Artemis's Love

In this Movella, Artemis is deeply in love with a mortal man. But, what about her vows, and what will her father think? Find out!


2. Artemis

Naturally, it happened when I was fighting. Since Ares was such a wimp, and got caught in a bronze jar by Ephialtes and Otis, I had to go down and fight them, and ,no, it did not go as smoothly as people made it sound. Turning into a deer, that was the last thing I did. I got swatted over fifteen times. I used magic by having stampedes of deer sink their horns into the giant's calves. I pulled out my prized possesion, my pure silver bow. I shot around the giants' legs and wrapped magical string around them, but it didn't work. Before turning into a deer, the giants swatted me, and I fell to the base of Mount Olympus. It had been years since I had been on mortal grounds. Olympus is basically its own world. I hunt and fish up there, along with everything. The only reason I come to the mortal world is to check on my hunters. When I fell down below, I wasn't suprised when the world had changed. Now, there was a village at the base of Mount Olympus. Some of the village's buildings were in pieces as the giants had used them as building blocks. But the village seemed to be going on their normal routine. I hit the ground and rolled twenty feet. I stopped right at the feet of a shirtless man. I looked up at him for a few seconds before losing consciousness. 

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