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Random stuff bout my life.


2. Mundane Anonymous 2.

Hwello again!

I didn't update yesterday but I'm here now so lets do this!

Ok, so I'm a teen very young teen but I won't tell you my age but eh whatever. So let's say I like this dude right but he's in a form or grade older than me and we liked each other for three years, was never in a relationship, bestfriends and everything but suddenly he starts watching other girls, comparing me with them and stuff. . .

So... I asked him about it, I seriously wasn't going to force myself  to be someone i'm not. Plus I had to ask him, he is like my remodel, my haven, my Senpai. 

And then I asked the question because his behavior was like this for a week and he was barely even talking to me which is sad because we only get talk to each other once or twice for the day,So I asked,

"Do you still like me?"

AND HE REPLIED, " Yes- no- kinda- not really" Mostly negatives so then No. 

Honestly, I took it like a man until arrived in the confines of my house, boi I cried and cried, told my mom, and cried some more.

But the one positive thing about all this is- THANK GOD IT WAS FRIDAY!

So yes I updated, I was shocked to see people read this but, thank you that was encouraging, I'm not sure when next I'll update because I have test next week and I got to do well or they'll kick me out of the class. I'm a science student and my class is really talkative, we don't give trouble but the teachers say Science students shouldn't be like that which is wrong; we are free to voice our views, make theories and test hypothesis. It shows that we rally are science students, but anyhow whoever does bad or is reported of bad behavior will be kicked out, luckily I'm an angel at school and does pretty well I guess so hopefully I'll get to stay. Bye.


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