Don't Stop

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  • Published: 2 Dec 2017
  • Updated: 19 Oct 2018
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Sherryn and Toby were troublemakers.
Always have been.
- - -
They've been best friends since the third grade.
- - -
Sherryn's mom is always working at the hospital, so she's never around to see what her mom's boyfriend does to her.
Toby's parents are drug abusers and alcoholists.
- - -
Sherryn's stubborn, and Toby has anger issues, but he'll deny it every time you try to tell him.
- - -
They did something bad. They've done a lot of bad stuff before, but this one was too far.
And now they have to be on the move if they don't want to get caught.





Ever since Sherryn has been talking to me again, I feel something. And I'm not really sure what it is. I mean, ever since that party, actually, I've seen her differently. Everything about her, to me, seems to stand out. Her hair and how soft it is. Her smile and how contagious it can be even when you don't want to smile. Her brown eyes and how deep they are. I can stare into those beautiful eyes and get so lost in them. 

I might have feelings for her...

Now, don't get me wrong, Sherryn is one of the hottest girls at the school. She has this bad girl/shy vibe going on, so it's hard to talk to her. I've never, ever in my life, seen her in that kind of way or felt anything towards her in that kind of way. I've always seen her in the little sister kind of way.

It's really bugging me now that I might have feelings for her. And I don't want to tell her because even though she said she forgave me, I know she doesn't fully trust me. She still has that skeptical look in her eyes. Plus, I don't want these feelings to ruin the eight years of friendship we have. I know Sherryn doesn't feel that way towards me because whenever people come up to us and ask us if we're dating because we're always together, she'd either laugh or roll her eyes as if that person even had to ask that question. And I wouldn't laugh or roll my eyes, but I'd chuckle because, in the past, dating Sherryn never crossed my mind.

As I'm thinking about these possible feelings for Sherryn, we're on the side of the highway, trying to see if we can get a ride from a passing car. I stick my thumb out as a truck approaches us, but the driver just continues to drive on. I slam my bag on the ground and curse as I hear Sherryn sigh again. We've been walking for about an hour or two.

"This isn't working, Toby." I freeze, thinking she's talking about our runaway. I slowly turn around.

"W-what do you mean?" She slouches her shoulders.

"You trying to get us a ride." I close my eyes and sigh in relief. I grin at her.

"What, you could do better?" I ask, doubt in my voice. She puts a hand on her hips and raises an eyebrow.

"Watch." She walks towards the road. She takes her hair out of her braid and flips her head upside down and fluffs her hair before lifting her head up. Then she takes her sweatshirt off and sticks her chest out, only wearing a Nike sports bra. When I see her chest, her cleavage showing, my eyes grow wide. I quickly look away. Don't be a perv, I think. A car starts coming our way and Sherryn sticks her thumb out. The driver pulls to the side and slowly approaches us. Sherryn turns around and grins at me like 'told you so'. I just roll my eyes. We walk towards the car and it's a nerdy looking guy who seems to be in his late twenties. 

"Uh, h-hey guys." The driver stutters, glancing at Sherryn's chest whose leaning against the window. I roll my eyes and pull Sherryn from the window, who just grins. I rest a hand on the roof of the car and bend down, giving the driver my serious face. The driver changes his expression. 

"You guys want a ride?" He asks me. I squint my eyes at him.

"Yeah, we'd like a ride." He gulps and nods.

"Hop in," He says. I turn around to Sherryn. 

"You're getting in the back." Her mouth hangs open.

"What?" I hear her say, but I'm already getting in the passenger seat. She just groans and gets in the back. The driver pulls back onto the road and continues driving.

After twenty minutes of sitting in the car in silence, the driver speaks.

"Uh, I'm Jared. What are your names?" 

"I'm Sherryn," Sherryn calls from the back. I look at the driver and he's staring at Sherryn through the rearview mirror. I clear my throat, causing the driver to jump and swerve a little.

"Keep your eyes on the road," I say to him. He nods.

"I'm Toby." He nods again.

"How old are you guys?" He asks as he reaches for his water bottle and starts to take a drink from it.

"We're seventeen," I say to him, causing him to spit some of his water out.

"Seventeen?!" I glare at him.

"Why?" I ask. His face turns red.

"Uh, it's just that, uh, you guys look much older." He glances at me.

"Much older." Sherryn sticks her head in the front.

"How old are you?" She asks him.

"I'm twenty-six," he says.

"You don't look twenty-six," she says. Jared grins.

"I actually get that a lot," he says with pride. I roll my eyes.

"You look more thirty," I say. His grin quickly disappears.

"Oh." Sherryn just snickers. I grin.

"So, what were you guys doing on the side of the road?" Sherryn hits my arm.

"Uh, we uh, were hiking," I say the first thing that came to my head. Sherryn hits me again. I ignore her. Jared glances at me with a weird look.

"Hiking? In the middle of nowhere?" I nod.

"Yep. We were also camping." I glance at Sherryn and she smacks her forehead.

"Huh. Well, where am I taking you guys?"

"To the next town," I say to him. He nods. He reaches forward and turns the radio on.

"Well, I hope you guys don't mind some music." Then he starts drumming his thumbs on the wheel with the beat of the song. I turn around and look at Sherryn. She just shrugs. I sigh and face the front. This is gonna be a long ride, I think.



Sorry that this update is late. If you've seen my recent mumble, you'll understand why it's late. Let me know what you thought of this chapter. I'm starting to lose interest in this story, but a lot of people are liking it. Comment down below what you thought of it or what was your favorite part in the chapter. Give it a like and favorite it to be updated for chapters. Thanks for reading! xo


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