together. "Come on then. Let's get some breakfast before I head off." He murmured with a soft smile. I nodded and kissed him again, lingering my lips on his. I loved kissing Louis. His lips were so incredibly soft, and comforting.


Louis left for work and I went back up to the room we shared and got into some comfortable clothes. I put on one of his sweaters, but my own joggers because his trousers were always too small on me. I smiled, giggling a little at how small Louis really was. He liked to tell people he was 5"9 but... Yeah, no.

I headed downstairs again, grabbed my phone and flicked on the kettle for some green tea. I yawned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and then my phone dinged. I was willing to bet it was Niall, the spaz.

Sure enough...


NiallHorny: yolo 😎

DaddyPayne: ffs niall, its not that century anymore

HarryInStyles: good morning to both of you too

NiallHorny: harryyyyyyyyy

HarryInStyles: one 'y' will work just fine, thank you

LouisTommo: im at work you wanks

DaddyPayne: then put your phone awayyyyyyyy

HarryInStyles: baby! 😍

LouisTommo: hi my love x

NiallHorny: barf 🤢🤢🤢

DaddyPayne: oOf

HarryInStyles: baby baby guess whattttttt

HarryInStyles: i thought up a name for our new baby!

DaddyPayne: *chokes on air*

NiallHorny: bABY?!?!

HarryInStyles: 🙄🙄🙄 the cat, stupid

NiallHorny: *rat

DaddyPayne: *ballsack

NiallHorny: *sack of flesh

HarryInStyles: 😤🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

DaddyPayne: harry it really is an ugly cat, jc

NiallHorny: its not even a cat!

HarryInStyles: if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say nothing at all.

DaddyPayne: k, thumper

NiallHorny: "thumper, what did your father tell you??"

DaddyPayne: "bout what?"

HarryInStyles: he said to fuck off -_-

NiallHorny: well, ok, r00d

HarryInStyles: where's louisssssss

DaddyPayne: he's prolly working, haz

NiallHorny: what the fuck is prolly

DaddyPayne: probably, stupid

NiallHorny: excUSE me, i wear the pants in this relationship

DaddyPayne: *panties


NiallHorny: 💅💅💅

DaddyPayne: im horny

HarryInStyles: i really dont care

NiallHorny: fuck off, demi

DaddyPayne: 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

LouisTommo: you guys spam like no tomorrow

HarryInStyles: babyyyyy, did you see my message about our cat???

LouisTommo: who 👏🏻said 👏🏻we're 👏🏻getting 👏🏻a 👏🏻cat

HarryInStyles: meanie :(

NiallHorny: gonna go wank

DaddyPayne: come over xx

HarryInStyles: ugH

LouisTommo: ill send you some surprises on my lunch baby boy 😘

HarryInStyles: !!! ❤❤❤


Harry's point of view...

Louis didn't text me on his lunch. He didn't text me at all. He was an hour late coming home, and I was extremely nervous. I took out my phone and called Niall.

"Harry, what the hell, I am in the middle of - What's wrong, why are you breathing like that??"

"N-Niall I'm scared, Louis didn't text me at all and he always does during his lunch, and he's really late coming home, Ni I'm scared!" I rushed out.

"Okay okay, calm down." He said to me soothingly and then he called, "Li! Turn off the stove. We gotta go to Lou's, there's an emergency."

"N-Ni, w-what if - "

"Harry don't jump to any conclusions okay? Liam and I will be there in a moment. Hang tight." He hung up and I sank into the sofa with slumped shoulders and a tear stricken face.

Incoming call from Loubear💙

Oh thank god...

"Louis! Oh my god Louis, I - "

He cut me off with a shrill cry, "H-Harry I don't know where I am, I was tied up but I got one hand free, I-I, Harry I don't know where I am!"

Oh god.

"Louis?! What are you talking about, baby, where are you?"

"Haz, I don't know! I, I think I'm in my boss' apartment... But I don't hear her. W-We were asked to come over for a business lunch, and I forgot to text you, but when I got here it was just her and this... this man, and I can't remember anything beyond that!" He sobbed, making my heart break.

There was a knock on the door and I knew it was Ni and Liam.

"Baby give me the address, Niall and Liam are here." I got up and ran to the door, tugging on my shoes. I opened the door, "Guys get back in the car. Louis' in trouble. Go, now!" I ordered, running with them to the car.

Louis stuttered out the address and we were driving. Halfway through, his phone probably died or something, and I had the biggest panic attack of my life. We eventually got to the apartment, and I panicked when I saw ambulances and police cars.

Oh god please be okay...

I rushed out of the car and Liam hurried after me, Niall hot on his heels. We got up the 5 flights of stairs and I ran to the room Louis said he was in. The door was opened and people were crowding around, my heart dropped. I saw police officers dragging out a lady who was unconscious and then a large man who was struggling to get free.

Then I saw Louis.

"Louis!" I yelled, rushing towards him, but an officer held me back.

"Excuse me lad, who are you?" He asked.

"I-I'm Louis' boyfriend." I stuttered and he let me through. I darted in, grabbing Louis in my arms and he clung to me, sobbing heavily.

"Louis, Louis oh my god. Baby what happened??" I asked.

"S-s-she raped m-me!" He stuttered through his tears and collapsed to the ground on his knees, dragging me with him. My blood went cold as I registered what he said, and I could only hold him tighter as I began to sob along with him.

My poor Louis... 


A / N: I know this is kind of a sad chappy, but more drama is coming in chapter 22 ! Be prepared, loves. Larry will prevail, not to worry. But things are about to take a turn.

Stay safe, all the love, ily always

  - Amanda ♡♡♡


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