Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


6. The Filling Moon

The castle had fallen still, leaving only the sounds of patrolling guards and the flickers of flames. Adalaya curled up in her bed, the thoughts of the man who now blackmailed her into spreading her legs to him. What if he knew? What if he truly would reveal her secret to her father, or worse the lands. Such things would bring eternal shame to her family name. Her body was bathed and oiled as requested and before she could gather her mind fully A knock feel upon her door. She jumped and began to shiver, fear and disgust taking over her entire being. She could not bring herself to speak, her voice had seemingly vanished. Another knock came upon the door and she rose and made her way to it. Her left eye looked through the peeping hole and she was relieved to find her brother standing on the other side.

She opened it with rapid speed and closed it the same. The two embracing as the door shut. Her tears were warm upon his cotton blouse. Her body even more so, he kissed her forehead and wiped her tears and found voice.

" Sister why do you weep? Is it for the same reasons as I have heard wondering about our halls?"

She pulled away and looked into his gaze like that of a scolded child.

"I believe so brother, The Prince wishes me to lay with him, if I do not he will reveal our secret."

Raxsies chuckled at the urgency in her voice. He stroked her hair and smiled removing a dagger from its sheath upon his right hip.

"Foolish girl, a dead man tells no tales. But do you see why my dear sister I have kept an eye on you. You fell for his charm and he has captured you thinking you a fool."

Adalaya arched A brow at his words.

" Have you slain the man?"

She clung to his blouse half of her praying that he had, while the other was yet deciding if it favored the man.

"Not as of yet sister. Why would I slay the man for simply walking down our corridors as honored guest? Why not use his death as A way to not only rid us of current problem and those to come?"

"I do not understand brother whatever do you mean?"

"He will be here shortly. It is a crime payable by death as you know to lie with you until after your hand has been bound to a husband. You will cry rape I will so happen to be walking down the hall and hear you. And while he is a top of you I shall take his life. All you must do is simply act your part am I understood?"

"Aye brother, but where shall you be at rest while this takes place."

"I will be just down the hall, do not worry remember the things I have taught you."

Adalaya nodded and made her way back to the bed as Raxseis took his leave. He made his way into A nearby study were tea, and a few books awaited him. He placed his weapon out of sight under his garments and took a seat to read. A faint knock came upon the door.

"Who goes there?" He spoke in a calm and dominant tone.

"It is I, young Emerald, I have come to seek your company."

His brow furrowed his interest now peeked but his mind remained on the subject at hand.

"Do enter Emerald."

The door slid open softly almost making no sound. In stepped the young dancer of seduction. Her sun claimed flesh adorned in emerald silks to match the joy of her eyes. She wore no shoes, instead her feet bore the jingle of jewels and chains as did her hands. He turned his head over his shoulder catching a glimpse of her beauty, Raxseis gave her A smirk and stood.

"What can I do for you on such an eve as this?"

"I simply wished to see you a final time before my departure.Out of every man I have met or danced for you captured me the most."

Her voice was soft and sweet like that of his young sister. Though between the two, this girl was blessed with an exotic beauty he had never once come across.

"Well I do enjoy hearing such words. But I am afraid you have decided to find me at a bad time. I am deep within my studies."

He needed her to leave, she would ruin everything if she were to stay.

"My deepest apologies your grace. I just.... well I ..." She couldn't finish her words. She felt foolish for even allowing her mind to put such together?

"Well?" He said questioning.

"I only thought that perhaps you would enjoy my services alone.... perhaps to see what a dancer of the sands can offer such a god of a man."

Her words were like an addictive poison, he looked out of the window noticing the time was sure to come any moment. Should he turn her away? Or could this woman become his tool? One to be admired in more ways than one.

"Well I suppose you hold talents to read the minds of men such as I. Please do Stay."

Adalaya had begun to pace. The comfort of her bed was no more, she was on edge, what was taking the Prince so long? Her gown drug the floor behind her with every step taking the beating of her racing mind with ever repetitive stride. Several knocks feel upon the door and she knew who it was that had come to command them. She rushed to the bed unbuttoning the front of her gown and laid back.

" Enter."

Yorowan stepped through the door, his body nearly bare. It shut roughly behind him, the sound causing the Princess to tremble.

"I see you understand orders quite well. Remove your clothing girl."


"No? Do you not remember what I spoke to you?"

