Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


19. The Vertiginous City

Adalaya and the members of her rebellion had come to tread with care. The secrets and dangers of the Marsh had forced them into submission. Without the guidance of the tribe, they all came to fear the unwelcome creatures that lurked about them. Lai'ona led the traveling party. They had been walking for nearly two days before they finally came to gaze at a small grouping of vines. They were formed in a circular shape, small thorns adorning the ring in an offputting nature.

The leader turned to face the group, her hand moving to gather a dagger from her hip. "Princess Paraxious, you must come forward and offer the portal your blood in exchange for entrance into the vertiginous city. You shall come to walk among gods and their children, to do such your body must be cleansed and viewed as worthy of such a place." Adalaya looked to her aunt for guidance. She was scared and did not know what the woman meant.

"Go on my dear, it will only hurt you for a moment. I will see your wounds tended myself upon our departure." Dismounting, the Princess moved to stand before the tall woman. Her heart racing in her chest with nervous anticipation. Lai'ona took hold of her wrist, her grip was tight and demanding. For a moment, Adalaya feared her wrist would be slit, but instead, her palm came to be cut. The tribal woman collected it in a bowl, and then gathered a long and thing thorn. It had been hollowed out, it's outer shell smooth and silky. She kneeled down and placed a hand over the girl's stomach. For several long moments, she palpitated her abdomen, attempting to locate the growing fetus inside. Adalaya stepped back, her hands protectively moving to cover her stomach. "What are you doing?" She asked, her line of vision once more falling to her aunt, who turned away.

"I must also collect an offering from your child. All who are to enter and return out alive must present themselves to the forces that protect this land. No harm will come to the baby, I give you my word." Adalaya found comfort in the woman's eyes and stepped forward to bare her stomach. She untied the leather vest she wore, at last revealing the small protrusion that came to swell from her abdomen. The sister of the Marsh once more began to examine her. Finally, she found what she was looking for. She saw the thorn dipped into a yellow liquid, it was a salve that was used in the lands to sterilize items before surgeries and birth. The entry of the thorn came on as a burning prick, Adalaya did her best not to move despite the pain. Siphoning the blood of the child into the thorn, Lai'ona tipped its contents into the bowl and went onto performing the same ritual to the others.

The last to be graced with the bowl was Emerald, who refused to see it be done. The tribal leader had attempted to take a sample from her stomach as well. "No, I will remain here until they return. I do not wish to risk the life of a child, just because this so called city requires its blood." Everyone turned to her shocked. Adalaya came to think back and wondered if the child she carried was her brother's. Reia turned to face the slave that had been transformed into a conqueror. "You are with child? Do none of you girls know of the herbs you could have taken in order to save yourselves from such a burden in times like these?"

Emerald shook her head and smiled towards her princess. "It is not your brother's child if you worry about that. I am almost positive of it. The child I carry is far more important. Do know I mean no offense to you or your unborn." "None was taken, Emerald." After the dragon's blood was collected Lai'ona moved to the circle of vines and saw the blood poured onto the soil before it. A bright light began to roll around the portal as if a snake. At last, a view of the airborne city could be seen. Rocks lay scattered around the circumference of the entry way, a view of a large floating isle in the center. Masses of green trees and golden buildings could be seen off in the distance. The sun shined bright from the corner of the portal, its rays seemingly focus upon the city it knew all too well.

Adalaya stepped forward, her face capturing the awe in her heart. "What is that place?", she questioned, her eyes locked on the moving castle before her. Her aunt moved to her side, comfortably nestled on Akar'gamon. "That is the City of Ranatet. The aimless kingdom of the great Incendartu and his mate Lumateria. They are the dragon who ensured the expansion of their race." The young female moved to mount her dragon who she had given the name Akria.

Reia bowed her head in respect to her old friend. "Thank you for all you have done Lai'ona. We could have never found Ranatet without you." "No need to thank me, just be sure to conquer whatever it is you intend to plunder. This is where I leave you all, tread easy on your return, and fly home to lands far less deadly." The woman came to laugh at her final words. She bowed and moved to mount her saber tooth cat, Renato. The tribe gave off a long ballad of howl and screams before they charged off into the dense rainforest.

