The Hunters

Crystal has always felt different around her peers. But she bumps into a handsome but mysterious stranger and is introduced to a new world where she was born to be part of. These people are strange but that's how she likes it. Love, lust, danger. What happens next? Will Crystal find out what she was born to become? ©


1. Chapter 1

Crystal Sage had always felt different around people. She felt like she didn't belong. Like there was a missing jigsaw piece in her heart. She sat at the corner of the club watching the people dance to the music, neon and bright. She didn't like dancing. To be frank, Crystal didn't really like anything, feel anything, do anything. 
'Crys, I got a drink for you...even though you didn't ask for one. You look like someone died. Come on, lighten up!' Her best friend Luke emerged from the crowd, his brown hair ruffled up, his face flushed from the heat. Luke had been best friends with Crystal since they had been kids, when they had both found out that both their dads had passed away when they were born and that's when their beautiful friendship had started. Today was Luke's 18th birthday and he had dragged his best friend to the club, hoping and praying she would find someone to talk to and befriend. Instead, he watched as many boys walked up to her, trying to start conversation, but every single one had been rejected. He wasn't surprised. Crystal was a very good-looking girl, with jett black hair cascading down her back in effortless curls, her green eyes wide and questioning, her skin tanned and flawless. But in person, she was quite intimidating. He was starting to worry for her, now she was 18 and hadn't made another friend since she and Luke had befriended. Not one. When he was younger, he had once asked her mother if she was autistic, but her mother patted him on the shoulder and simply said:
'Don't worry, my girl just dosen't like talking to people. In fact you and I are the only people she trusts. That's an honour, honey, now let's try not to break it.' She had reassured him.
Crystal twisted a strand of hair around her finger and rolled her eyes. Talking to people wasn't easy for her. Luke didn't understand her sometimes. For Luke, talking to people was a piece of cake. He was outgoing and funny and sweet. She on the other hand was a mess of personalities. Luke was the only person she could trust anyways. She sighed and turned to face her friend.
'I am lightened up. This corner makes me happy, see?' She smiled, enthusiastically. Her smile was a bit over the top though. 'Anyways have you met the girl of your dreams yet?' She said. She was surprised Luke was still single. He was cute, with dark brown hair and some strands tended to fall into his dark toffee coloured eyes when he talked. He felt awkward when girls came up to him, flirting, as he didn't really know how to communicate with girls. So he was grateful for Crystal as she was always immediately at his side announcing to all the girls that he was her boyfriend, making them go away. He hadn't met a girl that had interested him yet, unfortunately. Luke pulled a chair next to her and sat down. He sighed.
'Nope.' Luke sipped from his own drink, placing Crystal's cocktail in her hands.
'Don't worry, you'll find her. Even if we have to go to every club in Manhattan.' Crystal stated, reassuringly. Luke smiled at her. He was grateful for his best friend.
'Anyway, I need some air, is that okay?' Crystal got up from her seat.
'Yeah, yeah, take your time.' Luke sipped from his drink, eyeing the lead singer of the boy band on stage, enviously. He wanted to be a singer but just didn't know where to start, so he gave up.
'Happy birthday, Lukey.' Crystal jumped up from her seat, walking out of the club. She hated clubs, with all the loud, vexing music, all the swarming people. As soon as she stepped out and into the alleyway for some air, she realized how much her head was pounding as the cold air hit her like a wave. Stupid club, she thought to herself. But she had to go back, she didn't want to rain of Luke's parade, especially on his birthday. Just a few more minutes, she thought. The cold, reassuring breeze ruffled up her hair, comforting her. It was like it was trying to persuade Crystal to stay. Finally she decided to go back in the dreaded the club. She walked unwillingly back to the bright doors, opening it and stepping inside. She spent a few minutes, looking for Luke. She found him finally in the corner where she had left him, deeply in conversation with the band that was just on. She smiled and backed out of the door. She quickly texted Luke to tell him she was going home and walked out of the club, feeling relieved as the cold breeze welcomed her. She