Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


17. Unity

Reia and Adalaya had come to at last land outside the gates of Vermillion City. The heat of the sun began to blister the skin in a matter of moments if one did not have the proper attire. Adalaya found the desert to be revolting, in all the places they had come to visit during their travels, Vermillion had been her least favorite. It was the home of Mauraders, slave traders, and explorers. For over three hundred miles, Vermillion City was the only civilization with water in its possession. Making it the most powerful of all four free cities in the Sekian Isles. The inhabitants there were known as the Kar'shi'vek, a grouping of humans who once stood pale faced now stood with sun claimed skin that was as radiant as the sand. The women were beautiful but held large and curved noses and naturally wide eyes, which often sat adorned in charcoal. They were the property of men, the Kajarum, those who held the highest political standing within the city. Only the Kajaro stood above them in his way of rule.

The city itself was built around the largest oasis known to the Isles of Sek. Rocks of vermillion color had given the city its name and had also come to protect it for centuries. There was one way in and one way out, many had died in their attempts to be let inside the safety of Vermillion's walls. Those who had come to survive the relentless heat and monsters of the desert became model citizens of their new home. For Adalaya and Reia though, they were only visitors and female visitors at that. They could be stolen and enslaved right alongside their dragon. The two kept their heads down as they moved through the busy streets. The scent of herbs and spices hung heavy in the thick air, the voices of vendors and merchants clashing with the moaning voices of coitus going on about the streets. Despite knowing her niece's condition, Reia hurried her through the crowd and away the foolish antics of men and their wealth.

For three nights did the pair rest, gathering food and water for the coming days. In that time Adalaya, at last, came to meet the stunning stallion known as Cartumon. When her aunt had brought him forth, reins in hand, she nearly fainted. He was spirited and tall with thin and healthy limbs. He stood eighteen hands tall, with a velvet coat that's radiance reflected as bright as a golden coin. His mane and tail nearly dragged the ground as he cantered over to her. All four of his legs held brown stockings and white fetlocks. One thing Adalaya noticed most about the male was the fact his profile was concave, much more so than the horses she had come to know in Morgeideign. His breed was indigenous to the Sekain deserts and could travel for days at full speed without water or food. She came to admit that she was nervous to ride him.

The days passed like minutes as her training continued. Time and time again she had come to be thrown off the beast, only to be pressed back on by her aunt. The Princess had begun to worry about her child, the falls could have not been good for his development. After time had continued on, Adalaya and her new mount came to build a bond of trust together. Reia had been correct, the horse was fast, he traveled the sand like a beam of sunlight, one moment he was there and the next he was gone. Reia led them both to the starting line, men of different races and sizes sat proudly upon their horse, eager for the contest to begin. It was over five miles long, with evolving landscape and dangers unknown to the young Princess.

"Remember all I have taught you Adalaya. He responds to you well. Restrain him for most of the race. Keep close to the others, and do not let him loose until you reach the shallow sand beyond the scaling hills. He holds endurance, but his primary skill is his speed, remember this when approaching the finish line. Listen to his signals, and obey his movements. It is imperative that we win this race if you fail us, we many never leave this place." Reia put her niece's hands onto the horse's mane that had been braided in a lattice-like fashion. "Hold on tight to this, and remember to grip with your legs near the end." The witch looked over to other riders, the too rode bareback but held reins in hand. "You will do well, I can feel it now go!"

With a curt nod, Adalaya moved to line up with the others, she held her horse still her hand coming to pat his neck in reassurance. A man came to sound the horn, and with its tune, the race began. Cartumon surged forward, his hooves thundering upon the sand. His ten competitors followed closely behind his stride. Adalaya pulled back on his reins in an attempt to slow him, he whinnied in determination and carried on. They rounded the first bend, the ballad of hooves and sand shooting into the air all Adalaya could focus on. The heat was unbearable even beneath the protective head wrap she wore. Her vision was distorted, due to the net that hung over her face.

