Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

Set 3000 years before the story of Amulet of the Elements, Forbidden Lust tells the story of the Twins of Deception, Raxseis and Exsidious. (Seen in Amulet of the Elements)
Set in the once thriving Kingdom of Morgeideign, The Widower King Paraxious rules, hoping to calm the rumors of his children's incestuous relationship. Among their forbidden lust, the royal family holds nearly fifty dragons imprisoned. Sapped of their magic and strength, the aerial serpents serve with broken wills. When the comfort of love between siblings grows thin, and the family begins to unravel, will the dragons rise up against their suppressors and seek revenge, or will they allow sin to consume them all? Adalaya, the only Princess in the land has grown tired of being bent to the will of men. Her new found courage wishes to free both herself and the dragons of their binds to the world's order, but will her courage be enough to persuade the kept beast's to do her bidding?


2. The Future

Adalaya rested in the warm waters of her bath. The soft scents if Jasmine and lavender filled her grand room. She couldn't remove him from her mind. Nor did she wish such a thing. Her body ached for his touch, but her heart and soul begged to hear his voice again. Hear it so soft and sweet rolling into her ears. Her entire life she had loved him, and within that duration, she often wondered why incest was so highly frowned upon. From birth, you loved your family, by right and by blood yet you were not supposed to honor such gift by mingling with the bodies of your kin. Why had she been cursed to love him in every way, only to have her heart ripped from her chest? She sank further into the warm water. How she wished to go under and never return to breathe. Without him she was empty, without him, she was alone. A knock came upon the oak wood door. Her eyes looked to its direction and with A dreadful tone she spoke.

"Who is there?" "It is I Raxseis. I have come to talk to you." The sound of his deep and caring voice brought her back to life. "Enter brother." Raxseis made his way in unsure of what he would find inside. Upon entry, his eyes fixated on his little sister, naked and soaking in a bath. Seemingly, she looked rather depressed, and he knew it was because of him. He closed the door and secured their privacy with a lock before walking to her tub side. He bent the knee and took her hand his manhood swelling at the feel of her.

" I have come to ask your forgiveness dear sister. My actions towards you the past night were beneath us both. I only fear for our safety, your safety." His hand tightened around hers as the last words passed his soft and thin lips. His free hand moving to glide up her thigh. "You place fear upon mind for no reason my brother. If we are to die, we shall, knowing we are put to death for our love. I loved no other before you, and I shall never love another after we part." Her legs spread slowly under the bath water, her sex slightly covered with trimmed hair. His hand ran across her softly, fingers exploring areas hidden by the darkness. She moaned as he played with her body, as always the topic at hand had been placed on the back burner of more pressing matters. The need to make love standing far more important.

"Adalaya, we must one day move on from this." His thumb began rubbing her clitoris, his eyes meeting with her own as she moved on his hand. " Why must we when it feels so right?" Her voice was weak his pleasures slowly putting the princess within the trace of ecstasy. Her toes began to curl, her hips instinctively starting to roll as her body jerked with each stroke his thumb made. "Because with each time we kiss, every time we fuck, when I touch you this way we place ourselves one step closer to an eternity of flame and torture." He slid two fingers into her cunt, their tips caressing her inner walls. As he spoke, part of him wished to stop, but most of him lived for this. He lived to defy his father, he was born to break every rule placed before him. But somewhere, deep down he was in love with her. He needed this not for revenge but for love, trust, and security.

"Then I shall spend all of my days in this life and the next burning as I do for you now. You, my brother, took my maidenhead, you showed me how to love I will not see it cease." He looked over her unblemished skin, her small hard nipples and young breasts. His manhood was near to bursting his britches. He wanted to fuck her, here and now. He removed his fingers from her womanhoods grasp and with much haste removed the tie upon his pants. They kissed passionately as he did her hands longing to play with him. Adalaya made her way from the tub, the firelight flickering around the pair. She aided him with the removal of clothes and soon found herself placed upon back, legs spread. He looked her over his hands washing down her flat stomach. His head sliding between her thighs, his mouth engulfing her sex. She began to slide around the feeling of his hot wet mouth.

"Remain still sister I only wish to kiss you here is all." He gave her A sly smile and began his work. His head bobbing up and down, his tongue licking every groove of her royal sex. She tasted so good, so sweet so perfect. And she was his and would remain so. His cock raged begging entry into forbidden cavern. And without warning, he slid into her. His body rough against her small frame. The head of his manhood hit her in the deepest of ways. He claimed her over and over again until she was begging him to stop, screaming his name and digging her nails into his back. And only then did he speed up snatching every inch of her and daring hey to climax.

" Oh! Brother! Stop please I can not take it!" She began to harden around him, and as she did, he picked up his speed, making her release herself onto him, over and over until A steady stream became present. Her body shook under him, her nails dug deep into his back. Her walls tightened around him, and as they did, he came, their motion sucking every drop of his seed out of him and into her. Joining them in the most natural and intimate of ways. He rolled off her falling to her side with A thump.

"We can never stop brother we have tried far too many times. Do not fight what we were made for it will only harm us both."He kissed her deeply and held her close her words music to his ears. "Then my sister we shall not for I wish never to harm you in any way."

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