Artemis's Love

In this Movella, Artemis is deeply in love with a mortal man. But, what about her vows, and what will her father think? Find out!


1. Artemis

I don't get it. What's so different about this boy? He makes me feel, amazing. Usually, I find boys disgusting and dog-like. But, him, he is something else. Ew, am I falling in love? No, no, impossible. I am an independent woman, who doesn't need a controlling man to tell me what to do. But, he's not like that. Or at least he doesn't seem like that. Hold up, he's a mortal, I'm an Olympian like my father. Oh gods of olympus, my father! If he finds out he'll throw me into Tartarus, just like the titans. Before I tell you about anything else, let me tell you how I met this boy. 

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