Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


20. The Meeting

The army of Vermillion City had come to gather in the thousands. Their leader Jarein mounted at the front of the war party. They had set out to find Adalaya, it seemed as if her beauty had taken the Kajaro captive. His thoughts were consumed by her, and above all else, he wished her as his wife. Since her departure and her brother's assault, Jarein had come to dissolve his marriages to his previous wives. He hoped that such a grand gesture would impress the Princess. If he came to wed her, he could find happiness in the scorn her brother would come to hold.

Nearly thirty thousand men had come to gather before the gates of Vermillion. Battleborn, beast like men who held an array of weapons. Their horses were tall with vicious dispositions and endurance much like Cartumon. The guards outside the gates began to raise its iron forged bars, the signal they gave forcing the army back as it rose. Suddenly the heat of the sky was no more, and the light it provided came to vanish. Night had begun to fall over the vast city. Each and every man, woman and child came to look up and witness the belly of a dragon. It was the largest they had ever come to see. Several long and silently moments came to fall before the natives realized just what dragon they were gawking at. The truth hit them like an avalanche, but instead of snow, the force struck them down in darkness.

The sun returned as Incendartu passed on and landed heavily in the sand. The others of his clan following behind his stride. Jarein watched on as time and time again dragons came to fly over his city. There had not been so many, so strong in his part of Evernia in nearly three generations. He commanded the guards to hold the gates still. The opening had risen to about three feet and came to a screeching halt. The guards took up arms and saw them pointed in Incendartu's direction. They took note of the female dragon that had been claimed a few weeks prior but failed to see her rider. The Kajaro dismounted, his leather boots filling with sand as he walked. His forearm came to block the sun from his view a moment, as the intimidation struck him.

The remaining three dragons slammed into the sand. Their weight quaking the solid ground beneath them. Reia and Emerald sat proudly on their mounts, for now, their voices were silent. Adalaya and Incendartu had become the leaders of the resistance. In their travels, Adalaya had come to learn some of the dragon's mother tongues, as well as some practices in blood magic. Her pregnancy was clearly visible now in her fourth month, and with it, she had gathered a luminous glow. She locked eyes with Jarein, a dark smile coming to form across her full lips.

"Open the gate." She commanded her fists tight around the iron bars upon Incendartu's back. The guards stepped forward their weapons still threatening. "We do not take commands from bitches or their pets." The first man came to say. Even though he was doing his duty, Adalaya could tell how frightened he was. Incendartu began to snarl at the words of the fleshling but awaited his commands. The Princess stood, placing herself between two fourteen foot battle horns atop her mounts shoulders. "This is your final warning boy, I command you to open the gates, or I will see them opened myself."

The man stood hesitantly, his next words coming forth far more venomous than the first. "Fuck you and the flying lizard you rode in on you incestuous cunt!" The young woman laughed before the ancient language of Halotian came to roll off her tongue. "Fa'anoe vishla ex can garno." "Turn them to ashes." Adalaya commanded, and with her words came a river of flame. Incendartu inhaled, his fire bladders filling. His facial crest came to span as the heat consumed both the men, melting their flesh from their bone and turning their skeletons to dust. Moving back to the bars between his shoulders, Adalaya took hold and saw her body pressed close to her dragon. "Asio mag'na via exa tri apoi." "Bring down the gate." She spoke again, the ancient wyvern pivoted on his wings and allowed his tail to swing against the brick and rock that forged the protective wall. His scales were the hardest known substance on the planet, his strike left no marks upon his suit of armor.

The century old wall, at last, came to fall to the will of those who had been forced to build it. Sand and dust flew into the air blinding all below the eye level of Incendartu. His neck came to crane backward his fire bladders once more coming to fill. The warriors started to cough and struggle to regain their vision. Jarein was the first to step forward into the sienna fog now rushing through the streets. As the haze began to fade, he took a view of the woman who had come to enchant him. The largest of all four serpents had come to lay his head on the sand, allowing her to walk down his neck and climb off his snout greet the others.

She wore a battle clad armored gown that was a dark red in color. A leather band stretched across the swell of her stomach in a protective barrier. The sculpt of her thighs danced in the heat of the sun free of any binds due to the waist high splits of her skirt. Her breasts had come to swell and lay hidden behind a halter like satin top. Her hair was braided to her scalp and held golden clasps throughout the woven pattern of her hair. She removed a spear from her back and skillfully saw it swung and placed at the throat of Jarein. She watched as his Adam's apple came to bob beneath his stubbled flesh. He was nervous, it was everything she had come to hope for.

