Akatsuki Dragons

Yoons Sister x Hak.


2. Chapter 2

The sound of the waterfall could be heard in the distance, it was peaceful and calming. Sadly it was disrupted by the sounds of one salmon-haired boy grumbling to himself.

"Just doing things by yourself." (y/n) sneaked up behind her brother and slung her arms round his neck, placing her chin on his shoulder.

"Hey little bro. You know talking to yourself is a sign that you're going crazy." She giggled and released him, sitting down beside him.

(y/n) looked out towards the waterfall that could be seen opposite the cliff: if she did have to leave, this was one thing that she was going to miss. You really couldn't see beautiful scenery like this anywhere else. In (y/n)'s eyes anyway.

"What's driving me crazy is that old man."

"Hey, hey, hey. Who are you calling old man? I'm still quite young you know." A laugh could be heard behind us.

We both turned her heads round at the same time and saw the scruffy-haired, smiling priest. He walked up to us and surprisingly didn't trip over some imaginary object.

Seriously we've already lost count on how many times that happens during the course of a day.

There was a moment of silence as Ik-Soo sat down beside us and stared off into the distance.

Finally Yoon spoke up, breaking the awkward silence. "What did you say back there? Going along with those guys?" He turned his body towards Ik-Soo and once again glared at him. "Ik-Soo!"

"You have to leave here." The priest calmly said, "You both do."

"Why do I have to?!"

"The princess needs your aid." Ik-Soo peeked through his bangs and continued, "being in a place like this is no good for a child like you."

"Ik-Soo." (y/n) said, climbing onto Ik-Soo's lap like she used to when she was a small child.

What he was saying did make sense. It was clear that the Yona knew less about the world than they did and there was so many things out there yet to be discovered.

(y/n) felt a little excited about all the possibilities. She just hoped her brother would feel the same.

Ik-Soo just had to ruin the moment and say, "I'll be fine even without you here."


~~~~ Hours later ~~~

Yoon sat on top of a hill that overlooked the nearby village and rested his head on his knees.

"Dammit." He felt arms wind round his own and he knew immediately who it was. Ever since he was young (y/n) was the only who could comfort him, until they had met Ik-Soo of course.

"C'mon Yoon, just think of all the books you have yet to read. There's so many other things we don't know about this world." (y/n) left one arm round him as she knelt down beside him, "I think Ik-Soo was right when he said that the princess needs us. Can't we just go?"

Yoon looked at his sister and memories of when they were younger flashed through his head. It really had just been only the both of them, they only had each other. (y/n) might have been older than him, but as her brother he had felt that it was his duty to protect her: protect her from the harshness of the slums. They had always been alone and the two of them had soon become three, when they had met the priest.

Honestly, with his head now clear and thinking about it properly he could see that the priest had a point and there were so many things he wanted to see with his sister. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to join princess Yona and the Thunder Beast on their journey.

"Ok." He sighed and gave (y/n) a small smile.

"Yay!" (y/n) hugged her brother and squeezed him.

"(y_y_y/n) I can't breathe."

"Oops sorry." She laughed and pulled her brother to his feet. "Let's go tell everyone the good news."

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