Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

Set 3000 years before the story of Amulet of the Elements, Forbidden Lust tells the story of the Twins of Deception, Raxseis and Exsidious. (Seen in Amulet of the Elements)
Set in the once thriving Kingdom of Morgeideign, The Widower King Paraxious rules, hoping to calm the rumors of his children's incestuous relationship. Among their forbidden lust, the royal family holds nearly fifty dragons imprisoned. Sapped of their magic and strength, the aerial serpents serve with broken wills. When the comfort of love between siblings grows thin, and the family begins to unravel, will the dragons rise up against their suppressors and seek revenge, or will they allow sin to consume them all? Adalaya, the only Princess in the land has grown tired of being bent to the will of men. Her new found courage wishes to free both herself and the dragons of their binds to the world's order, but will her courage be enough to persuade the kept beast's to do her bidding?


1. The Embrace of Sin

The rain fell softly onto the cobblestone pathway that they stood on. Eyes of hazel locked into a never-ending gaze of fear and regret. Adalaya pressed her soft painted lips onto her eldest brothers. Their fullness made him swoon. But was it her flesh that warmed him, or the fact such acts would see them both hung. Raxseis gripped her shoulders tightly, cool water ran down his face, his loins and eyes burning for her.

"We must stop this, we must fall to this unholy bed no more." His voice was stern, yet his tone carried ribbons of sadness. She could see it in his eyes. The pair that had brought them to face such pressing predicament. Her chest heaved, her throat fell dry as the thought that he would no longer fill her sank in. He would no longer dry her tears or mingle their heat as one. She shook in the cold, her floor length ball gown soaked. Its evergreen velvet now a dark black in the wet night. His love was what kept her living in happiness.

"My brother my love, I beg you to reconsider such rapid a choice. After so many years, so many lies, the risks, and passion, you now wish to sever our cord of love?" Her gaze searched his but found only fear and lost hope. Her petite frame came to tremble before him, the cold and crisp air surrounding their body's in an unwelcome embrace. She took a moment to admire his waist length hair, and how its onyx hue had come to shine like blown glass in the night. His eyes were rimmed in red, his eyes frantically searching her own in attempts to find any sign of wisdom.

"You are to be married. Your husband would not take kindly to my flesh pressed against yours. Nor would our father." His hand cupped her cheek, his body pressing onto hers for what seemed like the final time. His thumb moved to wipe away her tears as she clung to him tightly. She could not let go, she would not let go. They had come to feel the pain of breaking from each other before. Time and time again, they had failed in their attempts.

"We have fallen into the hands of Dovium himself in our acts. And we must see our souls returned into the hands of father's God. Please sister, I know the pain you feel, it rips at my heart to let you go, but now I must." She wept quietly, her eyes locking to the ground. " I will see us returned to proper arms, and when I do, I shall never have you cease." He captured her lips and turned heading for the double iron doors of the castle. Her watchful eyes burned into him. He would have given anything to have her that night, but he knew the love and lust they shared had ended.

The Princess watched him go, the crack of thunder above head caused her to fall knee first into the passing rain. Her heart felt cold, forgotten, misplaced. She cried, allowing her sorrow to flee from her body. Her face pressed into the cool touch of the stone pathway, and there she remained.


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