Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


5. The Gaze

Flame breathers, belly dancers, snake charmers and drum players filled the grand hall. And in their wake walked in, the two most honored guests. The Shaman and prince of the tribe. Eyes of gold, flesh of deep copper, locks of the night. Their chest remained bare adorned only by the traveling armor of their people. To the left of them walked A young woman. Her slender body just barely covered by her lilac slave robes and golden chains of bondage. All eyes fell upon her beauty, some of those gazes connected to minds of wonder as to why A woman blessed with such beauty would be hidden by slavery. She came forth head bowed low eyes locked upon the ground. The king rubbed his chin, should he marry off his daughter to such A man to whom would enslave their own people? Would his daughter suffer the same fate?

"Raxio contanus viaera trimio." Spoke the Shaman his voice radiating through his large belly. The slave stepped forward. Her voice coming into the air as dainty as the flight of A bee. " Our Shaman wishes his deepest blessings upon you and your family. " She looked at her master's feet and awaited him to speak once more. " Exio flaintain jura de costo mirio trimian. Wexeous gunda sexven rumia lliovima. Costa lilea mesta gustax surae ragentiya." She turned to face in the direction of the thrones. " He gives praise and words of impression onto your home and it's wonders. He also wishes to present His son when given chance."

King Paraxious stood his robes touching the floor following his stride. He gave them A warm and welcoming smile. "Please extends words of Gratitude to your Leader, that I have already claimed his blood as my blood his family and friendship the same. I welcome you all to my home and bless the union soon to come upon both our families." The slave girl nodded and turned to face her master once again speaking in the native languages of the guests.

" Mastgeen lorien towand estandior, mosstgur eran toen vio towan. Masta oxo gande mostagilda, exowantwan yotogae oeton gia vagur." The Shawman nodded, laughing happily before puling his son before the King. He was tall and slender, yet his body was before them as if formed by the hands of the gods. He stood A warrior, A God among their people. A walker of worlds A being of original creation. His jaw was sharp and properly placed, his scalp visible on both his left and right side of his head. Night black hair fell over his eyes, traveling down to the very back of the nape of his neck. He held within skull eyes of passion and lust, but beyond their gaze laid the sights of a man bloodthirsty and savage.

The Royals continued their greetings before Paraxious summoned his daughter forth. Her eyes meet with her future husbands, yet all she could see was her brothers gaze burning into her tortured soul. After the great feast and several chalices of wine, dances and songs of joyous occasion the Princess found herself resting in the embrace of her betrothed. She knew not if it was the aged wine, or the fact that in some ways he reminded her of her true love, but she knew one thing was clear. She enjoyed him, he was so very different than all the males before him.

He took A moment to place A lock of escaped hair behind her ear. "You are beautiful."- His voice was deep and enchanting. But it was heavy with the accent of the desserts. " Gratitude, It is told far and wide throughout our lands that I am but my mother reincarnated." His hand trailed down to caress her breast. " You are young, too young to have such reaction to man's touch." She shivered and realized she had begun to sweat, her nipples had betrayed her. She swallowed hard, and gazed into his eyes.

" I am... yes... But I must admit you are very arousing Prince Yorowan. I have never been touched in such ways." The lies rolled off her tongue, she came off as A simple minded girl but she knew deep down somehow he knew. "Lies pass your beautiful lips. I know what A pure woman acts like. I have taken, purity from many of all ages." - His hand rapidly found its way under her gown and before she could even attempt to back away his fingers rested upon her entrance.

Raxseis came to rest upon the wall outside the room, he watched his sister disappear into. He remained silent and listened. " Unhand me Good have no right to accuse me of such dishonorable things." Her words went unanswered, and ignored his finger pulled away her undergarments and slid roughly into her sex. She moaned, his fingers were large and long, rough and hard." My father already has purchased you, you belong to me now. Do not fight he who is to come to be titled husband. I fight, and kill and pillage every day I see, smell, drink and bathe in blood for once it shall be nice to spread legs and not fight to gain entry."

He kissed her deeply, his lips were sweet yet strong he dominated her. She knew from the passion within his kiss, he would accept no less then her submission. Only then did she realize perhaps this man, this warrior and god of death and blood would pull her from her brother. She felt fear and interest grasp her, she parted her legs further and as she did he began thrusting harder and faster. Her soft moans carried into the ears of her brother who frowned within anger. The sounds of drums and clashing coins filled his ears. The smells of celebration and festivities filling his nose. He dropped his head and quickly took a look inside the room, there upon the widow seat laid his lover, his sister. Her husband to be having his way with her, the sight made his stomach sick. He turned away realizing she was enjoying the actions as much as the Prince was. He made his way down the hall and returned to the ballroom in search of something A bit more comforting than his love being forgotten.

Soft lips and rough beard consumed her lower jaw. The Prince was skilled far more so than even her brother had ever displayed. He had not yet entered her and yet she found herself gasping and moaning and drifting so close to release that most would swear he had fucked her and well. He pulled away from her smiling, licking her taste from his fingers. She stood cheeks flushing, rushing to fix her gown he came to embrace her from behind. " You have been stripped of purity many times. Your father does not know about this, neither does mine. I will seek the rumors about you, and you should best pray I find them false. "

Adalaya kept A straight face his words spooking her. " Could it not be that perhaps A woman has the same needs as that of A man? Could I not have taken my own purity? " She walked forward and kissed him deeply, he did not sway nor did he smile. He took her wrist roughly revealing her small hand and slender fingers. He placed his palm to her and spoke.

"Do you not see how small you are to me? Do you not witness that I can fit four of my fingers into your cunt easily? If you had taken your own purity I would not be able to do so. A cock has indeed been inside you and it has many times. You my beautiful Lamia would need hands bigger than my own to make me believe your words."

"Why should I be viewed A whore in the eyes of"

He let her go and hugged her close. " Your Master, Your Husband, Your protector. It is simply because you are A woman. A creature viewed less then A man, yet worth more than any man who has ever walked. Either it was stolen from you, or you gave it away. But I will tell you this. I will act as if you are the most precious and untouched woman that ever lived, but only if you do something for me."

Her eyes gave way to spread wide. " And what might that be Prince?"

"I wish the same pleasures you have given to whatever man fucks you. I wish to see if indeed you are worth as much as my father paid for you? If my wish is granted, I will see your secret never revealed, but if you refuse me, I will see rumors marked truth and truth brought to light."

She shook in fear her very soul begging for her brother to come, her brother to save her. The man now stood before her A snake within grass, giving her a chance to avoid him only to know if she did she would be bitten. "I will see you in my bed, but we must wait for the Castle to sleep. If my father or anyone else found out.... They would..... They would see us both to life's end."

He kissed her neck, the feeling now one of burning sensation. "You only have proven that my thoughts are true. You are A foolish girl indeed, but you are mine. Whatever man warms your forbidden bed is never to grace it again. Or I will see you both killed." He kissed her deeply the feeling of loss consuming her. He turned, letting her go. " I will come to you by middle moon see body bathed and the room warmed by the fire."

He disappeared into the firelight of the corridor and back to the ball. Leaving Young Adalaya defenseless and regretful.


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