Don't Stop

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  • Published: 2 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2018
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Sherryn and Toby were troublemakers.
Always have been.
- - -
They've been best friends since the third grade.
- - -
Sherryn's mom is always working at the hospital, so she's never around to see what her mom's boyfriend does to her.
Toby's parents are drug abusers and alcoholists.
- - -
Sherryn's stubborn, and Toby has anger issues, but he'll deny it every time you try to tell him.
- - -
They did something bad. They've done a lot of bad stuff before, but this one was too far.
And now they have to be on the move if they don't want to get caught.




**The day Sherryn and Toby were brought back home:

Toby and Sherryn returned home.

Their mothers were so relieved that they were safe and okay. 

Sherryn told her mother and the police everything about Kyle and how for a year he would hit her while her mother wasn't around. Sherryn's mother called Sherryn's father, telling him how much he isn't in Sherryn's life that he didn't know that she was missing for a few days. This took a huge toll on him and immediately drove back in town to check up on her. Even though Sherryn still despises her father for what he did, the fact that he drove hours back to her because he didn't know that she was missing, made her feel loved by him and it showed that he still cared. Sherryn's mother even told him how Sherryn was abused by her boyfriend and she didn't even know about it. This immediately made Sherryn's father angry. Sherryn even attempted to bond with her half-sister, Lola when her father came to see her.

They cleaned their apartment of anything that was Kyle's by either throwing it away or burning it. Kyle was then questioned about abusing Sherryn. He, of course, lied that he never abused her. He will be questioned in court in a couple of days about it. 


When Toby was dropped off at his house and he saw his mother crying, he immediately broke down. His mother begged him to forgive him. She told him that she will start going to a drug therapist to help her with her a drug addict. She also told him that she's filing a divorce on his father because he's a bad influence on her and you and doesn't want him in their lives anymore. Toby couldn't have been any happier. He told her that he's willing to give her another chance if she's willing to actually try. 

Toby and Sherryn were also asked why they ran away. They both admitted that they were running away because of home issues. That Saturday, they had gone to a party, but later left. Toby explained to the police that they stopped at a Dollar General store to get food. Sherryn was waiting for him outside while he went in to buy the food. He later came out of the store to hear screaming. He saw Sherryn pinned to a wall, the building that was next to the store by a man. He was sexually harassing her, trying to undo her pants. He then explained that his father used to collect really cool pocket knives, but for fun, nothing dangerous and would give them to his older brother before he died. He wanted to start his own collection of pocket knives so he bought one earlier that day. 

Toby tells the police officers that earlier that Saturday he had gotten into a fight with his mom. Then he stopped by Sherryn's apartment and found Kyle hitting her. And now he saw Sherryn almost getting raped by a guy. So he took his pocket knife from his pocket and stabbed the man. He then got scared and told Sherryn that they needed to run. 

The police officers the next day stopped at the Dollar General store that Toby and Sherryn went to that Saturday. They asked the manager of the store if they could look at the camera footage because there was a camera outside of the store. And everything Toby told them was true. The footage shows Toby going into the store while Sherryn is waiting outside. Then a few minutes later, a man approaches Sherryn and then grabs her, dragging her into the alley where he tries to undo her clothes. Toby then comes out and runs into the alley and sees the man. He attempts to grab him off, but the man punches him and continues to sexually harass Sherryn. Then Toby pulls something out of his pocket and attacks the man with it. The man falls to the ground and then Toby grabs Sherryn and they run. 

The police told them that it was self-defense. The man attacked Sherryn first and Toby tried to get him off without any weapons. Later, they will go out to find the man that attacked Sherryn.



This is just a wrap-up chapter of what happened to Sherryn and Toby when the police officers picked them up. One more chapter and then this story is done! Let me know what you thought of this chapter by commenting down below. Also, don't forget to give it a like and favorite it. Thanks for reading! xoxo


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