The Hunters

Crystal has always felt different around her peers. But she bumps into a handsome but mysterious stranger and is introduced to a new world where she was born to be part of. These people are strange but that's how she likes it. Love, lust, danger. What happens next? Will Crystal find out what she was born to become? ©


2. Chapter 2

Crystal ran home, unaware of everything around her. She just wanted to go home. She reached her door and banged on it repeatedly until her mother opened the door looking worried. 
'Honey, what's wrong.' Her mother let her in, staring after Crystal, as she ran in. Harper Sage was completely the opposite to her daughter, with fawny coloured hair cropped around her neck. She looked younger than her actual age; she was 32 years old. Her blue eyes had smile lines around them. She had obvious curves which her daughter had inherited and gave off a happy and motherly aura. 
Crystal gestured towards the door and her mother closed it frowning.
'What happened, did someone chase you away from the club?' Her mother asked sitting her down, staring her daughter out, with her concerned blue eyes. The club! Crystal completely forgot it was still Luke's birthday. She started to cry into her mother's shoulder. Harper was now really concerned. She had never seen her daughter cry over anything, not when she broke her leg at the age of 4, not even when she had nobody to make a card for on father's day when she was a child in preschool. This must be serious, she thought to herself.
'Mom.' Crystal wiped her tears off her face and looked up to face her mother. 'I think I'm going crazy.'
'No, Crys, you are not crazy, what makes you say that.' Her mother rubbed her cold arm supportively; Crystal was just wearing a blue velvet sleeveless blouse, with a miniskirt. She could feel her shivering. 
'At night, I dream things...' Crystal turned to face the warm fire in the living room. She remembered the ugly creature in flames and sharply turned back to face her questioning mother's face. 'I dream of things and people killing those things and the things change shapes and I always see the same dream and I'm scared.' She felt stupid when she said this, like she was back in kindergarten, telling her mom about her bad dreams and how she was 'scared' of the dark.
Harper's eyes widened in big Os and her mouth parted. She closed her eyes and stood up, walking towards the fire, staring into the flames. Crystal felt confused...why was her mom not worrying about her mental health? She was expecting a bigger reaction than this. 
'Mom, I saw one of those things today. It tried to kill me.'
'WHAT?!' her mother spun around, eyes wider than ever. She walked over to Crystal and grabbed her hands.
'Crystal, answer me, honey, did it touch you?' She asked, her voice was frantic.
'No don't worry I'm fine, it was a cat at first but it changed into some ugly creature. I kicked it off, I don't know how but I did.'
'And then?'
'And this boy turned up and called me human and made me hide behind a tree, and he left his bow and arrow behind when he took his dagger with him, but the creature was too strong and it grew and I used the bow and arrow to hit it and they boy set it on fire.'
Crystal was lost, her mother was keeping secrets and she had to find out.
'Yes, honey?' 
'His bow and arrow said something in latin. It said patrot of evil or something. What does that mean, and why did he call me human when he looked like one too?'
'Patron from the evil' Harper sighed. 'I always dreamt of the day we would have this conversation...' She started and stopped, thinking of the right words to say.
'Mom what are you talking-...' Her mother held her hand up for silence.
'Those things you see in your dream honey...they are not just things. They are called shapeshifters and they are monsters.' Her voice was shallow and cold...not at all what she sounded like minutes before.
'What? And they are real?' Crystal couldn't take her mom seriously.
'Yes, they are, Crys. And that boy you saw, he's they good guy and hes called a Hunter and Hunters, they are humans who are born to get rid of these shapeshifters. Every Hunter is a 'patronus el malo'.
'How do you know all of this?' Crystal was shocked at the knowledge her mother had of these creatures and these so-called 'Hunters'...unless...
'I was a Hunter once.' Her mother said after a long silence. 'Your father was too. And you are born one too. I didn't want to tell you until you turned 19 but I guess it's too late.'
Crystal couldn't believe what she was hearing. She stood up slowly backing towards the door. '!' She grabbed her coat, opened the door and ran out, into the dark streets of Manhatten, deliberately ignoring her mother's frantic calls:
'CRYSTAL! COME BACK, IT'S NOT SAFE OUT THERE.' But her daughter was already on the bend of the street. Harper ran a hand through her hair. She knew this would happen. In fact she would find it completely strange if her daughter straight-away accepted who she was. She walked onto the front porch watching her daughter disappear. 
'Oh, Kyle, if only you were here.' She whispered into the cold night air, wistfully. 'You would know what to do.'
Her phone began to ring. She picked it up and smiled.
'Hello...Ah! It's actually great you called. I actually need a favour. I need you to keep an eye on my daughter tonight. You see, she has an obsession for walking into danger...'


Crystal was grateful she took her coat with her. It was a cold, cold night in November and they shops were starting to close. She felt like she was being tailed but every time she turned around, nobody was there. She suddenly felt very hungry as she watched people in lit up restaurants. She walked into one called 'Saltzo's Place' and sat down to warm herself up a bit before ordering. She closed her eyes and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.
'Mind if I join your pity party? I believe we've already met?' A familiar voice asked. Crystal looked up to see a mop of strawberry blonde locks and bright blue eyes.
'It's you,' she edged on her seat. 'Can you leave me alone?' She was creeped out by him, judging by what she had seen earlier that day.
'Sorry Katniss, no can do.' he grinned sitting down opposite her. Crystal finally had the chance to look at him properly. His strawberry blonde hair was perfect and flowed around his face, complimenting his blue-ish, grey-ish eyes. His skin was tanned to match his hair and his cheekbones were angled and symmetrical and his jawline looked fit to cut through anything. He looked around her age. He noticed she was gawking at him like an idiot and smirked.
'I know right? I tend to have that effect on people. Do you want me to be a gentleman and pick your jaw off the floor, madame?' His eyes were twinkling with humour. Crystal was immediately irritated.
'Please, my standards are higher than your annual income, so don't go flattering yourself...?' Crystal didn't know his name.
'Ooh fiesty are we?' he winked, 'I'm Zero. Don't laugh, I didn't come up with it.' he said sourly when he saw that Crystal was stifling a laugh.
'Poor you (!)' Crystal said, sarcastically. 'Unfortunately for you, I couldn't care less.'
'Ooh, temper, temper. Careful, Crystal Sage, or I'm going to stop your bickering with a kiss.' Zero said, smirking.
'Dude, we just met. the hell do you know my name?!' Crystal demanded, outraged. This guy could be a phsyco stalker or something, she thought, self-conciously
Zero shrugged and said casually 'Your dad was a legend to our kind, and besides it was your mother who asked me to tail you...not that I minded tailing you because I definately didn't.' Zero eyed Crystal and smiled, making her heart flutter a little.
'Give me patience.' Crystal muttered under her breath. 
'Your definately going to need it, cause your going to be stuck with me all night unless you let me take you to The Hunting Grounds.'
'Let me guess, my mom asked you to take me there?'
'You catch on quick!' he drawled sarcastically and beckoned her to follow him out of the restaurant and into a dark alleyway.
'But I never ate anything!' Crystal complained.
'Trust me, where we are going, the food is much better than this human trash.' he smiled and plastered a poster that was on the floor, back on the wall, snapping his fingers. It glowed purple.
'Seriously? Portals exist too?' Crystal rolled her eyes.
'Every human myth is true, it just depend on if you want to believe it or not.' Zero offered his hand. 'Ready?'
'You know what? Screw it, screw everything, let's go.' She took his hand they disappeared through the portal. The poster fell of the wall again.

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