The herd moved as one, with Cartumon leading by two lengths. His golden fur moved like a beacon over the desert, his beauty a mirage to most. The sand was deep, Adalaya could feel it in his stride, he had begun to slow. The others were catching up to them. Looking over her right shoulder, the young rider saw that the horses tail had come to raise his ears had folded to either side of his head and now he was picking up speed. Two buckskin mares seemed to gather a second wind, their bodies coming to ride alongside that of Cartumon. Adalaya dug her bare heels into the horse's sides, to secure her placement atop him. Her arms had begun to burn from the repetitive motions of his muscular and craned neck. Fire ran through her flesh, both exhaustion and sun coming to torture her. She wanted so much to let go of the reins but remembered what was riding on the line of her victory.

She slowed his pace allowing the wise men to lead the way. They now held third place Cartumon fighting her urging. They all came to cross the Dead Oasis of Varqu, once filled with crystal waters the body of water was no more, It sat in the center of the desert a crater filled with cracked soil and peeling sand. She could feel sweat dripping down her neck and back, her head began to hurt, the heat was rising the further out they rode. Her stallion, however, showed no sign of heat exhaustion, he was in his prime and ever eager to run down his opponents. The pair followed the trail of golden sand, their vision now blinded as they ran. "Come on Cartumon! We must be near the sand dunes!" The horse continued his stride, knowing the hills better than his rider. The herd began to ascend up the large and steep mountain of sand, one by one they began to slow, the incline of the hill far too great to continue running.

"At least he will have time to rest." Adalaya thought. After several long moments, they came to reach the top, where a flag sat awaiting them. They had made it to the halfway point. The two buckskins began their descent down the hill their riders courageous. Adalaya pulled Cartumon to a rapid halt at the top of the hill. She looked down and could no see how they would survive the trip down. "No ...I cant.." The stallion reared at her pull on the reins his head thrashing as his personality came to flare. Without warning, he leaped down and began following the others. All the Princess could do was lean backward on him as he made his way down. The jolts of speed and bump like travel made her sick. "Oh, son not now..." The two buckskin mares were long gone, they were nearly out of sight. "Oh, fear has cost us everything!"

The rest of the group was closing in, it was then that Adalaya found her courage. She took a tighter hold on the reins and kicked her mounts sides. He leaped onto the flat ground and was off at full gallop. She could feel his determination, his pride, and strength. The sand had grown shallow, it was time. "Let him loose." She heard her aunt say and so she did, and with him, she too let go. Her hand came to rip the headwrap from her gaze, the hot air hit her face in a slice of bitter grains. The finish line was a straight shot ahead of them, all they had to do now was catch up. The cotton fabric of her headdress fell into the sand as they thundered onward. The sound of his hooves became more profound, without realizing it the sand had left them both. They now traveled upon hard dirt and stone.

She let go of the reins and leaned forward, her hands rushing toward the braided mane of the beast. Her nimble fingers gripped tightly onto the silk like hair. Cartumon let loose, his gate gathering speed. Adalaya could see the two mares just ahead. She could feel the rapid breathing of her aunt's stallion between her thighs, could hear his breath coming and going as fast as his legs carried them. From behind them came the speed of a white horse, his fur beaming like the most polished of ivory. He was behind them by one length but was gaining. The new pair came to catch up to the leaders of the race, the four within half a length of each other. The finish line was on the horizon now, it was time. Cartumon took to the outside of their formation his mouth beginning to foam at his bit.

From the sidelines, Reia watched on with pride. "Let him run Adalaya! Ride him! Push him!" The herd was just over a half mile out from the finish line. The burn in Adalaya's arms had grown nearly too much for her to bear. She gritted her teeth and gave the horse another kick. One hand reached behind her to give his hindquarters a slap. "Turn it, loose boy!" Blood began to trickle from his nostrils, his hooves only touching the ground for a mere second before they left it again. He pulled into the lead his nose passing that of the females. Reia watched as the contestants rode forward towards them. She moved to the front of the crowds as the race watcher blew the horn. She watched on as Cartumon gained his second wind, before long the golden stallion was twenty lengths in front of the herd and still he surged. Reia screamed happily, the race was theirs. Cartumon made his way to the finish line, his chest pounding in rhythm to his galloping. The horn came to sound a third and final time as Adalaya won her first horse race. She let him run out his determination before slowing him to a trot.

