The Begging Of Christmas

Anthor Christmas story what makes this special is that something amazing and horrible happend at the same time


1. Charachters


Arianna: The Main Girl Loves reading singing and baking Crush: Ivan

Ivan: The Main Boy Loves manga,reading and skipping class Crush: Arianna

Ellie: Arianna's Best friend, Loves Singing, Helping People  and Sleeping Crush: Brandon

Brandon: Ellie's Friend Secret crush, Loves Soccer, Drawing and Reading Crush: Ellie


A/N: If you become co-author dont write Arianna's Parts because im Arianna If i have a speaking role after anthor person just wait for me to write my response it and yes im already making it have a co-author


Ms.Vanessa: English And History Teacher

Ms.Rebecca: Reading And Writing Teacher

Mr.Ethan: Science And Social Studies Teacher

Mr.Goodwill: Math And Technology Teacher





_Other Roles_Other Roles_Other Roles

Caroline: Arianna's Bully 

Mrs.Rosewood: Princepal

Lillian: Caroline's Follower



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