walked down the streets, putting on her headphones and listening to her kind of music on her way home. Screw that stupid club music, she thought as she crossed the road and turned into Dragon Alley. Crystal hated this alley but she couldn't help herself sometimes and found herself wandering through it subconsciously. This was one of those times. The street was big, dark, beckoning, dangerous, yet it wasn't even on the map of Manhattan. No matter how many times she tried to show Luke the street, she couldn't find it. It was scaring her. She put her headphones back in her pocket as she walked on, unaware of the dark shadow following her from behind. She turned around expecting to see a murderer or crazy drunk dude, but saw a cute, small black cat. It was sitting on the brick wall and made eye contact. Crystal immediately felt drowsy and began to walk towards it. She hated animals and especially despised cats, so why was this cat any different? Her mind commanded her body to stop moving and her body betrayed the command until last minute when her mind screamed STOP. She went rigid. The cat purred, and her body almost moved forward. Crystal forced herself to turn around and started to walk down the alleyway, again. That was wierd, she thought to herself. Suddenly, she heard a disturbing sound, like nails against a blackboard. She shivered and swivelled her body around to see that the cat was prowling down the street, following her. But this time it looked different. Uglier, perhaps. It's nails had grown and look like talons and it's eyes burned red. Crystal gasped, trying not to scream and stumbled over her feet. The cat continued to prowl towards her, making unpleasant sounds from the back of it's throat. It pounced at Crystal, it's mouth bigger than a sharks. Crystal yelped, and kicked out. She had kicked the creature in the stomach. She looked down at her legs in surprise. She could never do karate and didn't know how her body had reacted like that. The cat groaned and to Crystal's surprise, it grew to her size. She yelped and backed down the street. The cat's face had changed, It's whiskers were gone, it's eyes were flaming red now and its fur had gone replace with disgusting dirty and manky feathers. Crystal backed into something hard. She turned around to face a boy. She couldn't make out his features as he had a hood over his head. He was wearing a dark leather jacket and jeans and was wearing a weapon belt like a sash, which was holding a dagger and a bow and arrow. He yelped and dropped his belt quickly pushing Crystal out of the way before the creature squashed her under a talon.
'Shit. A human?! How did you--? Forget it!' He grabbed her hand and picked up his belt and led her behind a tree. 
'Whatever happens, stay here.' he ordered, before turning back to the disgusting creature. He grabbed his dagger, leaving the bow and arrow behind. Crystal crouched down and examined it. It had many strange symbols on it and drawings, and a phrase in latin: 'patronus a malo.' Luckily her mother had taught her the language, so she knew exactly what it meant. 
'Patron from the evil,' she read under her breath. What could that mean? she thought. Suddenly, a loud noise made her look up to see the boy flying across the street landing on his back with a painful crunch. She gasped. The creature was approaching him with hungry eyes. Crystal acted fast. She grabbed the bow and arrow, aiming with accuracy and let go, closing her eyes. The arrow landed on the side of the thing and it yelled in surprise. The boy jumped up, groaning with pain, the dagger in one hand and stabbed the screaming creature in the heart. The boy stepped back and the creature, twisting in agony, set on fire. Crystal felt dizzy and sick as she watched it spitting and turning in pain. She watched as the flames died down, leaving a pile of grey ash. She turned to look at the boy who was walking back to collect something off the floor. He appeared to be quite alright for someone who had just broken their back. His hood had fallen back and she had a chance to look at him properly. His hair was dirty strawberry blonde and was matted and damp from the scenario that had played in front of Crystal's eyes. His eyes flashed blue as he dropped what he had just picked up into the ash. That's it, thought Crystal as she swivelled around and ran down the street, I'm officially going mad.



A/N: HEY YALL JUST SOMETHING YU SHUD KNO LMAO. idk why i wrote tht in caps. #failingenglish. anyways um im writing this on wattpad but decided to give movellas another go. My last encounter with this website wasn't all friendship and hugs ): but yea enjoy folkss x

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