"I do indeed, its just that... well... I would enjoy it much more if you were to rip them from my body. In an act of superior dominance. I am however, to be your most humble servant."

He smiled grimly the sound of her now wanting exactly what he intended to give making his cock stand instantly.

"Then stand and move to me so that we may indulge in such forbidden pleasures."

Rising she made her way to him trying her best to act as if she was innocent.The sway of her hips came to shift as fluid as an ocean wave. Her firm breasts gleaming under the flickering of the nearby fire.

Large and strong hands grabbed her arms roughly. His right grasping the middle waist of the nightgown. Pulling downward it ripped with ease, she jumped.

"Enjoying this are you girl?"

"Very much so. Please continue after all I am simply a whore as you have so branded me. I wish to see the true man I am to marry."

He continued and before long slammed her onto the bed and hovered over her. His weight pinned her hands above her head. Before she knew it, his body has slithered its way between her thighs.

Back within the study, the young Prince gound himself indulging in conversation with his new found doll.

"Prince Raxseis, I am so blessed to be able to touch you this way."

"That you are and if you continue I may just have to purchase you from your Master."

Her hands slid up and down his chest, rich oils massaging into his hardened muscles. Her palms were soft her touch like that of satin. She moved down to his waste and finally came to untie his britches. She sighed happily catching glimpse at his size and length.

"Have you ever had a man take you bearing the same size as I?"

She looked down and chuckled.

"No I have not.. my Master has kept me under lock and key. He is the only man who has ever made use of me in such ways. Do trust, his size is no comparison to yours."

Her lips moved down and engulfed him softly, slowly and before long she came up with a pop. Raxseis shivered as she continued, her oiled hand moving to tend the rest of his manhood. His hands slipped into her hair, gripping it and aiding her in the movement of her strokes.

"Ohhh yes deeper, go deeper."

Just a few doors down, the Princess found herself being taken in ways she could have never imagined. She found herself being fucked and hard, it felt so good, she had waited just long enough to look the victim. Hair tangled and beaten, clothing ripped yet still clinging to her body.

"Help!!!! Let me go!! Get off me!!!"

She yelled into the night. Her voice carrying into the dim halls of the castle. Yorowan looked down to her and slammed his hand to her mouth.

" Shut up! What do you think you are doing?!"

She struggled against him, biting his hand and screaming out once more.

"Please!!! someone aid me!! I am being raped!!!"

Raxseis moaned louder as he heard his sister's pleas. Emerald pulled up from her pleasuring and spoke.

"Your Grace what is that?"

"What is what?"

He pushed her head back down and threw his head back.

She shook her head slipping from his manhood to speak again.

"I hear someone screaming, someone asking for help."

"I hear nothing."

"Help me please!!!"

The words filled his ears and he rose pushing Emerald aside. He pulled on his pants and headed for the door.

"Come, girl and keep up."

They made their way down the hall at a running pace. Raxseis the first to charge into the room. Emerald covered her eyes and slid to rest onto a nearby wall. Charging forward the Prince grabbed hold of the rapist ripping him from his sister who quickly covered herself. The two men began to fight Yorowan landing the first punch to his jaw. Raxseis returned the blow pressing his foe into the nearby closet. The blade was removed and before long found its place within the man's gut. It cut long and deep, dragging from his right side to his left. Yorowan dropped to the floor his entrails falling before his bended knees, just as his face came to meet the stone floor.

"Emerald quickly call for guards! Go now hurry!"

She nodded and ran from the room. Just as she turned outward Raxseis covered his hands with blood.

"Spread your legs sister hurry!"

He made his way over and spread the blood onto her thighs and over her sex. He had memorized how the severing of a maidenhead looked when he took her own. Within seconds both Adalaya and the bedding were covered in the blood of Yorowan.

"You know what to do." He spoke as he rushed to wipe his hands clean. He dropped the blade beside the man's body as he heard rushing footsteps coming up the hall. Adalaya remained shivering in faux fear and terror. Tears streamed downs her cheeks, Her brother paced upon the floor as the guards entered.

"Your Grace what has happened?" Asked the head guard.

"Our honored guest has robbed my sister of her purity see my father informed and the body taken to the gardens."

"Yes M'lord." The men moved to the body and removed it from the room the other moving to the Kings royal quarters.

Raxseis moved to Adalaya hugging her. His voice whispering in her ear.

"I shall protect you."


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