Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


19. 19


A / N: hey ! It's been a while hasn't it ? >.> 
Sorry about that. Here's part 19 ! It's a bit short, I'm sorry ): I just went through a breakup (again) and I'm not really feeling myself but... Yeah. Ily guys, stay safe, stay happy and treat people with kindness... Please ): xxx 


NiallHorny: help me 

HarryInStyles: i'd rather not 

NiallHorny: suck shit harold -.- 

LouisTommo: neil dafuk do u want now

NiallHorny: *niall 

LouisTommo: *neil 

DaddyPayne: it's 6:30 in the morning, wtf kill yourselves 

HarryInStyles: i'm a bit tired, do it for me? 

LouisTommo: oooOOOOOOOOO

NiallHorny: i neED HELP BITCHACHO'S 

LouisTommo: fine what do u want neil 

HarryInStyles: this better be good 

DaddyPayne: niall what in fuck's name are you typing, the old testament?! 

LouisTommo: i don't think he'd be able to type all that, he's brain is smaller than his peewee 

HarryInStyles: oh brother 

NiallHorny: so my mum found Liam's underwear on my floor and i had to tell her i was seeing a gay and now she knows i'm bi and she kicked me out of the house... i need somewhere to stay and i'm literally roaming the streets in the freezing fucking cold, i need some warmth because the bitch didn't even let me grab my jacket before she threw me out 

LouisTommo: what thE FAK 

HarryInStyles: niall that's awful, I'm so sorry man 😭

DaddyPayne: i'm in my car babe, where r u??

NiallHorny: in front of the coffee shop close to my place, u know which one? 

DaddyPayne: yeah our first date right? 

NiallHorny: yeah 

LouisTommo: i didn't know ur mum was such a homophobic bitch?! 😠

NiallHorny: i don't wanna talk about it anymore, i already look like a fool crying in the rain

HarryInStyles: *virtual hug* 

LouisTommo: *virtual penis pat* 

HarryInStyles: jfc, not the time Louis 

DaddyPayne: 😆😆😆😆

DaddyPayne: ok babe i see you, come to my car, my headlights are on 


Harry's point of view... 

Over the next few days, we spent a lot of time over Liam's with him and Niall. The blond lad always had a close relationship with his mum, and this was pretty hard on him. Currently, we were playing a game of Fifa with some beer (that tastes like cat piss) and eating a bag of nachos. 

"Lou did I ever tell you that you chew like my grandma with no teeth?" Niall huffed. 

Louis gave him the finger and continued to chew obnoxiously loudly. "You're spilling crumbs on me, you slob." I snapped, shoving him away playfully. He pressed a kiss to the shell of my ear, cuddling into me as he flicked his thumbs along the buttons of the controller. 

"Loueh you idiot!" Liam shouted. "You just scored in our fucking net!" 

Niall cackled, hunched over with his shoulders shaking. I just shook my head and continued gaming with the lads. "Louis you're god-awful." I murmured to him. He shoved me with his shoulder and shot a goal into my team's net. I pouted and he grinned with victory. 

Liam huffed, "That's more like it." 

"Jesus, who made you the Fifa natzi?" Niall asked with a slight laugh. 

We all shared a laugh at that, to which Liam gave his boyfriend the finger, sipping his beer again. After a few hours, we gave up on Fifa and began to clear away our dishes that we ate our dinner on. Niall tossed the pizza box into the garbage bin and I went to help Liam do the dishes. I rolled up my sleeves to keep from getting soap suds on the fabric and began washing a dish with warm water. 

"Harry what the fuck is that?!" Liam snatched my arm out of the water, peering at the scars along my wrist. I yanked my hand away and shoved my sleeves down. I looked up to see Niall and Liam glaring at me with rounded, shocked eyes. Louis came up behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders as my breathing sped up. 

"I-i-i-it's none of y-your f-fucking business!" I snapped before ripping away from Louis and racing out the door with a harsh slam. I ran down to the elevator of Liam's apartment building and pressed the button multiple times in hopes it would come up fast enough so they wouldn't catch me. 

My hopes were answered with a ding of the elevator and I hurriedly got in, pressing the ground level button. I was breathing hard, sweat beading my forehead. I didn't want anyone to know. Hell, I barely wanted Louis to know! They probably think I'm some mutilation freak now. 


My phone buzzed and I looked down; 

Louis💙: Haz, where r u?! 

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