"It seems it will just be the four of us to converse with the gods of this land. Let us pray that they will heed our pleas for aid.", Reia came to say. "We started this war aunt, it should be us who lay ours lives on the life in order to see us advance." The pair and their mounts came to take flight. It was not long before they reached the landing rocks of Ranatet. As they did, the small platform shifted under their weight. Leaving their dragons behind, both Reia and Adalaya moved across the pathway that led to the largest castle in all the land. Its metal was a dark and alluring brass with stained glass windows. While it held no roof, the castle sat in the likeness of a maze. Moss had come to overgrow and cover most of its inner walls and walkways. It was a place of beauty, one Adalay had never come to have the chance to admire until now.

They came upon two men, one of white hair and the other of golden blonde. They were tall and thin, with chiseled jaws and muscular chests. They were the guards to the royal resting chambers of both dragons. Their blades came to cross in a song of steel. The span of the weapons blocking the way to both Incendartu and his mate. "What is your business here?", spoke the man of white. Reia stood before her niece, her voice coming forward in a soft and reassuring tone. "We wish to share words with your King and Queen. We seek their aid in a battle to free their offspring from the chains of men. It would seem that here, so far away from the rest of our world, that they have forgotten them."

The two men looked towards each other for a moment. "The royal pair are currently indisposed. Do return at another time." Adalaya stepped forward, determination coming to ride through her next words. "Please, good sir's, we mean your ruler's no harm. It is imperative that we speak to them and win their favor. The very lives they have fought so hard to produce, hang in the balance of our plans. Dragons are being enslaved, not only that, they are being milked for their magic. Their voices have fallen silent, their will to live dwindles with each passing day. I am not saying that those of royal blood should stand higher than any other, but I am confident as a soon to be mother, that Incendartu and Lumateria would not wish to see their children in chains. Please, I beg you, as a royal myself allow us entry."

The two men gave a nod. The second, the gaunt man of blonde came to speak. "Make it quick, and do you best not to insult them. If you do, you may never return to your quest." The swords came to part, each moving swiftly to the side of their handler. The two women made their way inside, following the maze to what they believed was the throne of the first female dragon to be created.

The throne area was large, a moat spanned around it in crystal blue waters. Vines and colorful leaves hung in the air, held up by nothing more than magic. Before them, slept the ancient dragoness, Lumateria. Her chartreuse scales blending in with the foliage that claimed the boulder she slept on. Her horns were large and formed a crest around her feminine features. Golden satin hung from the curling crest about her face, her eyes even closed, vast and stunning. The Queen was three times bigger than Akar'gamon, and unlike his breed, she had four legs and wings that extended from her back.

They stepped forward, folding themselves onto their legs in respect. "Great goddess of soil and birth, please allow us the gift of your attention. We have reason to believe that what we have come to ask of you will interest both you and your mate.", Reia began to speak softly. Her words danced their way into the females ears, and suddenly she began to stir. Her golden eyes came to look them over as her massive head came to reach into the sky. She was beauty divine, a creature who would never walk among the lesser creatures her children had come to produce.

"Interest me, you say?", the dragoness spoke. Her voice was calm and melodic. All Adalaya could do was nod. She was starstruck, not only was this creature's size intimidating, her beauty was stunning. "Then tell me, little humans, what is it you wish to bring to my attention." Before Reia could reply, her niece had already stood and began her side of the tale. "I understand that you and Incendartu are the reason that dragons exist. You and your children are beautiful, powerful and strong. You give your hearts to those who are worthy of your trust. I am saddened to inform you that the trust you have given my kind has come to be tarnished. Your race has come to be enslaved by mine, my aunt and I wish nothing more than to see them free, but we can not do it alone. Nor can we be successful without your help."

The Queen sat up, the expression on her face told the pair that she had no idea what was happening. Her vision looked up into the sky as she began to call for her mate. The sound was enchanting, a grouping of short, dark coos. The music continued on for many long moments before the large area went black. From the clouds came Incendartu. His massive black wings shading the area like nightfall. He came to land beside his Queen, his weight causing the isle to shift once more. He too held four legs. He was built in the same fashion as a warrior, his chest, hips, and neck sat nestled in several groups of muscles. Unlike his life mate, the male had long sharp horns that cascaded down the back of his head. Each limb was adorned in thorn-like horns that made scaling him easy. As his nostrils came to smoke, Adalaya could not help but feel a pull to mount him.

"Why have you called for me my beloved?", he said. His voice was dark and carried hints of hisses and growls within its tone. He held the voice of the underworld, one that struck fear into both Adalaya and Reia. "These two women claim that our great grandchildren are being enslaved. They wish our aid in their plans to set them free. I want to support them, yet, I can not make such a choice without you by my side in agreement. I can not go myself, I am nearing my time to lay my next clutch of eggs. Perhaps you can think of a solution to this new found issue."

