Friend, Please

Tyler and Josh were just a figurative to each others imaginations. Josh never really talked about the Tyler kid to his family, he knew the consequences of it. Tyler? Not so much. He would always talk about Josh, his family judging him for it, they believed that that ‘imaginary friend’ was getting to intense. They sent him to therapy. That was up until he was 16. He stopped talking about Josh and as a factor so did the therapy. Tyler’s mom was glad to see Josh had disappeared out of Tyler’s mind. That was until 7 years later when Tyler bumped into a all to familiar face. It was Josh. They instantly clicked, Tyler making a mistake and now having a roommate in his apartment. Tyler doesn’t know Josh's secret. But they live through, become closer than ever before. That is until tragedy strikes. Lies stumble around them.Read Friend, Please to carry on with their journey and to find out the ultimate truth.


6. Tyler


I sit in my room, thinking of what Josh's words meant. My mind just doesn't focus on that, it just is everywhere, not settling. I lay on my bed, earbuds in my ears listening to the music that my brother and my old friend recorded for the Twenty One Pilots album. It wasn't bad music, I actually enjoyed to listen to it, I just wish I could have changed a few things. I hope Josh and I bring the band back, I really do miss recording all the songs I wrote. I wrote a whole album of them and sang them by myself with using either my bass, piano or ukulele. They don't sound good without all of them mixed and its missing techno stuff and drums.  The drums gives it the beat. Drums are the heartbeat. Josh is the heartbeat.  "What did I just trail off too," I say to myself, now playing Addict With A Pen. I have an idea for the next Album- a few of the same songs from self-titled but with a different beat and the title being Regional at Best. I would tell Josh about the ideas and I would show him the songs I wrote but 1) I feel awkward around him right now and 2) I don't know if he is ready to start the band, going out and recording stuff. 

I didn't wanna bother you so I walked to the park to get my car. I'll be back in a bit. My phone lights up, signalling Josh's text. I look at it, quickly replying with 'ok' and nothing more. I sigh. What did he mean when he said he wasn't looking in my e- Oh my god. My face flushes up, pursing my lips at realizing what he meant.   He was looking at my lips. He is gay- or bisexual. Oh, my.  And... Why do I feel all so weird, I'm not gay. At least I don't think I am...

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