He dropped his weapons and locked eyes with her. Foolishly, one man rushed forth on his horse his scythe in hand. Before he could take a swing at his leader's attacker, Incendartu saw him, his horse, and his supplies into his belly. For a dragon as large as the first created, there was no need to chew. Adalaya gave a smirk over her shoulder before returning her attention to the man she held at spear point.

"I have come to summon you and your men to join my forces. Last we spoke you seemed very eager to join my rebellion, and so you shall. If you or any other refuse me, you will die. I am sure that the great Incendartu, has recently gained a taste for the supple flesh of the natives of Vermillion." The Kajaro watched her with wide eyes. He was impressed, never had he come to witness a woman so strong. His knees fell into the warmth of the sand his eyes never once leaving hers. "I have dissolved the marriages to my previous wives. I am yours to do with as you will. Shall we be wed before we moved as one to defeat your father?" Adalaya began to circle the man, the point of her spear forging red marks on the top of his neck. "We will never be married, no man will ever stand worthy enough of me. You will fight by my side in order to preserve your life nothing more. I do believe that I have given enough of my life to men and their wants. Honestly, I am ashamed I even need to ask these things of you, you treat women no better than the men of my lands. You threw away your wives simply because you found me beautiful. A shameful act of lust indeed."

She found herself facing his back, her foot pushing him into the sand before she began speaking again. "You will aid me in commanding them to follow me, or you will be the first to be consumed." She turned to face her mount. " Isn't that right Dartu?" The massive drake came to bellow and roar towards the male, a skin crawling hiss coming to wrap around the ears of the fallen warrior. "I will do as you command, there is no need for violence." "Oh? Is that why your men attempted to kill my brother? As stupid and selfish as he may be he is my blood. You are lucky that I do not kill you where you grovel and simply take your men." Jarein stood up his hand moving to take hold of Adalaya's weapon. "Our brother's are the reason for our sufferings. Do not blame me for the mistakes of your own. He is a fool, and I will be more than happy to remove his head from his shoulders."

Akar'gamon came to hiss and growl. He stepped forward his voice now coming to be heard. "Lady Paraxious does not wish her brother harmed unless it is by her hand. If you would like to kill Raxseis, you may be able to take her spoils of war after I have claimed my share." Jarein turned back to Adalaya and smiled. "The power you possess is not of this world. These creatures follow you and heed your command without the lash of a whip or the sting of dragons bane. I would be foolish to turn away from your war, it will be one that is told for centuries." "I am sure of it. Get on your horse, I hope that you have planned for a long journey. My aunt and I have come to assume that it will be four months or so before we return to Morgeideign. There are a few other places we need to visit, a few more members of my rebellion that we must consult with before we take charge."

Doing as told Jarein mounted his horse and awaited further instruction. Incendartu watched as his rider came to resume her seat upon him. He could feel the heat of her thighs on his scales, for a moment the dragon found himself confused as to why he had grown so drawn and obedient towards the girl. Adalaya sat up straight, her posture asserting her fearless nature. "You all have become my warriors. You no longer have a Kajaro of the sands but a Queen in who you shall follow until the bitter end. We shall ride the lands of Evernia until I command you to destroy the land I once called home. Until then Jarein shall be my advisor in the ways you and your fellow men fight in battle. You may take orders from him, but know that his words fall from my lips. Any who attempt to commit treason against my rule shall be burned alive by dragon fire."

The brothers of Vermillion came to bow low upon their steeds. They had no choice, none of them wished to die a cowards death. Their Kajaro had been bested by a woman, one who seemed to command the greatest dragon to ever live, as if he were her child. She was their leader now, and for her will, they would fight until their dying breath.

Adalaya leaned down and gave her dragon's neck a stroke. "Vae'salai via unta trio dome tarnei." "Ascend into the wind and fly." She commanded. Incendartu swiftly turned, tucked his wings and charged off into a full run. The smaller wyvern's followed in his wake leading the way for the thousands of men their mistress had come to collect. With a screech Incendartu was airborne, he scanned the land ahead and turned to look at his rider. "There are others here who need freedom. Dragons, I can see them. They are bound just beyond those thorned trees." Adalaya squinted trying to focus on the moving images of the beasts. Leaning to her right, she collected a scimitar that lay tied to Incendartu's back and readied herself. "Bank left and stay as low as possible, I can cut the ropes." Incendartu dropped his altitude and leaned as far left as possible. With one thrust of her blade, Adalaya saw all four cables cut, and five dragons set free. They looked up to her and her mount with admiration and thanks in their gaze. They too spread their wings and moved to join at their forefather's sides. A ballad of draconic song came to lead the way to a land that was waiting to be liberated. Their next stop was Crystal Springs, and there they hoped that they could win the favor of the Mar'shevek.


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