Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


25. New World Order

Days had come to pass, and with them, the sun had returned to shine on the fields of what once was. Ash and dust seemed to blow across the leveled ground of what used to be a grand and honored city. Raxseis and Exsidious found themselves traveling through the blankets of grey soot, following the tracks of their sister. For many miles did the men travel until they found her packing her things onto the back of her mount. Her stomach, while still slightly swollen, had shrunk greatly in size leaving the brothers to assume she had come to bring her child into the world. Fear and uncertainty had come to consume them both, beads of sweat ran down their necks, and somehow the breath fled their lungs in her presence.

Akar'gamon turned to roar towards them in a show of protective aggression, his facial crests rattling as he stepped before his new found leader. Both men came to cower a moment before refocusing upon the girl they once knew, now standing a woman and mother. Adalaya turned upon heel, revealing a bare breast and a strong boy suckling from it. Raxseis took his brother's hand and sucked in a much-needed breath. The others kept their distance, knowing the Princess would more than likely wish final words with her child's father. She walked forward cradling her son with one arm; her eyes cut into dangerous slits of vengeance. She moved to embrace her second eldest brother, placing a kiss upon his cheek.

"Have you both come to meet the future King of Evernia? Or have you come once more to beg my forgiveness and bend the knee to my power?" Exsidious smiled and looked down to the young child, his hand stroking the fine hair upon his head. "I can not speak for our brother dear sister, but I have come to congratulate you on your ascension and birth. A handsome boy he is indeed, what have you come to name him, if I may be so bold as to ask?" The woman took a few steps backward before answering. " Ve'hemian is his name." Raxseis stepped forward, shoving his brother aside further to get a better look. He reached out to take hold of the baby but was halted in the most vicious of ways. With a circle of her wrist, the new mother had come to see the edge of a blade to his throat. The sharpened song came to deafen him as he swallowed hard, the blade shaving the flesh of his throat until a slow stream of blood came into view. "Will you not allow the child's father to hold him even once? After all the love we once shared the love that created the child you now hold? Have you grown so bitter and cold, that you would deny a father to look into his son's eyes?" Seeing him step away, Adalaya secured her knife on her hip and chuckled. "I would be a fool's whore to do such a thing. Love did not create this boy nor do I owe you anything but the air your breathe. Know I grant you such a kindness only because of the child suckling at my breast. It is far more than you ever gave me. You are no father; you are nothing but a giver of seed now left to rot in his decisions. My son was conceived in my blindness and born into my undying love and protection. You wanted him dead, and believe me, brother, I have already told him of such. I will continue to tell him of your hatred and shame of him until the day I leave this world. Unlike his mother, Ve'hemian will never fall victim to your venomous charms."

Exsidious pulled at his brother's wrist, somewhat begging him to tuck tail and run. He had come to see a darkness in his sister's eyes, one known to only the darkest of witches. It was a look that struck fear into warriors and demons alike, and he wished to be free of its piercing gaze. "Brother, come. Take viewing the boy as a blessing and let us both leave with whatever life we have left." Raxseis snatched away from his grasp and growled. "You have taken everything from me! My home! My crown! Your love and touch, and now you wish to steal my only son?" Adalaya looked to Exsidious. "Go now brother, use the advice you have given this foolish boy and live on until you are called to the afterlife. You will never see me again in this life, take that as a kindness for your honor and brotherly love." With a bow of his head, the man took his leave, ducking into the trees and running as far as his feet would carry him. He did not dare look back; his brother's fate was now sealed in his pride and stupidity, it was no longer his duty to suffer for his shortcomings.

The wind began to pick up around the pair and their child, the woman's hair now whipping about rapidly behind her. "You stole my innocence Raxseis; you damned my soul to the deepest depths of Drathell without my consent! You brother took everything from me; you stand here speaking of worldly things while I stand damned to serve Dovium because of my juvenile ignorance! You were my brother; you abused me in far more ways than one! I killed an innocent man, I have been hunted by the hounds of Drathell and told lies befitting of a back alley whore to keep you in the grace of safety! You turned from me the moment I told you about a gift from the heavens because you were not ready to pay for the crimes you had come to commit!"

