Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

Set 3000 years before the story of Amulet of the Elements, Forbidden Lust tells the story of the Twins of Deception, Raxseis and Exsidious. (Seen in Amulet of the Elements)
Set in the once thriving Kingdom of Morgeideign, The Widower King Paraxious rules, hoping to calm the rumors of his children's incestuous relationship. Among their forbidden lust, the royal family holds nearly fifty dragons imprisoned. Sapped of their magic and strength, the aerial serpents serve with broken wills. When the comfort of love between siblings grows thin, and the family begins to unravel, will the dragons rise up against their suppressors and seek revenge, or will they allow sin to consume them all? Adalaya, the only Princess in the land has grown tired of being bent to the will of men. Her new found courage wishes to free both herself and the dragons of their binds to the world's order, but will her courage be enough to persuade the kept beast's to do her bidding?


3. The Sun After

"The Chavonai people grow stronger. And their need for our blood does as well." Spoke the Kings hand. His hand thumbing through several parchments delivered from the front lines of battle. "This I know." Spoke the King. His large hand moving down his long black beard in repetition. " As soon as we secure marriage of Adalaya to the Prince of West Point Isles, we will have the allegiance of his people. Therefore possessing the power to win the war." His Majesty sent forth A series of coughs his chest growing tighter with each harsh sound.

" M'lord, shall I call for your healer?" "No, the gripping shall cease soon enough. Tell me how does the progression of the troops fare?" " Well, they have reached the northern points of Weistimeare. According to your generals, they shall arrive in Yugcourte within the moon." The King took A sip of wine and tonic. " Send word I wish them there no later than the fall of fortnights eve. It secures their own safety. If they tread for too long within the open plains of Weistimeare, they could be taken prisoner, or worse slain before the battle is even to begin."

" I shall see outdone your grace. Also, there have been rumors of your daughter and your son." The King focused all of his attention on his hand now. His children were his pride made such subject an important and interesting topic. " What about my children? What have they done?" "It is rumored among the townsfolk that your daughter wishes not to wed the good Prince Raquah. And has come to such reason by means of your son's tongue."

" Such is gossip among my people, after the death of my wife all seem to dream of things that have not been written. But even still such thoughts and wagging words grasp my interest. I shall break words with my children. Gratitude for the rapid warning on such matters." "I only hold steadfast upon my vows my King. I live to serve thee." The man lowered his head in respect. His long locks falling forward over his cheeks.

" Rise and see parcel sent forth to King Zaranan. It should read as follows." The hand began to write as his better spoke. "Brightest greetings my friend. I have sent this parcel to inform you that I have overcome my illnesses and wish to hold your council within the chambers of my castle. I encourage that you bring your son to join you. My daughter is ever eager to meet his acquaintance. We shall celebrate our future joining over wine and fine food. Simply send your response along with my messenger. Signed King Paraxious Lasmonawn of Lavria."

The man signed the document and showed it to the King for acceptance. With A nod, he prepared it for its delivery. "Is there anything else you may need your grace?" "No, that will be all, leave me to my thoughts." The King's hand bowed low before him and headed off in search of the kingdoms messenger. And though Paraxious knew his children were in agreement to the betrothal something within his belly told him there was some validity to these rumors of his commoners. He stood, walking down the jeweled steps of his throne. He removed his crown and made his way to the royal bedroom. The light was perfectly dim. His fireplace roaring on the far right corner of the room. Changing into his nightwear Paraxious slid into bed. His mind calming as the crackling of the fire mingled with the soft roar of flames. The King drifted off into deep slumber, leaving his Kingdom to rest as well.


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