Akatsuki Dragons

Yoons Sister x Hak.


3. Chapter 3

(Y/n) walked hand in hand with Yoon over to where the small group of people were talking amongst themselves.

The priest, the red-haired princess and the Thunder Beast stopped mid-conversation and turned towards the twins when they heard them approaching. As they drew nearer to them, (y/n) and Yoon recalled the moment they had first met Ik-Soo.

~~~~~ Fire Tribes Land. Touka Village. (7 years ago) ~~~

Smelly, dirty, cramped. These were three words among many that (y/n) could think of to describe the house, if you could even think of this hovel like that, she shared with her younger twin brother. It was just the two of them living here in this slum, ever since their parents had passed away.

Right now she was laying on the scratchy blanket that the both of them shared. It was one of the only precious things they owned: it was a gift from their mother and father. Actually it was pretty much the only thing they had.

(y/n) was waiting for her brother to return. Like every other day he was out looking for food, well other people might look at it as steal. But to these two it was nothing but survival.

Yesterday they had only managed to eat tree roots. There were no raw crops in the fields, or even any insects. Yoon would desperately search for food and more often than not he would come home empty-handed, save for the bits of tree root. Quite frankly, it was better than nothing.

After what seemed like hours, Yoon finally returned home, empty-handed as usual. The only only things he had on him were the slight wounds that covered his arms and face.

"Yoon I keep telling you to be careful when you go out!" The little girl huffed and pulled her brother down next to her, "look at these wounds." She ripped off a piece of her tatty dress and wound it round the wound on his arm.

"Sorry sis." Yoon smiled and inspected his sisters handiwork. "But next time I'll kill him. I'll be clever and land a quick blow, and they'll die easily." The determination in his voice scared (y/n) a little. Once Yoon set his mind on something it was impossible to talk him out of it.

The next day (y/n) decided to join her brother on the hunt for food. As they walked down the streets they kept their sights and hearing sharp.

They were looking for a person who looked wealthy and were in possession of some food. It wasn't an easy feat mind you: who in their right minds would willingly visit a derelict town such as this.

As if all their prayers had been answered, a dazed looking blonde-haired male came stumbling out of an alleyway and started clumsily walking in front of them. Even though he seemed quite out of it, just from one look at him you could tell he was a priest. And it was a well-known fact that priests were quite well-off in the money department.

Yoon picked up a nearby rock and lobbed it at the unsuspecting priests head. It hit him on the back of his head and he collapsed on the ground.

(y/n) ran over to him and nudged his arm with her foot. He was knocked out cold. Not missing this opportunity Yoon started rummaging through his clothes and to his surprise there was nothing there. It was empty. He abruptly turned round when he heard a small yelp.

His sisters small hand was being clasped by an even bigger hand. The hand was attached to an arm and that arm belonged to the now awake priest. Who was looking at the twins with soft, gentle eyes despite the fact that both of them had almost killed him.

"Sorry I don't have anything." He said in a choked voice. (y/n) screamed and her brother tugged her arm free, before he grabbed a pick-axe that was conveniently next to where they were stood.

"Don't.." Started Yoon as he held the axe in front of him, "D-don't move." He could feel his sister trembling behind him.

He was going to protect her, the way he had been protecting her since they were young. "There have been rumors in the village recently. About a stranger seen loitering around, who is said to possess a golden pearl."

"You're from before..."

Yoon ignored him. "That's you right? Hand it over. That golden pearl!" The priest didn't reply, but he did start crying. There was a moment of shocked silence. "Crying won't help you!"

"I'm sorry." The priest apologized, with genuine concern on his face, "I gave that golden pearl to another child. That was my last one." He started crying more. Yoon and (y/n) just stood there in disbelief. Neither of them knew what to say.

"But if I find someone else, I'll definitely bring it back here for you, ok?" The priest smiled and that was when blood started dripping down his face.  (y/n) gathered up her courage and stepped out from behind her brother, she cautiously walked towards the bleeding man.

"It's bad to be an airhead you know." She giggled a little.

"(y/n) stay back!" Yoon stepped in front of her again and pointed his pick-axe at the older male, "as for you, what my sister said is right. Being an airhead won't help you. It's eat or be eaten here!"

The man chuckled and said, "It's alright though, I'm not in pain. There's no need to worry."

Yoon blushed and yelled, "I wasn't remotely worried! I'm the one who was just about to kill you." Oh there goes Yoon's tsundre side.

Ik-Soo got to his feet and bowed, "well then I apoligise for the interference."

"Did you hear what I just said!"

The older male began to walk away, swaying from side to side. Clearly this man wasn't alright.

"W-wait!" Yoon shouted, stopping the man in his tracks. "I'm not done talking about the golden pearl! Stay at my place today!"

"Ah, that's great. To be honest I was going to sleep outside." He scratched his head and walked back towards us. "My name's Ik-Soo."

Later that evening, we were all now in the cramped hovel, I mean home. Ik-Soo was lying on the floor covered in the blanket. Yoon was leaning over him to make sure he was ok. Yoon might not show it, but (y/n) knew despite his tough exterior he was really a caring guy.

"(Y/n) hand me that medicine over there." Yoon pointed to the little tub, that was in the corner of the room. He was quite a skilled medicine maker and the same goes for his older sister. "He's got a fever, but he's still alive. All I have to do is apply a little of this." Yoon unscrewed the lid and swabbed a little on his finger, then he wiped it gently on the cut on Ik-Soo's head.

Unbeknownst to the twins, Ik-Soo was still awake and he was smiling to himself.

And that was how (y/n) and Yoon had met the priest known as Ik-Soo.

