Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


2. 2


outofstyles19: morning louis :)

_louistommo: hey harry your up early

outofstyles19: yeah. need to get ready for school. well, uni.

_louistommo: what uni do you go to?

outofstyles19: university of Sheffield

_louistommo: wait you live in Sheffield??

outofstyles19: yea why?

_louistommo: i live super close to your uni! we could meet at like a coffee shop someday??

outofstyles19: louis i dunno...

_louistommo: wdym?

outofstyles19: we haven't really known each other for more than two days...

_louistommo: well we always could when we know each other more?

outofstyles19: i dunno... i'm usually busy...

_louistommo: oh ok...

outofstyles19: i gtg to school. bye louis

_louistommo: see ya harry x


Two weeks later...

_louistommo: hey harry

outofstyles19: hey louis :)

_louistommo: where you been? you've been blogging but you haven't messaged me.

outofstyles19: sorry been busy with homework. whats up?

_louistommo: bored :/

outofstyles19: knock knock

_louistommo: huh?

outofstyles19: just answer it

outofstyles19: knock knock

_louistommo: uh ok? who's there?

outofstyles19: adam

_louistommo: adam who?

outofstyles19: adam up and send me the bill.

_louistommo: that's lame

outofstyles19: rude

_louistommo: wanna skype? voice call?

outofstyles19: homework

_louistommo: oh ok

outofstyles19 reblogged a photo!



_louistommo: choke kink much? lol

outofstyles19: just bored..

_louistommo: *horny ;)

outofstyles19: omg stop!

_louistommo: hehe

outofstyles19: louis?

_louistommo: yeah?

outofstyles19: would you ever judge me?

_louistommo: of course not.

outofstyles19: why?

_louistommo: wdymeveryone has their differences harry. i'm not a judgemental guy.

outofstyles19: thanks louis :)


Two months later...

_louistommo: hey haz! i'm by your school lol. wanna grab a cuppa?

outofstyles19: i can't sorry louis

_louistommo: why not :(

outofstyles19: homework

_louistommo: that's what you always say..

outofstyles19: sorry :/

_louistommo: whatever...

outofstyles19: i'm sorry louis :(

outofstyles19: lou?

outofstyles19: i'm really sorry...

outofstyles19: louis please....

outofstyles19: come back... :(

  A / N: I really hope you all like this story :) I put my all into my fanfictions, and usually end up insecure about how they turn out. Leave me a comment and a like if you wanna see more. Thanks guys. All the love, always x
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