Don't Stop

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  • Published: 2 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2018
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Sherryn and Toby were troublemakers.
Always have been.
- - -
They've been best friends since the third grade.
- - -
Sherryn's mom is always working at the hospital, so she's never around to see what her mom's boyfriend does to her.
Toby's parents are drug abusers and alcoholists.
- - -
Sherryn's stubborn, and Toby has anger issues, but he'll deny it every time you try to tell him.
- - -
They did something bad. They've done a lot of bad stuff before, but this one was too far.
And now they have to be on the move if they don't want to get caught.





After sitting in that long ass car ride with that Jarry guy, we finally make it to a town. It's small, kind of like Sherryn and I's hometown and seems quiet. As we drive in the town, the houses aren't big but aren't small either. It's one of those old-fashioned TV shows with nice looking houses. 

"What town is this?" Sherryn asks, leaning across the console. Jared gets nervous. I roll my eyes. Could this guy be any more pathetic? I think to myself.

"Uh, it's uh, called Lima." Sherryn grimaces.

"What kind of town calls themselves Lima? That's so stupid." I grin. 

"Yeah, I think it's pretty stupid, too," Jared says, agreeing with her. I just shake my head.

"Where do you guys want me to take you?" Jarry asks. 

"Just take us to the nearest hotel." He nods. He finds a motel close to the entry of the town and pulls into the parking lot.

"Well, here is a motel. Say, you guys never told me where you're from." 

"Uh-" I cut Sherryn off.

"It doesn't matter where we're from. Thanks for the ride." I get out of the passenger seat and close the door. I open Sherryn's door and she gives Jared a smile and a wave before getting out. Jared waves at us before pulling out. I flip him off while Sherryn waves frantically.

"Bye, Jared!" She hollers back. When he's out of eyes sight, I turn around and walk towards the building to get us a room. I hear Sherryn's shoes scraping against the ground as she follows behind me.

"You know, you didn't have to be so rude to him. It was nice of him to stop and give us a ride." I scowl.

"He smelled," I answer shortly. 

"So that was your reason for being a jerk?" I sigh.

"It was so obvious that he liked you, and I didn't like it because he doesn't even know you." I notice Sherryn still didn't have her sweatshirt on. I look away.

"And can you please put her shirt back on?" I say. I hear Sherryn chuckle.

"So you were jealous?" I whip around.

"No!" Sounding way too defensive. Sherryn just raises an eyebrow and grins.

"Okay, then." She walks past me and continues walking to the building. I shake my head. Get a grip, Toby, I think to myself. We check in and once we walk into our room, Sherry immediately flops onto the bed. As I close the door, I realize it’s a one-bedroom. And Sherry is literally sprawled out over it. I nudge her leg that’s hanging from the bed.

“Hey,” I say.

“Mmph,” she muffles.

“We’re gonna have to share the bed." She lifts her head up and turns and looks at me.

“Why?” She asks.

“Because there’s only one bed,” I point out. She looks around the room.

“Oh. I didn’t even notice that. I just saw the bed and made my way to it,” she says while getting up. I sit on the edge as I slip my shoes off. Then I start rolling and massaging my shoulders.

"Ugh, my shoulders and back are killing me," I whine, more to myself. A few seconds later, I feel a pair of hands rest on my shoulders and I freeze.

"I can massage them for you, if you'd like," Sherryn says, lightly into my ear. My eyes grow wide as I feel chills go down my spine. Sherryn has given me many shoulder and back massages in the past before. But that was when I didn't have feelings for her. Now, I don't think that's a good idea.

"Uh, y-you know, uh, you don't have t-" I start to say, but she cuts me off.

"No, I want to. C'mon, I always give you shoulder and back massages. Now, sit still and don't squirm like you always do." I tense up when I feel her hands beginning to squeeze against my shoulders. She stops.

"I can't technically give you a massage if you're so tense, Toby." She chuckles. I loosen up a little and she continues. For some reason, the feel of her hands smoothly working against my shoulders, send a weird sensational feeling down my back. I drop my head and close my eyes as it's starting to really feel good, not just the tension out of my shoulders, but what I'm feeling from her just touching me. Whatever you do, don't moan, I think to myself. But my body is against me today because a second later a soft moan slips out of my mouth. With my head still down, my eyes instantly shoot open and I tense up again. I hear Sherryn lightly laughing. 

"This massage must be really good, then." I loosen again and sigh softly. So, she didn't take it the wrong way, I think. She stops her movements on my shoulders and leans up against me. I can feel her covered boobs on my back and my face immediately burns. She leans over my shoulder, her hair tickling the side of my neck. I tense up again.

"Should we move on to your back?" She asks softly. I know to her, it's just an innocent massage she's giving to her best friend, but to me, it's way more than that. I think of her straddling my back and her hands running up and down my back. I glance down at my pants, feeling out tight they are. I have a fucking bulge?! I instantly shoot up, not turning around.

"Uh, you know, I'm, uh, I'm good. Gotta use the bathroom, be right back!" I run to the back and slam the door shut, not looking back at Sherryn. I lean up against the door and slide down, running my hands through my hair. What the fuck was that?!




OMG, I FINALLY UPDATED! I've had this chapter saved as a draft for a long time because I didn't know how to finish it. I also didn't know how I was going to continue this story. But, with a help from another writer who gave me some ideas on how I can continue the story, I think I'll be okay with creating some chapters. Sorry that this chapter was long. Just bear with me as I slowly get out of this writer's block. Let me know what you thought of this chapter. Don't forget to give it a like and favorite it to be notified of published chapters. Thank you for waiting for so long!! xoxo


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