~~~~~~ Back to present ~~~

After their first meeting, Ik-Soo would regularly visit them and he would bring them all sorts of things. One time he had even taught them how to make sandals. (y/n) and Yoon were a natural at sandal-making and they would sell them to the people in the nearby village for food and other things. They never had to go hungry again.

And now here they were living with Ik-Soo and they had both grown up to be beautiful, young people, who looked after the priest and helped out at the village, selling the fruits and veg they harvested. Every now and then they would still sell the sandals they had made. Ik-Soo still wore the very first pair they had made. Even if they had become more and more worn out.

They had reached the group and Yoon was the first one to speak up.

"Ik-Soo, even though I said that princess had no real knowledge of the world, that practical knowledge of 'reality'."

"We don't know it either." His sister continued, "probably."

"I don't know about (y/n), but it makes me uncomfortable."

"Yoon, (y/n)." Ik-Soo wasn't sure how to reply to that. He recalled all the memories he had made with the twins.

~~~ Mini flashback ~~~

'Hey Ik-Soo. I want to hear about the past heroes!" They were both so curious about everything.

'You've got injured again? How troublesome!" Yoon only said harsh words most of the time. But like his sister he had a caring heart.

'Wait a second I'll go get some medicinal herbs."

~~~ flashback end ~~~~

"Hey Ik-Soo." Yoon's voice broke Ik-Soo out of his reverie. "You don't know but your words are absolute for me." (y/n) nodded in agreement.

Ik-Soo was their saviour and she would listen to anything he said. It was the only thing she could think of to repay him. "That's why in the end, if you tell me to go, I'll go." Yoon smiled at him.

"I'm sure it's good will for someone like us." Yoon put an arm round his sisters waist.

"And besides, you seem perfectly fine with us leaving." (y/n) laughed.

"Words." Ik-Soo began, "There can be power in them. Sometimes they become words of power. So if you say it's fine, that may become the truth, and it will become fine. But.. no that won't work... Lonely. Lonely. I'll..." He started crying and Yoon just stared at him for a moment.

The salmon-haired boy rubbed his watering eyes and said, "How annoying. It's not like we're saying goodbye for good."

He knelt down and started petting the priest on the head, while (y/n) put her arms round the both of them.

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