The ground began to quake as her voice continued to boom, with every word she spoke the soil seemed to tremble. The winds came to whistle and blew about the cliffs as if a storm formed by the hands of gods had come to kill them all. The dragons behind her dug their talons into the dirt, attempting to steady themselves. Emerald and Reia took shelter beneath the bellies of the creatures; only Incendartu stood seemingly unaffected. The ground beneath Raxseis came to split, revealing a fire and ruby glow from below Evernia's crust. He leaped to the other side falling into the dirt with a scowl.

The conquerer tucked her son safely into the slope of her dress before she spread her arms wide and to all watching seemed to begin calling forth a power none knew her capable of conjuring. "You have damned me my love, and now the time has come that I return the favor three times over." Strands of fire began to birth from the small hole in the ground, each wrapping like vines around the man's ankles and wrists. He fell onto all four as if a slave bowing to their will. He screamed in agony as the fires of the underworld began to consume his flesh.

"I condemn you to a life never ending! You will live on until time no longer comes to spin. You will be forced to watch all you have left die until you stand forever alone. Ve'shetchi ara vi'tum car'a extumo vey!" With these words I curse you to festering immortality, she chanted. Raxseis' eyes grew wide, and for a split moment, the pain fell away in the shadow of her words. The realization of them nearly caused his heart to stop. She had become a Ve'hasna Belati, a blood witch, a being holding more power than even the Tyliquin race.

His flesh peeled from his muscles like the skin of an apple against a blade. All watched on in horror even Incendartu. In his many years of life, he had seen only one demonic ritual, and it could not hold its own among what happened before him. Reia stepped from beneath the elder dragons belly. "Adalaya stop this at once! You must not! Please, I beg of you!" Her words of warning fell unto deaf ears. Adalaya was gone; her eyes now sat two orbs of sparkling abyssal darkness. Her feet came to lift from the ground, allowing her and her child to levitate.

Raxseis drew in what seemed to be his final breath, or what he prayed would be. The pain was too much to bear, but he knew her curse was anything but a jest. His eyes closed, and when they came to open the body, he once knew had vanished. Instead, he stood a hound of Drathell, with fur as dark as all the sins he had ever come to commit. His vision was a blur, but through the picture, he could see her returning to the ground. He could hear the wails of his son; perhaps it was his cry that caused the torture to stop. He watched as the woman he once loved began to scale the tall body of the first dragon. She sat atop him as if he stood nothing but a horse; it was second nature to her now. The Princess offered her breast to her son again and wrapped her hand around the iron bars between her mounts shoulders. Reia and Emerald followed in silence, their expression showing fear and pride. With one motion of her hand, Adalaya and Incendartu lead the way into the sky. They flew toward the west, in search of battle and conquest, leaving the cursed hound behind forever.

Finding footing on shaking limbs, Raxseis ran towards the forest, hoping to find his brother. He could not live forever alone; the thought choked the life from his lungs. He searched and searched following the scent of his sibling until he found him huddled under a tree. To Exsidious, it seemed his end would come earlier than expected. He allowed the hound to bite him, to his surprise, he did not die instead he opened his eyes to a new world. One of immortality and a curse unbreakable by any other than who had come to cast it. Only when he too stood as a fully transformed hound did he understand what had come to transpire. His brother's crimes had come to be paid with both of their lives.

The two males made their way towards the nearest cliff and watched as their sister flew into the horizon forever. Exsidious look to Raxseis and spoke. "Was it worth it brother? The damnation of our souls in exchange for a few moments in her bed? How many will come to die under her wrath because you chose to break the bond of siblings and tarnish it with the sins of incest?" As the large silhouettes of the dragons at last faded from view, Raxseis came to answer. "It was worth every moment, a forbidden lust turned into a crime of passion by those who view themselves as gods. I shall let our makers judge me, but before they have the chance, I will see her again. Besides, what is this life without you? No matter my crimes I will always know, that it was my will that forged her into what she has become."

The two brothers turned and faded into the treeline, leaving Morgeideign and their old lives behind. Together they were no longer the sons of house Paraxious; they were the Twins of Deception. With their creation came the Wars of Origin and the beginning of a new world order placed in the hands of fate.


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