The Begging Of Christmas

Anthor Christmas story what makes this special is that something amazing and horrible happend at the same time


2. I meet Ivan

I Meet Ivan


Arianna: Ellie wouldn't it be great if a cute boy just came to me im so lonely

Ellie: Well yeah look who's walking toward us

Arianna: Hehehe *giggles* thats him its really him
Ellie: Ari calm chill 

Arianna: i cant eli hes so cute with his black zigzagged hair covering his eye and his black cape he so cute *squeals*

???: Hey Im Ivan and you are?
Arianna: Dimples *Mind: Shoot i just said dimples* Um..Its A-A-Arianna

Ivan: Hey Arianna Ok....Wanna Hang at my place 

Arianna: OF COURSE *acts calm but screams when Ivan leaves*

A/N: if your co-author dont add more to this chapter noir the one before this or i'll find a way to make you no longer a co-author also no changing details like the name of story the cover or description etc.

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