Reia was there to greet them. Her arms reached up to hug her niece before she kissed her stallion's nose. "You did it! You both did it! Come we must present you to the Kajaro. From him, you shall receive your prize." Adalaya dismounted, ripping the hem of her blouse to wipe the horse's nose as they walked. She led him to the water pits and tied him securely to a post. She followed her aunt into a large cave, inside rested the dragoness they had come to claim. She was weak but beautiful in her dull appearance. Her scales were a soft teal with an iridescent sheen that was slowly dwindling away. Her eyes sat within her skull a calming white. The dragon's neck, legs and wings were tied down with only ropes. Adalaya came to wonder how long she had been held a captive. She could breathe fire and sever her binds, but perhaps she lived in fear.

The Kajaro, at last, showed his face. He was a handsome and muscular man. With thigh length hair that was as dark as the sins, Adalaya had come to commit. He looked so familiar, she knew him from somewhere. He wore the clothing of an outsider, leather pants, no shirt adorned his chest, instead a collection of bones did. His beard hung nearly to his navel, its girth secured into a ponytail like braid. He stood six foot nine and had the walk of a man who wished only one thing, power. The Princess stayed close to her aunt, her mind racing trying to place the face of the man. It hit her like a boulder set free from a mountain. He looked exactly like Jarown, just older. Gray hair came to accentuate the sides of his hairline, and wrinkles came to pull at the flesh about his eyes. His bare chest was oiled and painted with the crest of dragon's heads. One sitting upon each of his breasts. His nipples were pierced and sat connected with the collar of gold around his neck.

"He is going to recognize me.." She thought to herself. She kept her eyes low to the ground, hoping that she would be able to gather her dragon and run off into the wind. The gods did not answer her prayers. Instead, they turned a deaf ear to her wishes. The man moved and took hold of her chin, his green eyes scanned her features, and in an instant, he knew who she was. Princess Paraxious, how wonderful it is to see you. Congratulations on your victory." "Thank you." "As promised, the dragon resting behind us is now yours to command, yet, I have another gift for you." Adalaya came to arch a brow. "Oh? Whatever could it be? Surely it does not have more worth than that dragon."

He waved away his guards and pulled the girl closer to him. "I know you were to marry my brother, I apologize for what he did to you. I wish to make it right. Become my fifth wife and see the past forgotten and a bond between our people forged." She snatched away from him, insulted. "I would do no such thing, you have enough women to care for it would seem. I want my dragon and nothing more. What your brother did to me has been forgiven. I worry not about the joining of our races. In fact, I intend on changing the ways of the lands I was born from." "Then allow me to help you in those plans."

Reia watched on in silence not wishing to insult the male and cheat both herself and her niece out of what they were rightfully owed. "You are so beautiful, it is no wonder my younger brother could not wait to feel your touch. What he did was wrong, but I understand his reasoning, such things are our way of life." Adalaya had to admit he was gorgeous, it had been so long since she had felt the touch of a man. "I thank you for your generous compliments, but I am in quite a hurry. I would address you properly, but I do not know your name, only your title." The leader came to rub her shoulders. "My name is Jarein. You have a spirit that reminds me much of my mother. For that, I wish to extend to you my army and my love." He leaned down and kissed her, his lips surprisingly soft despite the harsh and drying climate.

