Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


4. The Sway of Sand

And so, the time had come for the young Princess Adalaya to meet her betrothed. Her heart was heavy with sorrow, but none more so than that of her eldest brother. His gaze of admiration could be felt upon her back. But his rage burned even more so into her very soul. Her hand maidens swarmed around her. Each giving praise and congratulations on such A glorious day. Two settled at her feet, hemming threads of woven gold and ivory onto her gown. The others while admiring her robes adorned her face with the stains of the rose. Her lips softly colored with the colors of her natural beauty. Her hair was the only part of her that had been fully completed. Its auburn locks and copper hues now braided tightly upon her scalp. The length of it came to be woven indefinitely until at last it's end came to sway upon the small of her back.

Her skin smelled of the sweet scents of the peach, her body oiled with the blessings of the lavender plant. She indeed looked her part. A royal of both high birth and wealth. But even still a heart betrayed forbid her face to glow. She took A moment to look towards him. How hard she tried to read his thoughts. Feel his heart, yet beating for her. Somehow she felt as if she had betrayed him. The thought troubled her mind both in the realm of sleep and wake. He looked so troubled, so pained and there was nothing she could do. The maiden's brought forth A crystal mirror, revealing her beauty to longing eyes.

"Gratitude, this shall do fine."

She spoke softly, her voice just above A whisper. She motioned them away, turning upon pedestal to face her brother. She made drastic attempt to allow enough time for the servants to exit. Her body longing to run to him, grasp him and beg his forgiveness. But as she neared, he welcomed her as cold as the arctic snow.

"Raxseis my brother, my love. Why do you shy from me?"

Her voice slithered from tongue, weak and worried. Her eyes searched his praying they would find that spark once more. Her hands caressed his shoulder and slid down to grasp both his hands. Her grip remained firm and questioning. Her body now pressing against his. It was as if only A shell of the man she knew stood before her. A cast of the mighty Raxseis. He had retreated so far within himself even she could no longer reach him.

" We have spoken of such things upon more than one occasion dear sister. You must let this go, and move into the embrace of your betrothed."

The sound of trumpets filled the territory. The sound carried for miles around. The pair looked from the stained glass window of her chambers. Bodies trembling in fear and realization. Upon the Sheria pass came hundreds, if not thousands of men. The Men of eastern lands. Banners of red swayed violently as the banner men rode steady. The crest of Tribe Vykladious shining with pride. Every stallion ridden dressed in riches, and silk. Every man and woman embraced the same.

"Come Adalaya it is time for us to resume the throne."

He turned from her taking her arm within his and headed towards the throne room.

The grand hall was filled with the scent of roasted boar and steamed squash. Incense fogged the room, their smoke as thick as the wake of flame. King Paraxious smiled as he lit the final stem. The gesture blessing the union soon to come. Prince Exsidious sat sternly upon his throne. His long hair flowing effortlessly down his broad chest. He could hear the caravan approaching. Though most of his wonder rested upon where his siblings could be. The King made his way to have A seat Adalaya and Raxseis soon following.

"You look beautiful my daughter. Surely you shall catch the eye of the prince."

"Yes, father how I pray the looks of my mother shall bless me."

Raxseis and Exsidious shared looks of distrust. The feeling surrounding the castle upon this event sending them both into states of wonder. The double doors of the hall flew open. The sounds of drums and tambourines filling the ears of all present. In came A single female. Her body dressed in sheer fabrics that twirled around her sculpted body. She moved with the fluidity of A striking snake. Her hips and arms mimicking the strums played in her wake. Her waist was jeweled heavily with coins of both the western and northern lands. Each singing A song of their own as she moved. Her eyes locked with Raxseis. Who now was seemingly entranced by the woman. She came to bow before the royal family. Removing her hip sash as she began to shimmy. It coiled around the neck of the prince who leaned forward into her seductive dance. He was intoxicated by her scent. She was A woman like no other he had ever seen. One birthed from the sand and claimed by the sun.

"What is your name?" He asked softly, his voice husky and aroused.

" Emerald, for I am the daughter of riches." She smiled to him and danced away as sand of fire began to stream into the grand hall. All looked in awe at the smoldering earth. Unknowing of what was to come.


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