Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


7. Within the Gleam of Purity

A knock of urgency came to fall upon the King's chamber door. The sound of gauntlets clashing upon the iron cast of his doors at that time of night was a sign of panic. He rose and with haste moved to greet whatever was to claim his attention.

"M'lord you must come at once! The Prince, he has assaulted your daughter."

"What?!" The King rushed past the guards and towards the quarters of his youngest child. He feared the worst, had she been beaten? Had she been raped? The streaks of torches flew past his vision in a blur. He cut the corner rapidly his hand grasping the sides of the opening of doors. Thereupon a bed of blood sat his daughter sobbing into the arms of her brother, his eldest son. He entered softly into the room. To his left lay the Prince, and though his daughters virginity had been stolen he yet wondered what would come of them all now. A guest of royal blood lay lifeless within his walls. This would mean war from both ends. He must have words with the King at once.

Adalaya looked up to him, eyes ablaze with tears of horror. And within the moment he saw the face of his beloved wife. And the gaze she had given him upon her death bed. He motioned the guards out of the room.

"Leave us, I wish private words with my children."

Without a word in exchange the guards turned and left them to speak. The room was hot with rage, the sadness within it heavy.

" My daughter I am so sorry."


Adalaya rose from the bed and the arms of Raxseis and flew into her father's. Gown and flesh both covered in now drying blood. She clung to him in a way that almost cost him his footing. He held her close, his heart sank with sheer pity for her.

"My child you must dry your eyes and tend your body."

"But father I can not, it hurts so bad. I do not know if I will ever be ever to call a man my own."

Raxseis rose from the bed and moved over to the man's body. A dark realization coming to mind.

"My son what happened?"

"I walked in on this sick fuck raping my sister. So I killed him, it was the only way for me to get him off her. I had no other choice father, my apologies."

"You did what you thought was right I can not fault you for such."

He leaned down turning his back to his father. His hands dipped into the puddle of blood underneath his victim. And with sour expression he took hold of the mans cock and covered it to with blood. He wiped his hands clean and stood.

"Father we should dispose of the father as well. Say they never arrived."

"My son what madness do you yet speak? Are we to slaughter all those who arrived with them? Are we to say that people of the sands could not navigate into the cities without aid and came to perish between their lands and our own. There is no way we could accomplish such. NO! This shall indeed be set into the eyes of the public. We are those of the richeous not those of the darkness of cold murder."

Adalaya continued to cling to him, her sobbing beginning to slow. He eyes locking onto her love, over her knowing father's shoulder. The Prince shot her a look of pure joy.

"Aye father and what if those he calls kin decide to burn this castle from Grand Hall to courtyard?After all he was the God of war to their people. His father will move against us!"

"Lower voice my son I understand your frustration but you are but her brother. I am her father I feel more sorrow than you ever could I allowed this to happen. But you must remember the cost of rape is death. The crime was committed and the debt was repaid with his life. His father has no ground to stand upon. The purity of a woman especially that of royal blood far surpasses the worth of any man."

The guards returned.

"M'lord, The King wishes to retrieve the body of his son, and wishes words with you. He speaks words of peace, and regret."

Paraxious nodded and released his daughter into the hands of his son.

"See her to a bath and perhaps a cup of tea, I shall return to greet you within the dawn of the sun."

With that he took his leave motioning the guards to take the body and follow him.

Emerald stood leaning upon the wall outside unknowing if she should enter or not. She kept her eyes low as the King and his men walked past her. Her eyes only rose to look upon the face of her slain Prince. A man she had admired since her childhood. Emerald spoke a soft prayer for him and turned to enter the room. Her heart-stopping to find Raxseis and Adalaya embracing and locking lips. She turned and slid back onto the wall shivering. What was going on? What had she witnessed? It was not her place to say nor draw conclusion. All she could feel was jealousy, all she understand was betrayal.


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