The King focused upon the two females before him. His stare was encased in fire, its gleam nearly blinding to those who did not share the blood of the gods. "Tell me girl, who is it that clips the wings of freedom we granted our future generations." Reia fell silent, it was then that she realized just how much Adalaya had come to grow. Incendartu sat back on his haunches, his front foot turned upside down and extended towards Adalaya. "Come now girl, let me get a better look at you."

Doing as told, the young woman stepped into the clutch of the dragon and saw herself lifted to his eyes. She was lost in the fire the danced around them. In a time long lost to her then, she would have feared him, but now, standing before his legendary wonder, she felt only security. The male looked her over, his assessment coming to a stop at the swell of her belly. "You are with child, and still you wish to lay your life on the line for us?" "Yes, the gods will see no harm come of my baby as long as I walk in the passages of righteousness. I love my unborn, but, if I am to lose him, I would be honored that it happened while I was fighting for a greater cause." "What a selfless and brave thing to say. Dragons must mean a great deal to you if you are willing to risk your life and your childs. Who do you seek to destroy in order to claim your victory?" "My own family. It was they who began the practice of dragon binding. Since then, it has become a sport, and I feel that all things should have the ability to make their own choices. Many houses hold dragons captive, but my house holds the majority. If Morgeideign falls, the others will not be hard to best."

The King looked to Reia. "And what of you? What are your plans to aid her?" "I have come to humbly ask that you hold council with the Keeper. I know that you and he both are good friends. His duty is to serve all living beings in order to provide justice and balance. With him, on our side, we would be unstoppable. From the stories I have been told, he is a Wer Di Hussiar, the most powerful Keeper of the Elements to date." Incendartu came to agree. "He is indeed a hound of white, but, what makes you think he will aid us?" "Perhaps, he would see it as a favor to you, in exchange for your undying loyalty."

The male turned to his mate who began to speak. "You go with them, aid them in their war. I will send word to Exanion and beseech his assistance in this endeavor. While your own war has come to be replaced by many others, you have become a guardian." He sat Adalaya down and moved to press his forehead to his mates. "As you desire my love. It is for the betterment of our children after all." He turned to the two women. "To where do you travel first?" Adalaya and Reia searched each other's eyes a moment before the younger of the two came to reply. "To Vermillion city. I have an ally there I wish to share words with." "Is he too a part of your rebellion against your people?" "Not yet, but he will be. He holds an interest in my beauty and wishes my hand in marriage. There was only one thing of value my family taught me, and that is to use your power as a woman to your advantage."

Incendartu came to laugh. "Then let us travel to the desert and see your will be done." He stood and began to make his way to an empty space in the room. He spread his wings and began to take off but was stopped by Adalaya's words. "Wait. I wish to ride you. In fact, there is nothing I desire more in this moment." The dragon looked shocked, he was not one to be mounted. In fact, he viewed such an act as degrading. There had only been one being to mount him and that had been his mistress Plexia. "I will make a deal with you if you can figure out a way to get onto my back I will allow it." Adalaya came to smirk. "I suggest you get a head start aunt Reia." With that, she moved to where he stood and took hold of the horns on his front leg. She knew it would take a long time to scale him. He stood over one hundred eighty feet tall at the shoulder alone. She made her way up and watched as her aunt took her leave.

Reia had come to join with Akar'gamon and take off before Adalaya had finally made her way onto the beasts back. When she did, they had taken flight in a storm of dust and leaves. She took a firm grip onto two small iron rods that had been secured beneath his natural armor. Her knuckles turned white as her grip held tightly onto what she thought to be reins of some sort. The shine of Incendartu's crimson scales beamed brightly against the sunlight. It was as if she rode upon a formation of blood and tar. Her fragile body sat atop him a speck of flesh surrounded by never ending structures of scales. His roar came to thunder through the sky as he asserted his dominance over the much smaller wyvern's.

He took the lead of the flock, his jaws coming spread as a ball of fire and lightning hurled into the area of the portal. The formation of protective vines came to shatter like glass at his strike, and suddenly Adalaya could see Emerald rushing to mount her ivory dragon. Incendartu led the way through the two world's Reia, Akar'gamon and the dragoness Akria behind them. Emerald and her mount took to the sky and soon joined the formation. They flew in the shape of a pyramid, the lesser dragons now dwarfed by the size of their creator. Like a stampede of Berserker's the dragons came to roar into the wind, a warning to any that the real King of Evernia had come to vacate his throne in the name of vengeance.


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