Forbidden Lust Crimes of Passion

In the feared Kingdom of Morgeideign, dragons are enslaved, and women are no more than breeding stock. Incest, blood magic and freedom are all but banished from the land. But, all that is about to change for the daughter of the Tyrant King Ephesious. Uonata Paraxious the only Princess of Morgeideign has been living in secluded sin for most of her life. Left ignorant to the happenings of the world, the young girl of fifteen falls to her brother's bed in comfort. When the damned and incestuous relationship between prince and princess begins to decay, Uonata embarks on a journey of conquest, equality and justice, all while riding the cusp of adulthood. The princess seeks to break the chains of oppression and bring justice to women and dragons alike.


9. Call of the Wild

The warm rays of the sun came to slide over Emerald as she stirred awaked. She had fallen victim to the charm of the young Prince. Never had she been so utterly smitten with a man such as he. While she knew he had come to commit one of the vilest sins, she found ways to look past it. Her shoulder came to whine in pain from the bite he had left her with the night before. Her ears picked up the sounds of heavy footsteps and chatter down below. The pair had fallen to his bed by the window, leaving their actions to those in the courtyard to view them. Beyond the gates stood the travelers of her clan. Along with them came the three daughters of her King. Each female sat upon their horse head bowed in not only fear but resentment as well. Emerald rolled over to find a snoring Rexseis beside her. Other than his snoring, his love making and comforting skills had been beyond par. A weak smile painted her lips and then she woke him.

"My seems your future wives have come to arrive." She spoke sweetly. Her body had grown cold as he turned from her. His hair came to fall before his face, his arm falling limp over the bed. "I have no wife nor shall I." He spoke, his voice deep and husky. The faint stroke of a petite hand came to rush through his hair. "It is said that your father has agreed to see both you and your brother wed. It will bring peace to our lands despite the horrors that have come to pass." With that his eyes jumped open, his body soon following. Ripping from the sheets, he took to his closet pulling on whatever was nearest to his grasp. "How long have you known of this?" He questioned. "For about a day, I heard it in my passing through the kitchens." The Prince's eyes came to roll in disgust. "If my father thinks I shall sell my soul to that of a savage born bitch he has truly gone idiot."

The door came to slam behind him leaving Emerald alone. She knew not what to do; she could not be found there. But if she were to leave his quarters and be seen worse may happen. Her only chance to flee the land was rapidly coming to a close. Today would be the day her choice had to be made. Rising to pull on her silks, the young slave girl found her way about the chambers. Her hands carefully slid about his drawers in hopes of finding something. After several failed attempts revealing nothing more but undergarments, she found her answers. Within his highest drawer sat a box of gold, within it the tale of the twisted love the siblings came to share. "Oh no.." She thought aloud as she came to hold a band of hair. Its tones were of two different shades, leaving Emerald to assume they belonged to the Prince and Princess. As she moved around hair pins and ribbons she came to find a vial filled with blood. It sat unlike any other blood she had come to see before and suddenly she felt sick. She placed the glass bottle back within the box and held her hand to her mouth. The strike of sheer disbelief and repugnance nearly stopped her heart.

"Father! Father!" Raxseis growled his body coming to slide into the presence of his sire. "What is it my boy?" The King inquired his eyes lifting from a parcel he was writing upon. "You planned to have me betrothed to the daughter of a savage. A man who came to raise a man no better than a common rapist. I took their brothers life do you expect them to be dutiful wives? They will hold resentment towards us for all eternity. Perhaps slay me in my sleep if given the chance. Do you hold no loyalty in your heart anymore?" Raxseis tone had risen to nothing more but disrespect. "I seek our advancement! I seek peace with as many nations as possible; I will not stand living forever my son. Neither you or your brother is ready to rule alone. For you to claim a throne surrounded by war would be devastating. This must and will be done, this time there shall not be an argument between us. The songs of our cities, sing grave rumors of you and your sister. I as King must see these proved wrong and forgotten."

Raxseis took a long hard look over his father. "So you believe it then? That I fuck my own sister? How could a father be so cruel? I find the warmth of many women, yet my sister does not stand one of them." Paraxious came to sigh as he stood to hug his son. "I do not believe them, yet they slither around us as if poisonous snakes ready to devour our reign. I adore all my children, but I must remain an honest man. The both of you do make it hard not to believe such things. Time after time betrothals have come to fail. She never once wished the company of other girls, instead she found playing with you more interesting. You seem to always find something wrong with those she is to wed. I pray to our gods that such rumors are not true. If they were...." He trailed off, yet his facial expression said all it needed to.

"What would come of such things would forever scar me my son. I fear the possibility of their truth; it would drive me to do things I would never wish to." "What of it then father? Would you see us dead?" Paraxious looked to his son, but gave voice to no words. It was then Raxseis realized that would be exactly what would come of them. "If you wish to shame our name, by seeing me bound to a savage for the rest of my be it. If that is what it will take to prove to you dear father, that I am not a dog I shall do it." "At least the savage you would come to claim would be worth more than the slave you currently fuck .I have seen the way you look at her. She is exotic and beautiful I must admit, but she will never become your wife." A low growl came to split the lips of the Prince. "Better I lay with a slave than my own kin" He spoke no other words and took his leave.

" I wonder where his kind go?" Adalaya came to speak. She and her ladies had come to watch the burning of the fallen Prince. Deep down she felt regret, but even still he had just been someone who stood in her way. She stood clinging to the necklace of her mother. The day had brought back memories of her services. "Milady, we should return to the confinement of the castle His Grace made it very clear he did not wish you here." Spoke the young Puaiewa. "I suppose you are right, yet I would not be a lady if I did not bid my betrothed a farewell. Go on without me I have words of privacy I wish to speak." The ladies gave a curtsey and set off. Adalaya had come to shed a few tears for the man, but as to why she did not know. A single rose of green came to sit upon the burning heap of wood. She bowed her head and began. "It is a shame that you came to lose your life. But know that your death is not in vein, it has secured a love so strong it would break down mountains. I had no choice... I cannot be taken from him. No one could ever understand the power our love holds. So for that I thank you and wish you a proper placement in the final life form."

She turned to take her leave but suddenly a soft touch came to grace her shoulder. She slowly turned not sure of who it could be. A smile crept over her face knowing it was her brother. But as she came to face the victim of her brother's obsession she fainted from fright. Like the grim reaper, he had come to haunt her. His death had been cast far before his time, and thus he now walked among his killers, haunting, deceiving. A gift from his god Dovium, was the ability to walk among the living as he once was. He could not speak nor, could he claim their lives but he could make their existence hell. At his side stood a creature unlike one that had come to walk their lands before. It was a hound of Drathell who stood as large and grand as a fine charger. He too had been unleashed, commanded by the will of his master standing so alive within death.


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