Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


10. 10


A / N: This includes some texting/Skype call smut. If you're uncomfortable with m*sturbation (boyxboy) then please do not read. I rated it 16+ because of this reason, but even if you are 16+ and you're uncomfortable you can skip this chapter :) 

outofstyles19 sent a photo!

_louistommo: you're such a dork x 

outofstyles19: hehe 

_louistommo: my friend niall came by today.

outofstyles19: yeah? nice

_louistommo: he got me, uh, something...

outofstyles19: wdym? like a gift?

_louistommo: if you can call it that 

outofstyles19: show me?

_louistommo sent a photo!

  ( Insert, *cough* dick ring *cough* XD )    

_louistommo: said it was for me and you... it's his kind of humor, lol 

outofstyles19: oh... wow... 

_louistommo: yeah... uh harry? 

outofstyles19: yeah?

_louistommo: you busy rn?

outofstyles19: in a way, yeah.. why?

_louistommo: "in a way" ? 

outofstyles19: dont ask louis... 

_louistommo: if you're busy i could go? 

outofstyles19: no no stay 

_louistommo: skype call? with cam? 

outofstyles19: yeah sure 

Harry's point of view...

Incoming call from Louistomlinson__!

I hesitated a bit. I wasn't entirely sure how he'd react if he knew that... I had the biggest erection ever underneath my bedsheets. I swallowed and picked up the call. 

"Hey Lou." Damn it. My voice sounded choppy. 

"Hey." He answered. His pupils looked blown to saucers. 

"Louis I.. I gotta confess something.."

"Mm? What?"

He sounded a little off. Like he was trying to control the way his voice sounded. It sounded forced. 

"That photo got me thinking of.. some things.." I said shyly. 

"M-Me too Harry... That's why I wanted to call I..."

He lowered his cam to show his arm under his bed sheet, moving in a rhythmic way. 

Oh fuck... 

I couldn't help but bite my lip hard as my dick hardened just from the thought of Louis getting himself off. "Louis.. mm, fuck..." My hips shook slightly as I resisted the urge to jack myself off. "Harry the thought of us... of you with that ring... on... fuck Harry..." He was panting and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't almost drooling from the sight. 

"Harry if-if this is too fast for you..." He now looked nervous. 

I shook my head, "Louis I dont even care. The way you make me feel, I don't care if we go fast. I just need you now Louis... ah, fuck..." The urges were getting too hard to resist. I needed to... touch it... 

"Touch yourself Harry," he whispered seductively. "Talk dirty to me baby, it's aching so bad..."

I felt my cheeks flush. He's yet to call me baby, and it made my stomach flow with butterflies. I flipped the cam down and uncovered myself from the bedsheet. I heard him sigh deeply from the sight of my hard, throbbing dick. "H-Harry it's so big...."

I placed my hand on it, rubbing slowly. Immediately the pressure subsided and I moaned loudly. Louis flipped his cam down, and might I say... Damn. Louis had a cock that would sure make me scream bloody murder if it ever entered me... I tightened my grip and moved faster, moaning and panting. Louis thumbed over his tip, moaning and panting a mess. 

"Louis..." I gasped. "Louis... mm, fuck, Louis..."

He moaned louder, his hips arching up as he rubbed his erect member to the same time as I did. I started throwing my head back, my free hand grasping the bedsheets as it began hard to control myself. I moved my hand as fast as I could, my moans getting louder and quicker. Louis was shaking, grunting and whining my name. 

"Harry I'm gonna cum - gah, fuck..."

Louis continued jerking himself off and then he yelled out in pleasure, exploding on his hands. Seeing Louis cum made me yell as I felt my orgasm crash into me at full force, "Oh my god Louis!"

Louis panted, breathing hard and biting his lip. I lay back in my bed and tried to get my breathing back to normal. Louis looked at the camera and smiled at me. "You're beautiful Harry." 

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