Akatsuki Dragons

Yoons Sister x Hak.


1. Chapter 1

Yoon was walking back towards the house he shared with his sister and Ik-Soo, his precious, beat-up book was protectively held in his arms. He was planning on showing it to the priest and (y/n) so they could each share the memories that it bought forth.

Before he turned the corner though, he could hear voices coming from inside the house. The voices belonged to Princess Yona and the priest. He slid up against the wall and listened in on their conversation.

"I don't want to break apart a family." Said Yona as if she was continuing an earlier conversation, "I won't take Yoon and (y/n) with us." Yoons eyes widened in shock.

What did she mean? He recalled the moment when he had overheard Ik-Soo saying he wanted to ask the princess and Hak for a favour. Was this what it was about?

Pretty boy jumped almost out of his skin when he heard a noise from behind him.

Those loud footsteps could belong to only one person, his older sister (y/n).

She was only a few minutes older than him, making them twins and they really did look alike. With both of them being pretty and having the same hair and eye colour. Where Yoon had feathers in his hair, (y/n) wore similiar ones dangling from her ears.

"Yoon!" She said in her usual over-excited voice, "What are you doing?" (y/n) came to a stop next to her brother, who pulled on her arm and placed a hand over her mouth.


(y/n) frowned and her ears perked up when she heard the voices from round the corner.

"Ik-Soo you asked us to take them with us, but..." Yona paused and (y/n) felt her heart drop, "as long as Yoon and his sister don't say they're going, I won't take them with us."

"I see." There was a sound of movement, as if someone was getting to their feet, "I'm sorry. I should have asked them about this."

"Ik-Soo!" Ik-Soo ran towards where we stood and Yoon sent him a menancing glare. Her brothers glares were quite terrifying. It really didn't match his face, at all.

"Yoon, (y/n). Good timing, right now I..." Ik-Soo didn't even get to finish his sentence, because Yoon had yanked his collar and pushed him against the wall.

Yoon put his foot on the wall and leaned in closer to Ik-Soo, "where are we going?!

"Yoon stop it!" (y/n) cried, grabbing her brother's arm and trying to pry him off Ik-Soo. Yoon just tched and walked off towards where the cliffs were.

(y/n) gave Ik-Soo an apologetic look and then ran off after her brother.

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