He tasted sweet, his strong arms were comforting. Adalaya allowed herself to enjoy his embraces only to be torn from him. She was pulled so quickly she failed to realize who had come to block the man's affections. She fell rump first into the dirt,Reia rushing to her side. Her body felt weak, her stomach turning to knots as she came to focus on her brother Raxsies rolling around the dirt with the Kajaro. He seemed so much smaller to her now, in the company of a native warrior. The dragon behind them came to stir, its tail thrashing side to side in an attempt to break free from its bonds. Raxseis threw a punch onto the jaw of the man. His free hand gripping tightly to his throat. They rolled, this time Jarein was atop his attacker, his dagger coming to be pulled from his hip. It was then that Adalaya forced herself up from the dirt. Her arms swung around the man's torso. "Jarein! Leave him alone! He is my brother! Stop this both of you!" His large arm came to fling her into the dust as if a child's doll. The thud of the rock and sand made her cough. Her stomach began to cramp.

Reia looked around frantically as she took notice of her brother making his way through the crowd. "Adalaya we have to go! Now! Come!" Reia ran from the cave she pulled herself onto her stallion, cutting the reins in order to flee. She looked behind her but did not see her niece. She went on, riding as fast as she could urge Cartumon. She had to get to Akar'gamon.

Adalaya watched as the two men came to struggle, Raxseis managed to take hold of the dagger, his hand making a swift cut across the Kajaro's face. Blood sprang from the wound, and into his hand and he stumbled backward. "I will kill you! Guards!" The sound of rushing footsteps could be heard approaching. Fear took hold of Adalaya, she trembled and looked around for a weapon. Thereupon the throne of the ruler sat his scimitar, she took up arms and rushed over to the dragon, slicing it free of its ropes. She was nearly as large as Akar'gamon, with the exception of her shorter wingspan. Adalaya made her way up, but the beast did not move. "Take me away from this place! Free yourself!" Still, the winged serpent did not move. The guards had come to pile into the cave, some rushing to their leader to tend his wounds. Raxseis stood proudly, waiting for his chance to strike again when they charged. "Go Adalaya fly! Get out of here!" Their uncle made his way inside, sword drawn. His eyes locked onto Adalaya before returning to his nephew.

The two men stood back to back awaiting the combat they know would come to greet them. One man threw his spear at them, they dodged the attack, leaving the spears endpoint to dive into the scales of the dragon. It roared and at last stood up, her fire came to shoot forth in a stream of orange flame. Adalaya held tightly onto her horns, just as she had learned with Akar'gamon. The movement of the beast was new to her, her movements were far sharper than that of the male. "Run!" She screamed towards her family. They turned upon heel and made their way to the dragon. Adalaya reached her hand down before the female fully stood up. Raxseis was the first to take her hand and hoist himself up. He helped his uncle onto the back of the beast and leaned forward. "Let me fly her you have no talent for such things sister!"

Adalaya came to shake her head at her brother. "Then I suppose you no longer know who I am brother." Another wave of fire came to engulf the cave, the men of Vermillion trying their best to subdue the beast. The Princess leaned forward, her hands turning white as they fisted around the battle horns of the dragon. "Fly." She commanded. The female began to run upon her wings, her war cry thundering within the vast open space. Before long they came to greet the harsh sun and the stifling wind. They were airborne, Adalaya could see her aunt riding Akar'gamon, but there was someone else. There to the right of her aunt flew a radiant white dragon, his scales illuminate and blinding against the summer heat. Upon his back sat Emerald, his newly claimed rider. Raxseis took note of them as well, he did not know what shocked him more. The fact he had been stolen from by the simplicity of a slave or the fact that his little sister had come to command not only a dragon but what seemed to be a resistance.

He sat in silence only shooting his uncle a look as the three females came to ride together as one. Adalaya looked down, Cartumon was inside a crate, carried by her aunt's dragon. She was glad he had not been left behind. "To where do you travel girl? I remember you! You were the one always nipping at my brother's heels." Emerald came to chuckle her eyes moving to rest upon Raxseis. "A foolish mistake Your Grace! I seek only to join your movement! Your aunt has told me everything!" The Princess came to nod. "Let us travel somewhere safe then, and converse about our plans." The flock of dragons made their way east, towards the temples of Heeka Di Tobor. The monastery of eastern Evernia and the breeding grounds of the Wyvern Dragon.


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