Don't Stop

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  • Published: 2 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2018
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Sherryn and Toby were troublemakers.
Always have been.
- - -
They've been best friends since the third grade.
- - -
Sherryn's mom is always working at the hospital, so she's never around to see what her mom's boyfriend does to her.
Toby's parents are drug abusers and alcoholists.
- - -
Sherryn's stubborn, and Toby has anger issues, but he'll deny it every time you try to tell him.
- - -
They did something bad. They've done a lot of bad stuff before, but this one was too far.
And now they have to be on the move if they don't want to get caught.




**Four months later**

Sherryn and Toby couldn't have been any happier with how life is treating them. Their runaway scheme made them realize how much they've missed their family. 

Toby and his mom are still in the process of rebuilding their relationship. His mother kept her promise and has been going to rehab at least twice every week. He can tell that it's really paying off on her. She looks brighter. They go on their morning runs like they used to. His mother and his father are divorced. Toby tried to stop by his new house once, but his father ended up throwing a beer bottle at him. His father was not willing to change for anyone.

Toby also stopped smoking. He didn't want lung cancer at a young age. He managed to get Sherryn to stop smoking as well.

Sherryn and her mother moved out of their apartment complex. Even though they got rid of anything that reminded them of Kyle, just the apartment made them feel unsafe. So they moved out and is now living in a small three-bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. It's actually a lot closer to Toby's house. Sherryn's mother no longer takes in a lot of shifts at the hospital. She only goes during the days and comes home later in the afternoon. Sherryn has also taken a job at the library. All she has to do is stock books.

Ever since Sherryn's runaway and Kyle abusing her, Sherryn's father has made sure to stop by at least once or twice a month to check up on her. It's made Sherryn really happy even though she won't admit to it. He comes into town with clothes that she might like and roses, a sign of an apology for not being there for her. They would go out for lunch or dinner and talk. And Sherryn has caught herself missing him. Even though she swore to never talk to her father again, she has always been her daddy's girl since a child. She even plays with her little sister whenever he brings her. 

The day of Kyle's court hearing came and Toby and Sherryn attended to testify against him. When he was questioned in court, he finally admitted that he did for almost a year. He was then sentenced to prison for ten years. It made Sherryn feel at ease, knowing that he'll be in prison for a while. The police are still looking for the man that sexually assaulted Sherryn.

Speaking of the police, the two police officers are now detectives. They realized that they were meant to be more than just town officers

Toby has offered to talk to a therapist about his anger issues. He wasn't happy about doing it, but Sherryn managed to convince him to start going. Sherryn has also stopped getting into fights. Whenever a situation happens where a fight is involved, Sherryn has made sure to walk away. She's also working on bringing her grades up in class.

As for Sherryn and Toby's relationship? 

They're dating. 

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