The Hunters

Crystal has always felt different around her peers. But she bumps into a handsome but mysterious stranger and is introduced to a new world where she was born to be part of. These people are strange but that's how she likes it. Love, lust, danger. What happens next? Will Crystal find out what she was born to become? ©


3. Chapter 3

Crystal felt like a dozen diamonds were cutting through her body, as she yelled in pain. She could see bright colours flying by in nano seconds. She screamed as she tumbled into the air...and into to someone's arms.
'Whoa, easy there, tiger.' Zero chuckled as he set her down. 'I'm not there to save you all the time, you know.'
'Get over yourself, jerk.' Crystal rolled her eyes. She looked around her. There was nothing except trees. 'Dude, there is literally nothing here.' She felt kind of nervous. What if this dude was an undercover assassin. Oh no. She turned back to face Zero, incase he was holding a gun to her head, but he was walking away, talking into a headpiece. There was a voice on the other side, and she didn't know why, but she could hear every word the other person said.
'No, I'm listening to Lily's childhood video tapes and I'm loving every minute of it. You should watch it, it's hilarious. Oh wait, you're outside. In the cold. What a shame.'
'Kyle. I'm dead serious. Open the door.' Um, was they going crazy? There was literally nothing there, except a bunch of trees. Zero turned around and noticed her giving him a questioning look. He smirked at her and mouthed 'All in good time', turning back the headpiece.
'I have Sage's daughter. Her mom asked me to bring her here. And it wouldn't be very honourable of you to let her freeze out here. In the cold. Besides, I'll tell your dad to kick you off being doorman. You are seriously useless at your job.'
'I don't believe you, you asshole.' Kyle hesitated.
'Come on, bestie. When have I ever lied?' He pitched his voice a bit higher, emphasising the word, bestie, in a girly voice.
'Ugh, I hate you. It's unlocked. Feel free to take you're time.' Kyle said, hanging up. Zero turned around and rolled his eyes, dramatically.
'Are you INSANE?!' Crystal yelled, turning around to gesture to the trees. 'There is literally nothing here!'
Zero chuckled and caught hold of her waist, whipping her around. 'You sure?'
Crystal gasped as she looked at what was now before her. The building lay there, the moonlight shone on the sophisticated yet old walls as moss clung in the shade of them. The proud turrets stood tall and towered over the building.
'But there was...'
'...nothing before?' He smiled, playfully, finishing off her sentence. 'It was there, the whole time. You grew up human, so you couldn't see it first time.' He explained.
'Huh?' Crystal didn't understand a word. Zero sighed, walking over to the big, brass, front door.
'Simply stated, diamond, you are a Hunter now.' He pushed the door open and paused, reaching for her hand. 'Welcome to our world, Sage.' And with that, he lead her inside.


Inside the building, it was much roomier than she expected it to be. There were beautiful portraits on the wall and luxurious velvet couches, with a fireplace, warming her up instantly. A boy stalked in, muttering furiously under his breath. He had brown locks, the tips a striking blue. He looked up and his chocolate brown brown eyes widened. His mouth gaped open.
'You weren't kidding!' He stared at Crystal and then raised his eyebrows in surprise at Zero.
'Like I said, Kyle, when have I ever lied?' Zero rolled his eyes, going over to the nearest couch and lying down, sighing in relief.
'I had my reasons to doubt you. But woah. Is you're dad really Jordan Sage? Kyle asked, in disbelief.
'No, my dad is Donald Trump.' Crystal rolled her eyes. Zero laughed, seeing Kyle's confused expression.
'She's being sarcastic, Ky. Don't worry, it isn't personal, she's like this at daycare too.' Crystal reached for the nearest cushion and threw it at him. Zero caught it and raised his eyebrows at her.
'Ohh, now I get it! Donald Trump is that dude with the blonde weaves, right? I seen him around on human tv.' Kyle smiled, triamphantly. Crystal laughed. Ah, this guy was like a little kid, even though he looked her age. He was so adorable. Zero got up and made his way out of the room.
'Bye kids. I'm going to have a nice long shower and then I'm going to sleep. Kyle, make sure she dosen't break anything whilst I'm gone.' Cystal stopped herself from protesting and collapsed into the couch Zero was just lying down on.
'What. A. Day.' She sighed, finally realising how tired she was.
'You must be tired.' Kyle said, raising his eyebrows.
'Boy, you have no idea.'
'Tell me about it.' He said, yawning.
'Okay, so I'm at a club with my best friend for his birthday, great time, vexing music and I needed a break so I ditched. Totally normal, so far. Then I get attacked whilst walking home by a so-called 'shapeshifter', in a street that dosen't even exist on maps...-' She watched Kyle leave the room, coming back with a box of pizza. He sat down placing the box on a table and helped himself to a slice. She raised an eyebrow.
'Don't mind me, I just have an appetite.' He bit into the pizza and smiled blissfully.
'Yum. You can have one if you want. I don't mind.' He gestured to it.
'Nah, I'm good.'
'Okay. Proceed.' He finished his slice helping himself to another.
'Go on...' Kyle waved his hand, mouth full.
'Is that normal pizza? Like, human pizza?'
'Nah that stuff is waayy too dry. This is way better. You need to taste it.' He offered her a slice and this time, she took it. She bit into it and suddenly she was more awake, more full, more alive. 
'Wow...' She said, biting it down. 'This stuff is actually good.'
'I know right?'
'Okay, then my mom tells me I'm a 'Hunter'' Crystal rolled her eyes, mouth full of pizza. She felt like she was on Dr Phil 'Then I'm stalked by a random dude called Zero-...'
'I heard that.' Zero came strolling into the room, towel resting on his shoulder, shirtless and wearing sweatpants. His strawberry blond hair was wet and strands were falling into his eyes. Damn, Crystal thought, who knew he had abs, she thought bitterly as she tried not to stare. 'I basically saved your ass.' She rolled her eyes. 
'Shush, she's trying to tell me a story.' Kyle snapped.
'You are such a child.' Zero laughed and walked out, coming back wearing a red tee.
'That's basically it. Now, I'm here.' Crystal said, yawning.
'And now, you're going to bed.' Zero said. 'Both of you.'
Kyle stood up. 'Didn't have to tell me twice. Goodnight, Crystal.' He winked and stood up, walking out of the room.
Zero coughed. 'Where's my goodnight?' He demanded.
'Now, who's the kid?' She could hear Kyle's muffled yelling and laughed. Zero looked at her, bitterly. She shrugged.
'What? You can't say he's wrong.' She pouted and he rolled his eyes. 'Show me to my room?'
'Come on, then.' He sighed and led her out.


Zero led her up the richly carpeted stairs and down the decoratwd corridor. He moved gracefully and swiftly, as if he were a trained dancer. In fact, Crystal could barely keep up with him. The house was huge and she wondered who it belonged to. Was Zero playing with her? Was her room really this far away? She was tired. No, scrap that. She was fatigued. 
'I'm t...oo...tired.' She mumbled. Zero stopped and turned back to take a look.
'Oh. Must be the food. Oh well, that can't be helped now.' He swooped her up before she collapsed into sleep, bridal style and carried her down the corridor. Crystal was way too tired to complain. He put her down for a few seconds so he could open a door to a room and it swung open at his touch. He frowned. Maybe that wasn't supposed to happen? Crystal thought. He was probably going to offer to help her walk to bed so she shook her head in advance and tried to walk over to the king-sized bed. She tumbled onto it and sighed blissfully and went to sleep.

A/N: Not edited so I'm sorry if I make mistakes. Plus, I'm a rookie writer so uno the struggles ):

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