Taylor Swift: A High School Journey

Taylor Swift just turned 15 and moved to a new high school where she doesn't know anybody. Feeling outcasted, she becomes best friends with a punk girl and tries her best to navigate the jungle that is high school.


1. Cold as You

Taylor Swift sighed as she stepped into the quad of her new high school, Golden Valley. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and her palms were sweaty as she clutched tightly to her sparkly notebook with a unicorn sticker plastered across it in the upper left corner. It was mid-October, and the wind nipped Taylor's nose as a gust kicked up. Leaves fell from a nearby tree, and for a moment, Taylor's anxiety was washed away with the calmness of fall. Yet, reality soon crept in yet again. 

"You're blocking the way, dork." Taylor Swift opened her eyes, and looked behind her, staring into the tall figure of a blonde woman with striking blue eyes, a clear alpha female flanked by her two lackeys. "I can't get bye. Are you deaf or blind or both?!" Taylor tried stammering out a response. "Uh... no. Sorry." Taylor side-stepped to let the blonde figure pass. The blonde turned to Taylor. "Who the hell are you anyway? Are you a new girl or something?" 

Taylor half-smiled, hoping to make a friend. "Yeah, actually, I'm Taylor! I moved here from Nashville with my parents. You might be able to tell I'm a little nervous." Taylor awkwardly laughed. The blonde merely stared at the homely looking Taylor, in her over-sized jeans, converse sneakers, and simple brown sweater. "Well, I'm Carrie, and these two are my friends Carolina and Heather. And this is what we do to new girls." Carolina and Heather, Carrie's two lackeys, reached into Taylor's jeans, giving her a massive wedgie, causing her to drop her books. Taylor winced in pain and begged them to stop. "Hey!"

Taylor and the girls looked left. It was a punk-looking girl in a black and pink hoodie. "Let her go!" Carrie sighed and motioned to her minions. "Yeah, let's leave the new girl alone for now. We'll collect our lunch money later." The three girls skipped along around a corner, as Taylor tried to shove her pink panties back into her jeans. The punk approached, and Taylor hoped she was as nice as her actions showed. "Hi, I'm Taylor." The punk bent down to pick up Taylor's books. "I'm Avril. Avril Lavigne. Carrie and her goons basically run this school, but I know they're a little scared of me secretly. Cute notebook. You're new right?" 

Taylor smiled, and nodded her head. "I'm from Nashville. Country girl I guess. I used to ride horses and ponies back at my farm." Avril smiled back. "That sounds pretty cool! Shame you had to move to such a hum-drum town. I honestly hate it here. I can't wait to leave." 

"Sorry to hear that Avril." The bell rang. "Hey, I don't want to be late for my first class, we should go!" Avril laughed. "Yeah, come on!"

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