Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

outofstyles19: hey, i'm harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.


In which a shy boy meets a certain blue-eyed someone online, but is too afraid to show his face.


1. 1


outofstyles19: hey, i'm Harry.

_louistommo: hi harry i'm louis.

outofstyles19: i really like your blog.

_louistommo: oh thanks lol. its trash aha. yours is cool too.

outofstyles19: thanks.

_louistommo: i gtg bye harry.

outofstyles19: bye louis.


_louistommo just reblogged a photo.

outofstyles19: hey u ok?

_louistommo: yea.

outofstyles19: you reblogged a depressing photo.. u sure? :/

_louistommo: just got out of a relationship...

outofstyles19: i'm sorry :(

_louistommo: yeah..

outofstyles19: she was dumb then.

_louistommo: he..

outofstyles19: oh.. me too.

_louistommo: huh?

outofstyles19: i like boys too.

_louistommo: i'm bisexual.

outofstyles19: i'm gay.

_louistommo: :)

outofstyles19: 20 questions?

_louistommo: what?

outofstyles19: wanna play 20 questions?

_louistommo: yea sure. you go first?

outofstyles19: name?

_louistommo: louis😂

outofstyles19: right we established this... sorry... um middle name?

_louistommo: william

outofstyles19: edward

_louistommo: favorite color?

outofstyles19: dont laugh... pastel pink and purple...

_louistommo: i noticed your blog is quite pastel. Mine is blue and green

outofstyles19: eye color?

_louistommo: blue

outofstyles19: green

_louistommo: selfie?

outofstyles19: my cam is broken..

_louistommo: oh. thats ok. want one of me? you send yours when you get your cam fixed :)

outofstyles19: yeah sure.

_louistommo sent an image!



outofstyles19: awe :3

_louistommo: i look so gross and tired lol

outofstyles19: you look cute

outofstyles19: wait shit sorry

outofstyles19: that was creepy...

outofstyles19: louis?

outofstyles19: i didnt mean to be weird sorry where did u go? :(

_louistommo: sorry harry i needed the loo. it wasnt creepy im flattered :)

outofstyles19: wanna finish 20 questions or do you wanna do something else?

_louistommo: i'm in the mood to go on Skype. whats your username we could call.

outofstyles19: cam broken...

_louistommo: voice call?

outofstyles19: my sister is asleep

_louistommo: oh ok. you have a sis? whats her name?

outofstyles19: gemma

_louistommo: i have seven siblings. georgia, phoebe, felicite, charlotte, daisy, ernest, and doris.

outofstyles19: wow that's a load.

_louistommo: yeah lol

outofstyles19: i'm gonna head to bed. good night louis x

_louistommo: night harry x

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