Friend, Please

Tyler and Josh were just a figurative to each others imaginations. Josh never really talked about the Tyler kid to his family, he knew the consequences of it. Tyler? Not so much. He would always talk about Josh, his family judging him for it, they believed that that ‘imaginary friend’ was getting to intense. They sent him to therapy. That was up until he was 16. He stopped talking about Josh and as a factor so did the therapy. Tyler’s mom was glad to see Josh had disappeared out of Tyler’s mind. That was until 7 years later when Tyler bumped into a all to familiar face. It was Josh. They instantly clicked, Tyler making a mistake and now having a roommate in his apartment. Tyler doesn’t know Josh's secret. But they live through, become closer than ever before. That is until tragedy strikes. Lies stumble around them.Read Friend, Please to carry on with their journey and to find out the ultimate truth.


2. Soulmate?!

        "Hey, mum. I'm home.''I say, closing the door, Josh following behind me. Him stepping into the bathroom as I walk into the kitchen, placing my jacket on the hook.
"Well, someone is very cheerful this evening." She says, prepping something, not turning around.
uhm, I met someone."
"You did? Is it finally a girl?" She says, with me being able to tell she’s smiling.
       "No...Not a girl Mom."
"Then who is it, sweetie?" She says, drying her hands after she washed them.
       "Josh..." I look down at my bare hands, sweat forming on my palms.
"Tyler. I told you if you mentioned Josh again you would be seeing Dr.Brenner again. Do you want me to call him?" I shake my head, sweat dribbling down my neck and onto my spine. I  speak up, not very happy with her words.
         "Mom. No. No Dr.Brenner okay? I am twenty-three. I have my own house. I have my own choices. You do not make choices for me. I'm glad you are trying to help but I am a grown man, you are visiting. That does not mean you make the rules, okay?"
"Tyler..." I shake my head, holding my hand up.
          "Mom. Believe me. Josh-" She cuts me off.
"No more Josh Tyler Joseph. This...This Josh person is nonsense, you, he doesn't exist. There is no Joshua Dun. Get that right sweetie. He’s just a part of your imagination."
Joseph.  I'm Josh. Josh Dun.'' My mom looks at me, Josh, then at me again. Displeasure deep in her eyes.
"Which one of your friends is pretending to be this Josh guy?" She mutters under her breath, facing me.
  "Actually,  I found Ty. He was also in my mind. Just like I was for him. Guess I found him since he's my soulmate..." He takes off his hood, my mom finally recognizing him. Him as the man in the drawings. The drawings that laid in her hand. Still, with her pursed lips, she still refused to believe he randomly showing up after I talked about him for years.
"Did you two meet at young ages? There is no way. No absolute way you two know each other from... from some.... dream thing." Her seemingly upset. She gives us both a sand which, her coat on, bag on one arm. Her visit indicating its over.
    "Like I said. Were soulmates. I think." Josh says, engulfing the sandwich."
"Soulmates?" My mom says. "No no no Joshua. That' You two are just. Friends, or whatever you are. My son isn't gay if that's what you're going for In soulmates." Whats with her attitude. Shes normally so sweet. It probably has to do with Josh and my mental health. I kept Josh to myself for the past 7 years. Josh lets her comment settle in, him most likely taking offence, considerably, since the chewed sandwich plopped out of his mouth.
    "Uh. Well. Soulmates are also very close friends. Like us. Don't question how we're so close please." My mom shakes her head, giving me a tight hug and a kiss goodbye before leaving us alone in the apartment. Her leaving the last comment before the door was shut. "If you hurt my son. You are done.''  That was a little harsh, but I understand her protection.
               "I didn't know you were gay," I say placing my plate in the sink. Already assuming the soulmate thing. I scan Josh's face, happy he's here personally instead of my mind, where he can just, disappear In an instant.
  "WHAT? I am not! I genuinely always thought soulmate was a definition for long-term, close friends."
                "Well...It is but also, it means a relationship. Dating (or married) kind of relationship." I look over at him, catching him grazing my eyes. I look away, not wanting anything to happen. I knew he was lying. Whenever we talked in my mind, I learned the truth about Josh. I could always tell when he was lying. What he just said was a total lie. The first part anyway. He always would look around quickly when he told a lie, and he would sorta, slump. I just...I wish he would come out with the truth. I wouldn't hate him if he was gay, absolutely not. I just, I want the hidden truth out of the both of's most likely never gonna happen. Not the truth part, just what I would like. That's just a true dream.


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