Don't Stop

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  • Published: 2 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2018
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Sherryn and Toby were troublemakers.
Always have been.
- - -
They've been best friends since the third grade.
- - -
Sherryn's mom is always working at the hospital, so she's never around to see what her mom's boyfriend does to her.
Toby's parents are drug abusers and alcoholists.
- - -
Sherryn's stubborn, and Toby has anger issues, but he'll deny it every time you try to tell him.
- - -
They did something bad. They've done a lot of bad stuff before, but this one was too far.
And now they have to be on the move if they don't want to get caught.




**Warning: This chapter is short


I woke up to movement. I lift my hands up, covering the sunlight that blinds my view. When my sight clears up, I look around and see Toby, shirtless with his back facing me. He's searching in his bag. I just stare at his back and think about last night.

"I would never hurt you... I know you'll probably never trust me again, but I just need you to know that I would never do anything in a harmful, hurtful way to you..." I lie on my back and cover my face. How did this happen? I think. I sigh before sitting up fully. Right when I sit up, Toby turns around with a shirt in his hands. He sees me up and his mouth opens, dropping his shirt.

"You're... up. I, uh, didn't hear you..." He rubs the back of his neck, looking everywhere, but me. He turns back to me and I look at his face to his exposed chest. When he realizes that he doesn't have a shirt on, his face starts to turn red.

"Oh, shit! Sorry." He quickly bends down and picks up his shirt. He tries to put it on, but struggles as his head is through the sleeve and his arm is where his head is supposed to be. I roll my eyes and quietly chuckle. Such a dork, I think. He continues to struggle with his shirt while I walk past him. I grab my bag and head to the bathroom. I lock the door and lean against the counter. I stare at my reflection. I miss my mom, I think. Just thinking about her, confused and frustrated because she doesn't know where I am, causes me to start crying. I shake my head and quickly wipe my tears.

"No, Sherryn. You're acting like a little bitch. You need to stay strong and not cry," I say to myself.

"No more crying." I undress and put on a pair of old skinny jeans, a creme color sweater, and a pair of old Ugg boots. I grab my toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it and begin brushing my teeth. When I've finished, I take my hair out of my ponytail and detangle it with my fingers, then put it in a side braid. I look at myself one more time, then unlock the door and walk out. Toby finally has his shirt on and jacket over it. He's sitting on the edge of his bed. When he sees me, he instantly stands up. We stand there in silence, looking back at each other. I begin to rock back and forth. I hear Toby sigh.

"Okay, I'm just gonna say it. What I did the other day was my fault. And I dragged you with me. I'm sure you're still scared of me and I don't want you going through this. So, I have extra money. You can get a ride somewhere back home. You don't need to stay with me." I stand there, shocked.

I can take the offer, I think. I can go back home to my mom. I know she's worried about me. I can tell her about Kyle and maybe she'll kick him out.

I look at Toby. He's looking at his hands, playing with them.

But Toby is my best friend, I think. We've been through everything together. I can't leave him.

I walk up to Toby and grab his hands. He jumps at my touch, surprised. I look into his eyes.

"I am still scared of you, Toby. I'm so fucking scared. But you're my best friend and I'm sure you're scared too. We've been together for eight or nine years. You're going to need to do a lot more to get rid of me." His lips form into a huge smile and he wraps his arms around me. I wrap my arms around his torso and smile as well.

"I love you, Sherryn," I hear his voice.

"I love you too, Toby."



Sorry it's such a short chapter. What did you think of this? Give me some feedback, I need to know if this story is good. I promise the next chapter won't be as short as this one. Thanks for reading! xo


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