Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


11. 11


A / N: Mentions of self-harm, stay safe guys, ily 


A day later...

Loubear💙: harry? you haven't been messaging me and im a little worried.

Loubear💙: is it because of the other night....

Loubear💙: harry im sorry please text me back....

Loubear💙: harry please im sorry i'm so sorry...

Delivered at 2:03




Loubear💙: harry....

Harry💚: it's not you louis...

Loubear💙: harry! i was so scared you were ignoring me...

Harry💚: it's hard to explain over text... please come over lou...

Loubear💙: i'm coming baby.

Louis' point of view...

I called in to work, told them I'd take the night shift tonight. I didn't care if I would be tired. There's something wrong with Harry, I can feel it. And I feel like it has to do with what happened on Skype.

I got to his home and rushed to the door, ringing the bell. He opened the door, avoiding my gaze but I could see his eyes were glossy. "Baby whats wrong?" I asked as I stepped inside. He closed the door and leaned against the wall, collapsing in sobs. It scared me. I've never seen him like this.

I held his shoulders and wrapped my arms around him from behind. His forehead was pressed against the wall as he cried into his hands. "Harry you're scaring me. What's going on?"

His voice was muffled, but he started talking. "About two years ago. I was seeing this guy, when I first came out as gay. I knew him from childhood. His name was..." He cut off with a mangled sigh and I rubbed his shoulder. "His name was Zayn."

I kissed his temple, letting him know he could take his time. "I thought we were in love. It's... It's still hard on me now. I dont have feelings for him anymore, but it's cause of him that I'm so untrusting." He wiped his eyes and turned to face me. I smiled gently at him.

"He always promised me I was the only one. He always made me feel so special... This was around the same time my dad cut me off. He left my mum when I was young but we always saw each other. The year Zayn and I started dating, he stopped calling. He didn't answer my texts. He..." Harry broke off and lowered his head.

"Hey, hey its okay." I whispered, encasing him in my arms. He wiped his eyes, holding me tight and continued with his story. "He just cut me out of his life. Zayn made me feel important. He gave me some sort of belonging... We took it all the way one night." Harry broke off in sobs, his body shaking. I ran my hands through his hair, shushing him and whispering soft words of comfort.

"And for days he didn't answer my messages. Finally, I found out through Facebook he was with someone else... He had been with him for weeks before he and I... Did it. He got what he wanted and left me high and dry... I called him that day and he actually picked up. I asked him why. And he... He just laughed softly and told me I was just another fuck. He got with me and found someone better but just... cheated on me. He got in my pants and left me like I meant nothing..."

His eyes were dull and red from crying. I was in shock. "Harry... I'm so sorry... I had no idea, that's awful." He pulled away from me and looked down, his face twisted in pain. "I didn't know if the same would happen with you... I didn't know if after that you'd decide you wanted to leave me... I didn't know and I was so scared... I shouldn't have ignored you but I was so scared Louis but you being here... I know you won't."

I tilted his face up and wiped away stray tears. I pulled him close to me and whispered close to his ear, "Never ever Harry. I'd never think of doing that." He seemed to calm down a little and pushed his face into my neck. He was still crying but he was calming down. I just continued stroking his curly hair and whispering to him.


I agreed to spend the night with Harry after my night shift from 5PM to 11PM. I was nervous about leaving him alone, especially after what I had previously seen.

"Want me to make you something Haz?" I asked, heading to his kitchen. He came behind me, wrapping his arms around my torso and whispered, "I just want you." I blushed and turned to kiss him"You're such a dork." I said.

I looked down, about to take his hand in mine when something caught my eye. The sleeve of his sweatshirt had tilted up a little revealing, what I thought to be, fresh cut marks. I pulled away from him and grabbed his arm, pushing up his sleeve. He yelled and tried to get out of my grip.

I brushed my thumb across the scars. I felt like I was under water. They were fresh, very fresh. They were done that day, probably just an hour ago. Tears sprang to my eyes. Harry's voice sounded like it came from far away. All I could hear was my heart beating in my throat, loud and fast. Did he do this because of me? Because of Zayn? Why did he do thisWhy didn't he tell me? Why-

His yelps of pain cut into my thoughts, "Louis stop please let go! You're hurting me!" I looked up at his face and saw his eyes fill with tears. I realised the tight grip I had on his arm, and I immediately let go.

He brought his arm to his chest and turned away from me. I heard him crying. Sobs full of embarassment and shame. I went from behindholding him close. Tears rushed down my face but in a clear voice I whispered to him, "Evrything is going to be okay HarryI'm right here.

"Please promise me you'll be okay." I said to him in a nervous voice. He looked at me and smiled faintly. "Louis I'll be fine. Go to work before you're late." I pulled him close, not wanting to let go, burying my face in his shoulder. "I'll be home by 11:30 okay?" Harry nodded and kissed my head softly, "I'll be here waiting."

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