One change is what one needs (a Kingdom Hearts fanfic).

Xavier Black, a young Bounty hunter famous among folk throughout the Disney kingdom, He was known for murdering victims he stole from but after stealing from the wrong person he got the punishment he was heading for, it would change his life forever.
Transformation by Phil Collins.
Xavier and other fan characters are mine.
Disney related characters @Walt Disney.


1. the transformation and the punishment.







(Note: the transformation scene is based off the transformation scene from brother bear.)

Xavier Black, a young bounty hunter had been stalking in the shadows for a while now following a certain stranger who held a powerful possession in his paws he was said to be able to talk to spirits of the deceased and spirits from the past and presence. Xavier was told it held great power and enhances ones skills and talents Xavier saw this as a chance to show his dead adopted father and be able to destroy everyone in his path.

Xavier snuck around the corner after the white mouse who held the possession as he entered a crumbling building high in a mountain nearby Xavier climbs onto a tree nearby watching the mouse look at his possession which was an amulet. The mouse was saying words he couldn't understand but quickly made his way over alerting the mouse who summoned his weapon "come out whoever you are!" The mouse ordered as Xavier appears from the shadows the mouse's eyes widened. "You! You're Xavier Black! The bounty hunter who gives no mercy to his enemies!" Exclaims the mouse "and you're Atticus Mouse I've heard a lot about you who you're who talks to spirits of the deceased and tells the futures of another persons right?" replies Xavier smirking. The mouse felt weary of this teenager with the brown hair and blue eyes and upon seeing the 'x' shaped scar on his chest "that scar" Atticus says pointing to Xavier's scar "you've been in a fight with a Puma haven't you?" he asked Xavier covers his chest with his cloak "that's none of you're concern, now hand me that amulet!" Ordered Xavier, a little too cocky.


"You don't understand the power this amulet holds it came from the gods and.." Atticus starts as Xavier rudely interrupted him "yeah, yeah just hand it over rat!" Atticus can feel that this boy had a lot to learn about manners but he didn't want to mention it to the teen. "First of all I'm a mouse not a rat and secondly let me teach you a few things about manners" Atticus said going into attack mode Xavier the same he smirks *fool! he doesn't know who he was about to deal with!* Xavier thought as he summoned his keyblade, a large key like weapon with many magical abilities. After a few seconds of silence Xavier lunged at the white mouse, the mouse dodging his attack and attacking him from the side Xavier gaining a scar on his shoulder, Xavier grunts holding his now bleeding shoulder his eyes flared with anger "you'll pay for that mouse!!" He cried before attacking the mouse again. The grunted in pain as he held his arm as blood started to expose from his skin, staining his brilliant fur with dirty red he turns seeing Xavier as he charges at Atticus the white mouse jumps into the air flying above Xavier, curling into ball flying through the air. Xavier didn't see the mouse landing behind him Xavier turns his blue eyes concentrating on the mouse as both charged at each other as their keyblades locked into each other's the mouse's violet eyes stares deep into Xavier's blue ones.

Xavier got hold of Atticus's keyblade and sent it flying to the other side of the room leaving Atticus venerable to Xavier, Xavier smirks as he hits the mouse to the ground with his keyblade causing a scar on the mouse's left eye Atticus pants as Xavier points his keyblade at Atticus's face, Atticus stares in horror. "Any last words mouse? before I take you're precious amulet?" Xavier says as he sneers at the mouse stares his face filled with anger I hope the gods will teach you a lesson! Y you murderer!" He screamed at him before Xavier puts him to his end, as the mouse laid dead on the floor Xavier takes the amulet out of the mouse's gloved paw he stares down at the ancient relic it had a blue gemstone in the middle and the rim around was made out of pure gold. "Heh no wander why he kept it so close to him" he mutters staring down at the relic he held in his hands.

He didn't realise an northern light appeared in the sky picking up Atticus's dead body as the wind picked up a little blowing through Xavier's hair, he turns seeing Atticus's body being picked up by the light "what?!" He exclaims in surprise.

~~Come with me, I'll take you now,
 To a place that you fear
 For no reason why,
 Your heart has turned away from me and I will make you understand...

Xavier notices he was 1 foot in water! *Where did it come from?!* He thought in panic as Atticus's body disappears into little particles Xavier notices trees were blowing stronger now as he notices the amulet lifting out of his hands and floating up towards the sky. As spirits of animals and other creatures danced around him.
~~Everything will become clear to you,
 When you see things through,
 another's eyes
 Everything will become clear to you

Xavier's weapon disappears as he felt himself being picked up by a magical force, lifting him high into the sky as he notices a glow on his hands as it spreaded up his arms "what is happening to me?!" Exclaims Xavier as he saw the Amulet floated above him.
~~Whatever's meant for you, you will find
Come with me, I'll take you there
 To a place where you'll see...

Xavier watches as magical swirls swirled around him as he spins around his body morphed and changed, getting smaller and changing appearance.

~~Everything you need to be the one
 you need to be,
 And all of those things that you feared
 Will disappear from you in time...

Xavier lets out a little yelp as the glowing fades as he was being placed back on the ground as he laid there he gets up weakly.

~~Everything will become clear to you
When you see things through another's eyes
Everything will become clear to you
Whatever's meant for you, you will find....

As the northern light disappears as the winds came to a stand still as Xavier groans as he tried getting back up his clothes laid torn a few meters away from him as the sky darkened as an oncoming storm was coming. Xavier wounds still bled as the wind caused it to sting badly, he winced at the pain as he got back up he couldn't remember anything that happened just moments ago, his memory was completely a blank space. As he stood near the edge of the mountain top a powerful strike of electricity shot the ground, startling Xavier he took a wrong step and felt himself falling off the edge of the mountain top hurtling down towards the valley below where he blacked out.



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