One change is what one needs (a Kingdom Hearts fanfic).

Xavier Black, a young Bounty hunter famous among folk throughout the Disney kingdom, He was known for murdering victims he stole from but after stealing from the wrong person he got the punishment he was heading for, it would change his life forever.
Transformation by Phil Collins.
Xavier and other fan characters are mine.
Disney related characters @Walt Disney.


2. Awakening.

~~Few hours later…..

“You will learn from you’re mistakes Xavier, the gods will punish you for your misdeed, and in time you’ll understand and you will learn from you’re mistake but for now you will suffer you’re punishment and you will learn an important lesson in life take care Xavier as you will be trapped in this body for a while…” says a voice in Xavier’s mind.
As the storm passes, warm sunrays hit Xavier's face as he groaned feeling water touching his face he weakly lifts his head as water dropped from his chin he gets up on all fours feeling a pounding headache in his head he grunted holding his head in pain. He looked around his surroundings large trees sprawled across the widening sky, he heard chirps of birds and other animals and trickling of soft water nearby.
He moans as he weakly lifts up his whole body as it trembled underneath him uncontrollably as he got up he grunted with pain as he tried taking a step forward and as he did he fell back down falling face flat into the wet mud.


He groans as he lifts his face out of the mud water and mud dripped from his face as he growled a little in annoyance trying to wipe it off with his arm he looks up seeing a deer staring at him from a bush nearby "what are you looking at? go away!" Ordered Xavier as he tries to shoo it away but he trips over his own two feet and his face hits a rock causing a bruise and a little bit of a bump on his head. He moans holding his head "what happened to me? I can't remember anything I feel so....weak and helpless..." Xavier muttered to himself noticing that the deer was gone from where it was standing. Xavier felt so alone and empty but he shook it off even if he can't remember his own name, he needed to find a way out how to get out of this place he got up again on both feet as his legs trembled with every step he took why was he acting this way? he felt like a newborn baby who hadn't walked yet. He tried slowing down his step as he walked into the forest area he winced at the pain in his leg and chest and of course his left cheek he sat down near a tree feeling the soft grass underneath as he examined what was causing the pain on his right leg, there was an open wound as blood stained his light chocolate brown coloured fur?.... He didn't remember having fur before or at least if he could remember he swore he was something else without fur. He shook his head slightly confused but felt fuzzy and soft as he stroked his new fur it was a thick layer above his skin enough to keep him warm in cold weather.

He realised his senses such as hearing and scent had increased as well no wonder he could hear nearly everything earlier then he went to check his chest as he was getting distracted, of course there was more fur on his chest too, same colour as his legs there was a slight bleeding wound on his chest just below the 'x' shaped scar in the middle "whoa..." he breathed as he felt it feeling the soft fur around it. He notices his hands?.....Paws?... They were slightly larger than a normal human's that's for sure like his legs and chest they were covered in a thick layer of fur. He noticed he only had 4 fingers on each paw making 8 in total "what happened to me? why can't I remember anything?" that's when he saw the chain around his neck at the end was a small tooth with a name engraved in, it read out 'Xavier'. He gets up brushing off dust off his fur "I have to get a proper look at myself" he then heads off not realising he walked onto a dirt road where there was oncoming traffic, as a huge horse reared almost kicking him in the head he screams in fright covering his head for impact as a voice calmed the stallion. "Easy Thunder easy boy are you alright there? I didn't mean to frighten you" apologies a sweet and high pitched Xavier looks up realising he was laying on the dirt road as he panted with fright "you almost killed me!!" He exclaims in a harsh voice startling the owner of the horse.

"Oh I'm so sorry it's hard to see over Thunder's head sometimes oh!" Xavier looks up noticing a black furred female mouse wearing a crown hinting she was probably royalty she got off the horse "you're another mouse well that's just swell" says the female mouse as Xavier looks at her confused "excuse me?" he asked "you did not know you are a mouse?" The female mouse ads Xavier looks down noticing the fur from earlier and didn't see another few details,  his ears and tail it swished behind him like a whip. "I guess so but I can't remember much my memory is completely blank...." Xavier replies looking down at the ground rubbing his shoulder as a strong wind blew his fur, he shivers from the cold.

"you're cold here take my jacket it'll keep you warm" The female mouse offered as she passed it to Xavier he shivered again he pulls the jacket over his body she was right it was warm "thank you but why are you helping me?" he asked the female stares "are you alright? she asked "of course I am alright!" Shot back Xavier startling the female. "Do you think I'm an insane person? correction on that mouse?!" Cried Xavier a little hurt "I'm sorry if I have hurt you're feelings sir would you like me to take you to my castle? I can get my maids to clean up those wounds for you" offered the female mouse. Xavier looks down at all the wound on him "no thank you I'll be alright on my own I don't need any help...." after that last sentence Xavier passes out from blood loss darkness overcoming his mind.

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